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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heres A Post For Every Snooty Young Indian...Especially At MIT

I won't soon forget a young arrogant little brat student at MIT who was involved in one of their never ending gang stalking campaigns but like the savage that she truly is without the benefit of Anglicanization or the older generations' spirituality-she seemed to be unaware of the campaign being rooted in a black project cover up, as she only had insults for me based off cover story material.

So she's stupid ..or a shitty covert op who has to work off the obvious in a less than subtle overt manner (savage).

My response to her was to immediately blog what she'd done and respond by telling her and all her countrymen and women to firstly, go the fuck back home and starve and secondly, if u r so superior why don't u go back where u came from and fix your backwards, corrupt, filthy country and culture instead of attending a college in my country and abusing me a fourth generation American citizen?

First here's the site of interest:


I also recall a serial killer like doctor at the Marino Center in Cambridge, MA which is totally infiltrated who was particularly viscous to me. I reminded him this was New England and not Britain, where most of these people have learned the worst of English cultural humiliations based on status and classism.
He needed to be reminded that this was my area of the world-lest we forget that its racism and imperialism and colonialism that created the monster he is today. And this is Boston not England. This is where the potato famine victims came and grew strong-not the seat of power who caused such a human rights disaster.

Indians we must remember, the uppity ones who seek to dominate due to their insecurity coupled with their savage nature's, who consider themselves modern, upwardly mobile and such are the ignorant, viscous bastards they are due to generations of English domination and abuse.

Laughably, he is in an area, attacking a person who's ancestors have dealt with English attempted domination and occupation for centuries, and the Irish have always kept a dignity about us as well as we have an equal capacity for Druid derived savagery, bloodshed and greed our own selves.

You are trying to dominate the Celtic cousins of the Engish imperialists who, being related TO said oppressors by ancient blood/DNA, knows their minds, hearts, spirits and weaknesses thus we've held out this long (and secretly, in our hearts, will continue to do so until Britian gets the hell out of Ireland, rightfully so.)

Laughably, this darkey is a pale and poor imitation of its oppressors. Almost puppet-like in its impressions of wanna be trying for British based cultural classisms, rudeness and insult.
The Rocky Road to Dublin never ends..one listen and you'll know who yer dealing with. And fuck Cambridge with its British flag sporting historical British sympathizer neighborhoods and all the old money thats come with them.

So instead of playing and even poorer house slave than African Americans for the elite, go back to India and fuck right off.

First you need to raise up your consciousness away from being so easily brainwashable-which is due to your spiritual belief system's mindset.

If you really want to evolve clean up India and truly grow up instead of merely trading all the sicknesses and human rights abuses of your religions for money and status in the modern age.

With the practice such as throwing acid in women's faces for being too independent being referred to merely as 'Eve Teasing' you've got some serious frickin problems in your country and its culture to deal with.

Yer family being well to do and sending you to MIT or medical school obviously doesnt change your innate nature as barely controllable savages.

Hmph, at least African Americans know how to slink around, hide, be sneaky and play dumb when working for this system-you actually BELIEVE it that you ARE the elite or the oppressor.

Nothing like identifying with the aggressor and becoming an asshole as well. Didnt u take psychology in all that college? Or, like the Beggar Mafia in India, its all about making money?

Your true nature is seen by anyone who's truly evolved.

All the dumb bitch could do was insult me with the obvious.

Hell, its YOUR processors at MIT who are banging prostitutes in their offices late night after hours. Harvard is just as bad, without getting on campus of course.
Ha ha. Yer dads and uncles and professors and police and politicians and doctors and bankers are all perverts and dealing with the local organized crime rings in the northeast to survive financially and otherwise.

So next time some uppity elitist fuck gets involved in gang stalking and shows the slightest weakness-rip right thru them especially since these rich c*nts working for the complexes usually are hiding in a crowd.of other a-holes when they insult a Target.

Part of the cultural survival of our people in this new century is to cease with all 60s inspired romanticizing of India and other foriegn cultures.

This same system shot Lennon so drop the bullshit with the Beatles and other cultural powers pushing the perception of a romanticized India..or any place else for that matter.

Just picture a snooty Indian jerk going to MIT and working for the huge covert legion that saturates the northeastern USA now-helping to trigger Lennon's assassin just the way they most probably drove and setup the Boston Marathon bombers.

That and a realistic study into modern India and its politics shud cure u of any further brainwashing or pipe dreams.

India, had become a major supporter of Bush and neocon politics in the last decade or so.

And never forget that the fat spiritual guru guiding Beatles type seekers usually had a few Mercedes and many lost souls as mistresses, like any good cult leader should.

It was never what it was portrayed to be. All the pot, acid and idealism shaped these perceptions. And anyone wondering about exactly what spawned the 60s cultural phenomenon needs to have a long study of the proceeding decades of MK Ultra-specifically the use of LSD in brainwashing or making the mind or consciousness more easily formed and guided.

Remember all this the next time some Indian NWO pain in the ass tries to play you with their corrupt cultural norms or treat u as if u are sweeping the streets as an untouchable in their country.

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