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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Atlanta GA School Shooting Attempt


Here we go again.

Obama and friends aren't trying to take away guns so much as they are going to succeed in making a culture where anyone who fitd the criteria of mentally ill hasn't got a shot in hell of having any rights or freedoms at all.

I saw a pic for a Oregon newspaper where one of the students was of course in a bright red shirt and mom hugging him was making a handsi
..hand sign that interestingly could be read as the Satanic horns OR the Masonic 'M'.

Its to keep messing with Targeted Individuals many of whom are people who know whats really going on with false flags, psy ops, organized stalking and beyond in this country.

Its further threat and intimidation of those of us who already know too much.

Atlanta, GA is one of the nastiest places for harassment as are most heavily African American areas.

Notice these shootings are always in areas or states that any well traveled TI could tell you are the worst gang stalking hot spots?

Its usually heavily black areas or elitist areas, like the entire state of Connecticut is. ((Home to Skull and Bones at Yale).

The public need only to be made aware of how psy ops or in person organized stalking of a targeted person along with chemical influence and the use of technologies (microwave ELF, etc) can be used to push certain hu.an...human beings until they SNAP AND FEEL THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE but to commit a homicide-suicide.

All they are doing, in their minds, is getting rid of some of the local people who have been harassing them mercilessly for a long peroid of time, before ending their own tortured lives.

Notice how the shooter is always male and Caucasian.

Notice how in multiple instances the victims are the elite, academia like a college or now, African American?

These are major sources of gang stalking perpetrators in the United States.

The blackest areas of the south are herrendous for gang stalking activity, I'm talking like brutal in nature and large groups. I had an entire Greyhound bus taken over by a perp group out of Memphis, TN that t ended finally in Albuquerque NM. ALL BLACK.

Recently this year I had a horrid experie ce in Charlotte in the Carolinas. I had a witness and posted pics.

America has to face the reality that there's an entire African American network in the USA that works with the white elite to target people, do false flag ops and basically, terrorize and deceive the American public.

They might be an outgrowth originating in COINTELPRO but researching into the history of African Americans in spying and covert ops in US history, COINTELPRO was just a small footnote in a long history.

Many TIs are African Americans who have to deal with this system, creating what they refer to as 'black on black violence'.

Remember these people work for the power structure and shadow government, special interests, not other blacks. Though many might rationalize theif actions as thinking they are helping to further black people's position of power and status in soviety.

There's many things wrong with our violent society being surprised by citizens becoming violent. Which is why children have to be the victims, becuz this prevents people from reflecting on how America tolerates and glorifies violence.

It feels very mu h..much like its about time to flee the USA. If i ever considered doing so, now seemz like the time to finally do it.

Manning gets punished but Obama got a bullshit Nobel Peace Prize while Snowden hides out in Russia.

America is gone. Nobody thats still here, who can tolerate this country, want to deal with the reality of how bad its gotten.

Even the media is sy.l..sympathetic to Bradley.

It all ties back to 9-11 cover up and all the corruption done that was hidden under the war. Bush, his administration, Hayden even Obama- none of this is going to be fixed or exposed.

Its one of those official cover up stories that only will be revealed perhaps many centuries from now. Everything they are doing is to ensure their versions of events stays as official history.

The public is claiming they want to spend more on mental illness than to hire more armed guards.

Which means blogs like this and whistle blowers won't exist in a generation or two.

And who is behind it? The very people that activists like me expose. Manning and Snowden serve to expose iceberg tips then the public start considering other more sinister forms of corruption.

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  1. I hope you download and publish your blogs and writings so they remain in some sustainable form. The electronic work can easily be erased or deleted. What you write is a testament to the ugliness and ignorance of our culture, of a bright intelligent human being retaining their humanity despite the hell imposed on you, and reaching out for the light of intelligent humanity. I am using some cliche metaphors here, but it's a bit epic, your writing. Please keep it in a form that it can be preserved in.

    Hopefully what you are doing will keep the real spark of live intelligence open to the world, instead of the impending Dark Ages these ignorant haters want to impose on an eager and selfish hateful public of mindless and soulless puppets.