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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jim Jones and Joe Public-how perps are possibly under mind control

How many times have you as a TI ever experienced how sick the perps are...how they seem to hate the target or how they seem unfair to a Target? I was doing research for my mind control blog. I found these and though they are taken out of context in the complete case of Jonestown and the subject of cult mind control I thought that I have found subject matter that every TI can relate to.
I was disturbed by these tapes:

The population of Jonestown and the People's Temple exhibited alot of the same sickness and hostility, lack of reasoning and taking part in too far gone nonsensical thinking expressed through speech and actions that I have experienced the gang stalking perpetrators doing to Targets. It has been my experience personally.
This is how sick and twisted alot of perps are and the system hurts TI's even further by denying the target access to support or relief. The gang stalking system is our Jonestown..no way out and a complete media black out and denial of what is really happening. And after TI's are dead it's the same 'we dont know what really happened' or 'the TI was just crazy' type of cover up.

I find it interesting that alot of TI's claim to be tbmc survivors as well as are targeted by mind control technologies/remote influence.
It is important that TI's realize that these sort of people and this kind of cult mind control seem to be part of the system along with psy warriors; which has more finesse and is more logical in its structure.

Notice how he is having people stay awake for long periods..and he says things like .. "you can stay awake you are an able bodied young man!" How many times have we heard the perps act like that in reference to something we are not doing right like working or functioning 'normally'? Of course TI's do much more than they should have to every day of thier lives.

These tapes illustrate the kind of mindless hate that TI's have to experience every day from the people we only know as 'perps'- perpetrators of gang/organized stalking.

By the way according to a book I read years ago written by a female survivor of Jonestown who was one of the few with the wits to escape-Jim Jones had a private drug supply and other perks to his position that allowed him the ability to stay awake like that no problem.
Remember, the Pharoah IS a god..the king is the father and all men playing this role must use illusions at any cost to appear powerful and potent.
Also, notice how he accuses others of doing what he does to sway them-"your father put that king shit on you". Like he isnt pulling just that on his followers.

It is hard to tell what really happened. There is connections to a nasty part of a certain intel agency that is way out there compared to what the agency appears to be on the surface supposedly. This is not conspiracy, there was a trial and it was let go on a technicality.
Why were this group of damaged people down in South America? Why were they disposed of? Were they dangerous?(obviously) but were they dangerous becuz they were going to go to Cuba. Were they ever really going to get out and go to Cuba?

I feel that Jim Jones was programmed. I know nothing about the rest of the cult. It is interesting how they focus on death and violence.
After listening to these tapes its a little hard to feel sorry for these people..like they were so far gone that perhaps someone thought disposal was necessary. Where the real sympathy should lie is that they ever got like this at all. Obviously someone took advantage of a vulnerable population of people with problems in thier lives-and made them worse through this cult/human experiment.
After hearing these tapes I found that the perp's games, thier little group knowing looks at each other as they focus on me as a TI and thier sickness of mind as they go about thier business was considerably lessened.
Becuz this is most likely what one of thier meetings sounds like. Similar cult mind controlled victims focusing on a Hate object to further the sick bonding of a group.

Obviously the Powers that took up with this experiment had success with thier research...tune into an episode of TMZ or other similar and you experience the same behavior in a very parallel way -especially becuz it is like these tapes..watching that show is like 'spying' on people in an office setting or like you are a participant who is there. Add a little self righteous snobbery to offset the times (the 1970's were more direct and open, being an outright asshole was more accepted. Nowadays people are more coy and polished but it's the same scenario that is going on. A group is sitting around picking people to focus on and hate to please an authority figure that is so far gone that the whole group is just victim to the hate and sickness at that point.
People today tend to not have a leader per se. The group itself or it's part in being part of the superior way of being is more the prevalent fashion/mindset.....which is very, very clever becuz then you do not have a physical person to blame and thus the group cannot simply be broken up by freeing people from a leader.

Another disturbing tape: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab848Q5HIWE Some people that wanted to leave by risking thier lives by escaping, when brought back, listen to how submissive they are.
The way he is speaking to them is a very typical way of handling inner city people from that era. As I remember they were so isolated from the world and from education that they did not know any other kind of enviroment..so when he starts pulling the Dad thing again by lording it over them that they did not know anything about the jungle enviroment or its animals he really has an angle on 'em.
(This is an example of how the internet has freed people from everywhere from ignorance...which then would dictate that now the system would need to implement thought control in some form that was invasive into the mind itself to control the populace or designated populations.)
The way he is saying that the government would back him. They'd be shot. That it would be "a violation of law" if any citizen picked them up.
This is the kind of shit the perps pull constantly...and the guy who is getting in on it telling them that people have been looking for them all along and they "didnt have a chance in the world".
It's interesting how expert he is at getting control of the situation through extreme stong arm tactics. If you listen to it enough you can almost hear that he is operating out of fear...fear of losing his flock. How did he end up that way? It was said that he was shot in the head, like he couldnt take his own life. Maybe he was working an assignment and thought he would get out alive after he oversaw everything.

This is the kind of sick treatment that Targets have to deal with almost everyday against thier will and in free society not some isolated cult. Also, perps work in sheer numbers to make it happen.
These tapes are the basis for workplace mobbing, gang/group/organized stalking, crime gangs and other similar activities we see around us in common place.

(Dont bother to watch the Hollywood movie, it doesnt really illustrate the mind control that is shown in the real tapes. It kinda tries to blame it on them being communists.)

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