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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Portland Has Been A Beat Down/More Brainwashing To Create Globalist Consumers For The NWO in USA

Portland has been a place where ive experienced alot of obstacles but these have taught me to be more down to earth and realistic abiut what i am trying to accomplish.

Its also a place that makes me fat and seems to dumb me down considerably compared to being on the east coast or in Cali even.

Today a woman fell on me in the tent city called r2d2. I felt that after i had something the city was legally liable for against them possibly that the tech harassment here became non existent and there was considerably less perp activity. Like down to a trickle. A few people and no staged happenings or encounters.

This place is so tech and chem influence heavy that the in person stalking and psy ops from living humans is mild. Mild but effectively placed played and timed.

Perps always back off when the Target has something on them legally.

In Boston they thot they cud do whatever they wanted becuz they believed my being comprimised in the real world justice system lets say made them immune to any kind of recourse on my part. Little did they realize there seems to be a counter group out there that simply counters the perps' actions with like covert actions.
Becuz perps believe they can hide behind or utilize the justice system and legality as cover story. Thus their actions are dishonest from the start.

Anyone who is pure hearted especially if helped by the countering forces that also work covertly-is going to not even think in terms of money or business or legality or any worldly standards or systems.

Thid is really all the perps consider or care about. They only care about their wallets and what can be proved on paper. Becuz remember they are and their system is the ones that are wrong to begin with.

America whining abiut war crimes in Syria when America has committed plenty of war crimes. Especially GS and related atrocities.

Also today i.was once again rewarded for any and all involvement or actions partaking in our Capitalist system. Consumerism or business. Any actions i take in buy sell or trade are either rewarded with a lifting of the horrible psych effects of GS or a lifting of the being harassed (usually by tech) altogether.

Consuming i get the former reward and doing things like getting involved in selling or trade, i get the former. With of coursr more encouragement to begin exploring the joys of buy sell trade in the USA.

Our nation is now home to this fascist or corporate terrorism where citizens are being brainwashed or behavior modified in order to create the perfect citizen. The desired, globalist citizen set for the NWO and completely dependent on consimerism for their sense of self survival, identity even sanity.
Which of course makes America 'strong' in worldy terms.

This is not the first time Ive experienced this effect as Ive posted about having this occur before I believe in San Antonio TX.

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