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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mexican Drug Cartels In Oregon-The USA Is Totally Infiltrated

All along my travels Ive always encountered trouble due to as i was told, being near a major drug route. Like in Tucson AZ.

This explains the frequency of Mexican perps.

Basically the country isnt afraid of a person like me beinf involved in drug running as is most likely their cover story excuse. THEY ARE AFRAID OF SOMEONE LIKE ME, ALL SURVIVORS, EXPOSING THE EXISTENCE OF MIND CONTROL IN BUSINESSES LIKE SEX INDUSTRY AND DRUG RUNNING WHICH SEEM TO INTERSECT.

They don't want the American public to become demystified as to why a country with Homeland Security, the NSA, CIA and the biggest military might in all the globe can't seem to solve their own drug problems and stop a country on the same continent from infiltrating and running major operations on American soil.

One of the most obnoxious glaring offensive things about the NWO is an apparent police state and morality o obsessed culture where citizens must behave and obey laws strictly but the powers that be in authority can plainly be a part of organized crime.

GS cannot be validated officially becuz then the public would be outraged to learn that the systema they pay for is in the big picture used to support international organized crime, a very important part of the US economy I assume.

The elite ars using the public as mere workhorses and fools to continue their lucrative international business ventures. How many times has an elite been exposed, suspected or busted for being involved in international drug dealing or connected corruption? If u watch u will note that when someone like Margaret Thatcher's son is exposed potentially its usually being involved with the big players of international organized crime.

The public need to realize they are now living in a manufactured police state simply in order to support international organized crime and corporate terrorism.

Radical as this sounds its innately wrong to enslave people and bleed them dry of their resources both worldly and natural so that only certain select people or families control the world. Or plan to move to Mars or whatever madness these people are going to come up with according to their criminally insane minds or their delusional senses of self worth.

The publics greatest error in the NWO is believing that such people are not involved in international organized crime.

It didn't effect the aversge person's life decades ago not to the extent of a total police state and mass mind control so conspiracy theory or discussing corruption as such wasnt so important. Nowadays they seem to want full compliance and a yolk on every individual in the United States. Whats worse they demand people actually believe and accept the deceptions as reality-that the US is still a good moral place owned and run by its people when the reality is very different now.


  1. The public need to realize they are now living in a manufactured police state simply in order to support international organized crime and corporate terrorism.

    Bravissimo. You really summed it up very nicely. And of course, Iran Contra is a good example of that, but things like this just go over the heads of complacent citizens. Even if they were capable of connecting the dots like TI's, they're way too busy raising families and slaving in a 5 day per week blah job to have enough space to think critically. Of course, schools are used to condition students NOT to question authority, and they always preach how evil and fascist other nations are compared to the US. Then, they indoctrinate them to the line of thinking that they are so lucky to be living in the US. I think that's part of the problem. They've been conditioned for years by academia and the media to believe authority, because they are keeping their citizens safe.

    Technically that IS true: our government was founded on anti-fascist democratic principles, but in reality, those who abuse power subvert it. And furthermore, this nation's govt. pushed out the natives and worse, used them in their covert operations. I've seen TI's blog about Natives getting into their harassment.

  2. Exactly what I was thinking. I hear people (most commonly some of my relatives) say we need all these government agencies and "a little" compromise of liberty to prevent terrorist attacks, yet they can't seem to explain how these violent Mexican drug lords seem to succeed at getting into the United States nor can they explain how the Boston Bombing (which was staged by our own government) was still able to occur. I am glad somebody besides myself has made this kind of observation about our government's failure---or refusal---to suppress the Mexican drug cartels that kill U.S. Citizens, yet they want US to give up liberty. This is a small example of signs that should tell people that Big Brother is more interested in power and control than fighting terrorism.

  3. I too am a TI, victim of corporate corruption. Like most TIs I moved from my home in Md thinking these gang stalkers wouldn't follow me. They did, into the country of NC, later Fl, now back again to Md and it is a mftd Police State for intl corruption of drugs, car-rings, weapons/nanotech testings on civilians, prisons, mental institutions, courts/judges, even doctors/scientists are all corrupt. American's have no idea. God Bless, Rachel.