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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perp alert: Dental Dreams Boston, MA

Needed an infected tooth extracted and have for a few years. The trauma of being harassed and gang stalked has made it hard for me to get this extraction done. I finally took the advice of someone who had gone there and arranged for an extraction.

I went today to have it done and the male dentist there was very good but I am so traumatized from all that has happened that it was very traumatic. He was nice to me but I had this feeling I was being handled. The secretaries at the of them I recognized today as an unsafe person I had seen somewhere before. I asked and they said she worked at Mass General Hosp, which coul be where I saw her.

So he cant give me a pain killer with tylenol due to health issues so he prescribes Percodan, with aspirin instead.
I go to the pharmacy and the guy is really great and professionally responsible . He and his assistant call around to every pharmacy in the chain and then others. No one carries this becuz it's uncommon, usually people just take the percocet post procedure for pain.

So the pharmacist thinks of other things and he comes up with a drug that has vicodin and advil in it which I had never dealt with. He was trying to save me a trip back there becuz he said that the percodans/cets and oxycodones were class 2 (I think that was the term) and needed a hard copy to fill. He said the vicodin was class 3 so a fax would do.

He spoke to the doctor directly and he faxed over a script for this new drug which then the pharmacist tells me that my insurance doesnt cover and I tell him I cannot afford it (26 dollars).

So he calls back and I found out only later that he spoke to the secretary instead. The pharmacist explained with concern for me that my numbness was wearing off and I needed something soon, he explained that he needed something that they carried but that also my insurance could cover. He said a trip back there was unavoidable. So he said it was all set, that it was going to be some other pain med that I HAD TO GO BACK DOWN THERE TO GET A HARD COPY OF.
2 bus rides later, in pain and miserable bleeding I just want to rest cuz I only have a room for one day/night. I go in I grab the script and I leave. I take the script and he is inquiring about why all the swithching of scripts? So I leave and get back 2 more bus rides later , beyond any tired I have ever experienced before and the pharmacist says that the script is for Naproxen instead.

I had the pharmacist rip up the previous scripts becuz I felt vad the doc may have felt suspicion .At first I thought that the doctor had turned paraniod becuz of all the scripts and I was insulted. I thought maybe he susptected the pharmacist and I in on something together. Then the pharmacist told me that he told them the whole story. He called but the secreatry answered. The doc was busy.
I left no minutes on my phone, trying to use others phones, then someone gave me change. I said " why did you have me come all the way back there for something that you could have called in like Neproxen, I think its cruel considering you heard how traumatized I was today getting that tooth out. The doc said that he did not even know I was coming back in, why did I not use the vicodin. I told him the story, he said he did not speak to the pharmacist the final time. He then asked why he could fax the second drug (vicodin) and not the third one? ( I thought he did not know about a third drug...and if he did not know I was going to come in then why was there a script for Neproxin waiting for me that he handed me?)

I went back to the pharmacy and the pharmacist told me that he spoke to a secretary who spoke perfect English last time who told him that he would relay this all to the doctor.

I was pissed off of course. I told him he needs to get better secretaries and the pharmacist was very good about it and he said that the doctor should know his drugs also--as well as getting decent help.

By the way as I got my tooth pulled today when I came out some of the secretaries were standing around looking guilty as Hell.
Everyone knows I should not have had to go thru this alone and that I should not have to go through this at all.

And do you see how they 1) use a targets moments of non vigilance where a TI has to trust the system of gets weak and trusts others to be responsible to screw with the targeted person? They are vulnerable and the perps know it.
2) make it always look like there was mere miscommunication, someone 'dropped the ball', more of that notorious Bad Luck targets always seem to have.
If you study it closely, if you can stay logical you can plainly see that in the end its alot messing around with facts, reality and truth. Its to confuse the traumatized person so that they simply get frustrated and hopefully that will be the day they have had enough and freak out or commit suicide. Especially if they know the person has been traumatized and is in pain.

I think the attitude towards me as a person who has suffered trauma in that chair as well as pain afterwards- its a cold iresponsible attitude and it is suspect as hell considering my situation.

I noticed something else today too. As I started to shake uncontrollably and cry after they shot up my tooth- just a reaction to more trauma after years of enduring trauma, which is why I have been avoiding doing this...I noticed that everyone's reaction was that they jsut walked out of the room. Like no one comforted me or even gave me kind words or paid any mind to me. I felt totally ignored.

To the doctors credit the tooth pulling was well done. It did not technically hurt for the most part and it took only 15 minutes or so.

If the doctor was not in on it its definitely the secretaries.
This was ridiculous and it never should have happened. I should not have had to go back down there for something that could have been called in while in pain and tired.

Also maybe it means nothing but BU dental school has been part of the problem before I have blogged about it.

3033 Washington StRoxbury, MA 02119(617) 541-2200

For all I know it was an effort of any number of those involved. One has to wonder why my life is always full of problems like this especially when I am vulnerable or having surgeries, in pain etc.
Gross amounts of mis communications are the norm for my health providers and a cold attitude as well.

This may have been an attempted set up to make me appear to be running scripts or a drug seeker which has been attempted in the past...especially in an ongoing effort to cover my exes ass and his part in the frame up/slander.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this Rachael. But at least the tooth extraction went well, with no complications. Its good that problem is now behind you.
It sounds like maybe the secretary couldve been behind the mixups and problems. Sometimes all it takes is one perp to sabotage things.
Last time i saw a doctor he was trying to refuse to run basic blood tests for a physical checkup. Last time i got my teeth cleaned through medicaid they did a half assed (if that) job. So it does seem there is some blacklisting, scapegoating going on in the 'system'. Its like you are dehumanized in their eyes, its despicable.
Youre a survivor, I prob would not have lasted in your shoes. Stay strong and take care.