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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going To Find Out If Healthy To Travel/System Seems To Have Given Me Break Due To Dangerous Health Conditions

Its been peaceful all day. Overcast and much cooler.

The almost hemorrhage like bleeding I had got a bit better. I still have one symptoms that need checking before I leave the state.

The system has been really hammering down the past two years, in order to finally complete behavior modification. It seemz they dont care how much brain damage they have to cause in order to finally accomplish their goals.

Ive been being guided to leave the US like its an emergency. I wonder if its a combination of weather patterns and environmental pollution causing health damage as well as the continued NWO police state thats become the norm in post Bush and 9-11 America.

These past health issues I've had have shown me that its important to follow along with this. To ensure my survival.

These events were partially my fault but i blame the never ending gang stalking campaign for forcing me to seek resources and companionship from people that were dangerous or of bad character and for myself to be making not the best choices or taking the best actions for myself and my safety due to everything from sleep deprivation to desperation to being clinaclly brain washed or living under mind control due to the GS over many years time.

This is certainly nit the way my life would have turned out had GS not been in total control of my life.

I am now going to the hospital to see if I had a miscarriage or if I have an ectopic pregnancy. Its a shame that as a Survior and a TI I am not allowed to have children. I know the system would overpower my ability to protect my child and take it from me into.this system and either.ritually abuse it, program it or at least target it never reaches it's potential.
Also my mother being a radiation experimentee I don't want to further damaged DNA.

Some perps usually male, wil intimate to me that I am a person who's family line shouldn't reproduce, mostly becuz of moral lacking it seems or some form of defective traits.
Which i know is absolute bullshit becuz my mother and father were obviously chosen to participate in the MK Ultra, Project Paperclip classified projects to create super soldiers and supermen (and women).

If perps truly do believe in eugenics they are buying into a cover story.

This system simply doesnt want to deal with anyone who shows they wont be easily controlled as slaves at any point during their lives.

This system has always backed off when I begin showing OUTWARD signs of physical distress of damage. I'd experienced this in Boston during Bush. I blogged it too as I recall.
They want people to seem outwardly normal before they flip out and snap or commit suicide.

And from the amount of surveillance going on, they seem to want to have documentation that can back up their official and cover stories which is that its mental illness not their causing brain damage and physical damage to Targets.

Only in this sick society could 'mental illness' even be accepted when the phrase in itself isnt even logical.

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