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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The ultimate war -your right to exist opposed to the experiemnters use for you for 'humanity'.

Often this is made out like it was about damaged people. A failed movement. Dreamers finding out the dangers of living unreal.
All cover stories and you know it. This was, as usual an operation that had ties to experiementation or at least Jones had questionable ties. These people did not have to end up this way. Like TI's.

Please keep trying to break free everyday. The world seems to ignore cult mind control like it ignores every other form of mind control...but with the invasions of privacy that are prevalent now and the technologies it has gone too far and becuz of that the world is changing.
If you are a TI that was at all familiar with coercion and psychology that is the only defense.

You must somehow let people know what is going on..and that it is not just your problem. Like the Jonestown members you have obstacles. You have the disinfo people you have the handlers. You have professionals in denial or assisting the perps by denying your claims. These people are no better than the ones in these tapes that helped hold people down as the kool aid was administered or shots were given to end thier lives.

Our situations must be examined over and over again as well.

This IS the TI sentiment, for me anyway:
"The story of ...this action must be examined over and over. We did not want this kind of ending. We wanted to live, to shine, to bring light to a world that is dying for a little bit of love".
For all thier sickness from being mind control survivors that one can hear in the other tapes, some still had a yearning to do something good. Which is what probably made them easy to victimize to begin with.

Humans are more than just threats to be controlled. By making goodness and love appear negotiable and only thought of by the weak our world is turning into a hellish place to live. Where romanticism and sentiment and the imagination are dangerous.
In a way modern society is saying that only people like this could want such a dream. That one should not leave the fold of society. That you can only achieve such things if you compromise with the system and all its corruption..that is the intended message of Jonestown. Really it is the inverse. That one should be aware of predators and opportunists. That human experimentation using vulnerable people is still happening. That there are forces at work that create these horrors that take advantage of human animal aggression and put it to work for thier purposes.

Jonestown never should have happened and neither should gang stalking.
I know that on some level alot of us have been convinced, just like these people were forced into, that we deserve this fate and its best for all involved.

Close your eyes and just listen. This is about You the Target. Targets have been so abused
and are so brainwashed and controlled and denied the right to have thier situations validated that we are angry and on the defense or we are passive..either society thinks we deserve it or that it isnt that bad becuz of those two reactions. There are so many disinfo people that even agreeing on a reality to validate is impossible.
You deserve this video. You indeed suffer everyday. Let society deny that you do not or be satisfied that you do. Let yourself cry for a few minutes...I know then you'll have to go back to shut off the next sick perpetrator cannot hurt you.

YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS AND I AM SORRY WE CANNOT BEAT THE SYSTEM..we have the internet as they did not however.

So society reacts with denial and scorn. Let them know that Jonestown is in thier own back yard now. Unfortunately, suicide is ever so gentle in people's might be all that is left of true Romanticism for this culture. It is the ultimate beautiful statement to people who are selfish that you wonderfully gave your life for them or for more rigid types, that now you the too far gone lost cause that is sooo damaged is finally at peace and the order of things is restored. Sadistic selfish people have strange ideas about love and sacrifice-beleive me.

Society deals with us the way they deal with the abusive spouse of the neighbor and such--its not my business what goes on. The most ridiculous thing I am going to dub 'abuse economics' which is problably how things have gotten done consistently anyway is : if you have money or good standing you must be OK. This is becuz the system that OK's you will ok everyone that goes along with it or serves it, thus making life comfy for all-except the victims of course.

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