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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Death Of The Sun Tribe: Powers Are Purposely Killing Off Some Of The Most Ancient Peoples Of The Middle East

"Quiz Question:
Who is getting the US to kill off all the Aryans?
Who benefits from this?"

On one hand its validating to know that others hear these cries, know something is wrong in the Middle East over past ten or fifteen years. That this plot comes clear once as a TI you experience enough, then look at whats going on in the world in the big picture. Its become so obvious.

On the other...I just tear up genuinely as I usually do when this subject comes up. Its something going on behind the dramas that have our attentions now. Yet the effects of these actions could have permanent negative consequences. Its like a species going extinct and no one sees it that way, so no one cares. Americans are so ignorant and brain washed they believe our foreign 'enemies' exist in the cradle of civilization, not our ancient ancestors who are having thier culture destroyed and being genocided just like we are here in the states. Europe is being destroyed. People have been literally brainwashed to believe 'whites' are evil or inferior or unimportant without any sort of respect for pagan, pre-Christian or pre-Abrahamic religious European history of European peoples being understood or acknowledged. Ignorance is being used and marketed as knowledge and intelligence about whats good for people in society.

       Ive spoken to people who are as bad as Nazi's with the modern perceptions of how to end racism. They believe that racism will only end once people race mix to the point where, in thier warped minds, there will no longer be any such thing as 'race'. THEY DO NOT SEE THAT THEY ARE EXACTLY LIKE HITLER AND THE NAZIS TRYING TO CREATE A MASTER RACE THAT WILL SOLVE A PROBLEM IN SOCIETY. THEY ALSO DO NOT PERCEIVE THEMSELVES AS SUBSCRIBING TO EUGENICS BUT IN ESSENCE THEY ARE USING RACE TO CURE SOCIETY'S ILLS.

They are extremists and do not realize it. Society considers them ultimate idealists.

WHAT THEY DO NOT FORESEE IS THAT IN A WORLD THEY PREDICT WHERE THERE ARE NO 'RACES' AS EXIST PRESENTLY, THERE WILL BE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PEOPLE BASED ON THE RACES BEING MIXED TO MAKE BRAND NEW DIFFERENCES IN PEOPLES. So a certain percentage of humans always being of a separatist nature, will then create new divisions based on the new looks and tribes created. Green eyed, black skinned, slant eyes from that region end up feeling different from or hating non slant eyed, brown eyed, kinky haired blonde peoples who live in this region or peoples will fight over resources or land-things that humans always fight over and cause wars.

THATS BECUZ THEIR SOLUTION TO RACISM IS BASED ON USING RACE INSTEAD OF A TRUE EVOLUTION OF MANKIND. This is one of the major deceptions of the new world in this new century. People are not feeling world peace in thier hearts, they are looking for a solution that is a final one becuz their motive is they are tired of injustice or fed up with hatred or...they are fatalistic and completely dark hearted about this subject and do not even realize it.

Any solution that is a final one should be one thats suspect. Just becuz your goal seems lofty doesn't mean that history would perceive it that way.

I'm sure the deceived peoples of Germany believed in Hitler, with his building new roads and not telling them about the camps-until one day they realized too late that they were prisoner of a mad dictatorship. Then they could only comply and fear for thier own lives, those that weren't completely brain washed. (I've actually met young people from Germany who are a bit crazy as travelers and they still speak of loving Hitler, as if its still taught somewhere to them there. People must see brainwashing and deceptions as they enemy and whats destructive, not philosophies and trading one insanity for another. Mind control is mind control.)

          I'm reading news on the internet from non media sources in EU about whats going on in countries around the world where it used to be safe to seek refuge, European wonders of socialism that seemed so evolved. They are also all experiencing the NWO being brought on and are responding with the same attitudes of Americans-every man for himself and cannibalize your fellow citizens if necessary.
There seems to be no where to hide from the NWO taking over unless you've got the money to live on the side of a mountain with no electromag pollution with a few of your selected friends and associates. Normal people are becoming homeless in Europe. Its all about the people perpetrating the NWO and whoever assists them are going to survive.

I cant help but recall, in 1997, Barron's newspaper published a story that a financier named Byron Wein embarrassed his firm by making the claim that in 20 years, Europe would be an open air museum. Even back then, the players in this knew all this was going to go down. Those words back then, as a younger woman had less weight than they do now. I think many Americans couldn't even conceive of a government or culture that would tolerate this much betrayal of its people. Sure we had horrors throughout history, especially the 60's we barely recall and our parents gave us lessons from but the country had not yet betrayed us. It was perceived by my mother's generation as 'the govt' being the enemy and older people. Gen X saw the upcoming corporate culture worldwide takeover of private citizens lives- hearts and minds. Akin to a corporate psy ops for your soul.

They won just as we feared.

We never would conceive of anything going this far, ever. And thanks to mass mind control- most citizens are no longer 'reasonable people' in order to perceive what is actually occurring realistically. The public is being drugged and saturated with electromagnetic/microwave etc technologies that alter thier judgments and perceptions even control thier actions, emotions etc. This is one major reason the NWO has been pulled off so seemingly easy.


(Ive actually seen this video before and used it in a post on another blog. Some of the photos seem inaccurate like they are of children of Europeans who are living in that area instead of native peoples. However many of the people in the video do seem from the ancient Middle Eastern tribes. The music and pics are very romanticized I agree. As well as saying they are pre flood peoples but there is something too this. There does seem to be an obsession with destroying peoples from these tribes.)

Another beautiful example and what a fierce face one woman has here:

Perhaps its like one poster says in the thread, that there may be something within these ancient people's DNA that is a threat to the NWO's supremacy.

"It does seem like they are trying to wipe them out. Why and who? I don't know and really wonder--who do you think? Maybe they have a rare haplogroup they want to wipe out? So many of these ancient peoples have been killed in these senseless wars. These birthplaces of humanity--you would think the people have something of the ancients in them."

"These cultures are survivors from the Pre-flood civilization. The new Powers That Be want them killed off, because they are a link to the memory of an enlightened society without tyrants and overlords."

"Could be somthing to do with DNA activation, could be a threat to the powers that be, as the DNA signiture could be a threat to there system, as the knowledge held in there DNA would render there control systems useless? which would equal no more profit?
 Now this all depends on one's perception of who the Aryans were? and what knowledge they held?"

Maybe they are poor hill peoples with thier own ancient ways who the powers know, would be difficult to market that they need computers, Bill Gates help and food from Christian Children's Fund types unlike some other countries we know, where dictators who are puppets of the powers that be and special interests in the West, take aid money and use it on thier mansions rather than take care of thier people.

     It seems that any kind of poor people who can take care of themselves by living outside of modern society is a huge threat to whoever is trying to enslave humanity. Intelligence, warrior spirit, fearlessness, ancestor worship, strong spirit and a keen sense of survival that harks back millenia seems to be qualities that need to be wiped out for the NWO to meet its goal of enslaving humanity while the fools believe in the world peace and equality deception the elite are handing the masses.

 "What beautiful beings. It is said that the "eyes" are the windows to the soul - my resonance with these beings is very strong - I feel peaceful just looking at their eyes.

I have been wondering for many years about why the USA is killing and destroying a group of people with far less technological advances then ourselves and hold no threat to the "homeland".

May the LIGHT prevail."

Are you tearing up yet? Becuz you should be.

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