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Friday, September 19, 2008

A Christian site I had to mention

OK..it seems that Christians are pretty much on our side. Supporting the Targeted Individual. I have read sites that actually say 'support targeted individuals' and that one target is too many. These people are ahead by first actually admitting to our existence and then by supporting us. Their saying that there should be no targeted persons at all is enough for me.

But more overzealeous ones can stickied up in the web. They can also serve to confuse issues for those working to negotiate minefields.

I appreciate any and all support at any time. Yes, we are basically working on the same things and want a better world a world where good can exist.

The difference is that I feel that both good and evil should exist and free will is the right of all men. (humans). There will never be a perfect Heavenly existence on earth as long as man refuses to evolve or has agressive tendencies but there should be the will to choose.

The problem with gang stalking and especially mind control technologies is that it goes way too far not in the direction of evil, which I would expect greedy people to go in that direction, but it denies man his free will to decide where he stands in the fight or even to choose wisely for himself. It denies him the right to think, even privately. This goes waaaayyy too far.
Being enslaved is one thing. Being electronically and technologically posessed is quite another.
This goes beyond evil into a realm of stupidity that I have not before encountered in this lifetime.

There always has to be an opportunity for chance, for fight. And if there is freedom for questioning and thinking.

I could not help but feature this site:

Partially it is funny becuz of the photos he chooses but I know it is wrong to make fun of anothers beliefs especially with what I am facing. But Stryper was pretty much already exposed as sucking from the get go..that aside, this kind of Christian..dude, realize what you are dealing with. Most of the stuff you are worrying about is centered around business and people will do anything to sell.

Britney is shaving her head due to the devils that are snapping those photos of her doin' it, who are the same 'devils' that pushed her to it over time. It's called brainwashing. Traumatizing someone.
I suspect she is a victim of mc anyway, and tis better to break down our girl when she is young and rebuild her then to wait til she's 32 or so and starts waking up and asking questions. Who knows what files are in that head. So what you are seeing is..yes its 'evil' in that it is manipulative and controlling.
I read somewhere that her music, which I never heard before recently, was somehow similar to Beethoven..that she possessed high intel or was gifted.
It sucks to be a tbmc survivor but to be told basically that you are so expendable that your destruction is useful entertainment is the worst.

Yes, America is being dumbed down. But just ignore it and let em hang themselves. Just concentrate on helping those you can. Get out and do some activist work or something, then you can act out your God's plan instead of drive yourself nuts complaining.

I am in full agreement that the perps at the top laugh at the willing victims. Don't be willing and go against thier plans as often as possible. There are some age old factions out there who believe that Christians or people not like themselves are stupid or deserve to be ill treated. Be higher that all of them.
You do you. Just focus on your God's plan for you. The best revenge is to do things that counter thier nonsense, without making it seem you even notice what they are up to.
They love attention too much. Don't fret and dont give it too them.

Plus, it is all free will. Let this chick eat a horse's arse if she wants to. You have the power to turn the channel---and THAT is the ultimate thing they DO NOT want you to have.
Your own free will.

I love this ancient picture of Freddy Mercury. Uh, at this point wickedness and apathy was pretty much outright. What is disturbing is that this generation nowadays thinks its more righteuos becuz they are not into drugs or being gritty. Wrong.
Classism sucks as well.

This author at least likes to dig and point out falsehoods and BS.
Michael Jackson? Do we even have to get into that one? More mind control..more victimization from brutality. When someone is beaten down to the point where they want to have surgery done so they can look like Diana, you have to wonder what happened.
Does it even matter? People bitch about yet another casualty of the industry's ways of getting shit produced at any cost but still they buy and consume from said industry.

Forget it dude. People don't want to know that Dizzny Land is haunted by the bad things that go into making it happen. They just want to consume such things to forget- so work after vacation doesnt seem so bad. Escapism is never going to be an illegal drug...the only thing I have experienced it as illegal is when you try to create your own world of escapism...then you are a threat.
The power of imagination is the ultimate. It must be managed.

We are all slaves to the system of oppression.
There is a force out there that is always victimizing people but now there is a threat that is too much. The demand that you have no free will to heal from such slights as you please.

The problem is not how sick these people are it's how they are kept sick and in the clutches of the system.
And now there are TIs who give testimony of human experiementation that seems to want to make enslavement questionless and more convenient.

I did not mean to say "complaining"..in fact thanks to this author for his being in cyber space.
(where did he get those freaky photos?)

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  1. hahah, i thought that christian site was more funny than anything. I know there are good christians out there, but ive heard church groups are involved in gangstalking, i dont doubt it- one stalker i remember had a jesus fish on her car.
    Also ive read that the jesuits, jehovahs witness, and vatican have been involved in mind control.