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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Does The GS System Impose Limits On Torture Based On TI Health?

These motherfuckers wont be satisfied until every TI is dead by suicide, labeled or at least tormented mentally and emotionally for life.

Its been horrible here in Portland, OR. The heat makes it much worse, radiation probably. I've had people warn me about even more Japan tidal wave related nuclear leakage radiation coming to the west coast.
Nationwide for a few years I've noticed that extreme heat and sun create conditions that induce mental illness in not only myself but in some places entire cities seem to go crazy on those days. Notably the more Native American or Mexican the population the more stable those towns or cities seem during such very damaging hot days.
(Global warming and radiation in the environment. Not a good outlook for the future.)

I notice once again, that since there's a sporting event a soccer game at the stadium downtown Portland that the environment clears of all crazy making and negative effects and there's a genuine positive, happy vibe. Like before 2003-so many years ago. When life and the world was normal.

I got sick today trying to hitch out of Portland. The heat got to me later in the day as I also am experiencing difficulties in my health due to a medical procedure I had weeks ago. When i showed signs of possibly passing out and struggling with the heat, an outside camera was nearby. I wonder if this system is so creepy that it uses every available outside camera to track the Target. It does seem there's a web created by they being able to access various surveillance equipment anywhere in the United States.

After i called the doctors office for a consultation they told me to come in soon.

I went on my social network and told my local friend about it and texted my former companion who's now in MA.

At some point someone decided that I was too ill to continue to target becuz Ive had peace for hours now.

Could this simply be becuz of the soccer game event downtown which I've repeatedly documented clears the air if you will or could it be that for whatever their reasons they cant simply target you during such ill health?

I dont quite understand this becuz what they do to a Targeted Individual for years CAUSES illness, degeneration and early death.

Why are they not allowed to target you during a health condition like possibly hemorrhaging or close to it?

The fuckin system here is as depressing and Willpower sapping as Cali is anger inducing and blocking the Will.

There's an actual process of inducing what seems like insanity...like through brain damage.

There's also a major beat down to not be self important, to become part if the community without any individuality.

Im sick of feeling shame here. Boston teaches pride at all costs and faith in self and cause. This place saps all that.

This system will not stop tormenting me until i run to the feds begging to be an informant, conform and work as a talentless, average wage earner stuck in the game like everyone else or the Catholic Church gives me a fuckin sainthood for working with the homeless.

Oh and being pushed into becoming a Christian is real big here too.

Of course theres been lately the same old 'go back home' 'go to UMass' bullshit.

UMass is the last place I belong and the neighborhood its in is the last kind of place I need to be.

Also lately it seems grinding my mind down with a constant focus on what's happened to me with GS for the last ten years is supposed to assist with memory loss and inducing insanity.
This is probably how they are getting soldiers to off themselves. Its not like they dont have motive.

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