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Monday, September 29, 2008

Cyberbullying: Megan Meier

I have blogged about this before..mainly because I was in St. Louis when this happened.

The story was more so that the mother controlled her two sons to help her with creating the fictitious 'Josh Evans'.
This wkipedia entry says it was just the mother. Its what I have seen across this country and what this country does not want to know about...that people who do these kinds of things raise thier children to do these kinds of things to other people. This may not be a case of 'organized/gang stalking' like TI's are victims of but it is the same basis of psychological harassment and warfare. Warfare is too good for these activities as an verb in description because warfare is at least something that is declared most of the time so the receiving party can at least defend themselves.
This is the Shaming Culture at its worst. Megan isnt Asian as far as I can see and would have most likely been ill equipped to handle a practice that is very common in the far east.

Now I read more on this..the fact that the woman baited her and then shamed her with " I hear you are not nice to your friends".

Then her mother argues with her about language instead of being concerned that people are screwing with her kid.

And why could the last message NOT be found yet it is alleged to have been sent to her ("The world would be a better place without you.") ?

Ahh, the university guy says of course that cyber gang stalking....ahem, I mean 'free speech' would be soo screwed if there were laws etc. Really could screw up a system that makes human illegal experimentation possible and also keeping targets...ahem, I mean certain people down if necessary. ( The academic and corporate uses of the same system Megan died from).

Then we have "former Federal prosecutor Joseph DeMarco, who stated 'You don't normally send people to federal prison for annoying, bullying or obnoxious conduct.'"[31]

NO, becuz club fed is a) too good/comfortable for them b) too highly intelligent. People in federal prison would have that woman first scrubbing the floors for them in the first 10 minutes of her being there and then kill her for fun in some ruthless sinister manner, probably making a buck off of it in the process when they were done. She isnt polished enough for club fed. And neither is any other half wit who partakes in organized stalking and harassment like her. Perps are usually working for people much smarter or they are like this woman:'everyone is doing it so like a serial killer I can hide among the crowd and no one will know.'

And ya gotta love lawyers..they have the greatest talent for refurbishing reality. They can make murder sound like hjinks and the other way round if it suited them I am sure.

No, we do not need more censorship. THAT IS NOT WHAT BULLYING OR PSYCH HARASSMENT IS ABOUT. It depends on secrecy and deception.

It would be nice if there was a task force just for psych harassment, at least for slander. If slander and exposure of someones privacy had horrible consequences then that is all you'd need. Then people can keep being deceptive , like humans are going to keep doing but its what you do with it once you are doin it that is the question. The damage was not done by using a fake identity it was what she did with it as using it for a cover for her crimes.

Laws need to be made against psych harassment and at least exposure of peoples private lives.

What is more messed up however is the gang stalking of the perp after what happened. Uhhh hello wake up world! YOU ARE VALIDATING EVERYTHING THIS WOMAN DID BY DOING IT TO HER.


This is a sure sign of a nation who feels there is no use in voting anymore, there is no use in protesting anymore and no one listens to the public anymore. The governing bodies seem privatized so why doesnt the public just have its own private wars right?

Its like a parent that goes out drinking, and ignoring the needs of the family but rules the house with such intimidation that lawlessness becomes the only was for the kids to express themselves. This is our country today. The public feel used and ignored so they take it out on each other.

"Banas said some of these actions against the Drews could constitute Internet stalking.[16] 'Because we can’t prosecute somebody it certainly does not justify violating the law,' Banas said.
'We live in this country by the rule of the law.'"
What law? There is no law against cyber bullying or any of the stuff I mentioned but there should be...that is why people are taking the law into thier own hands on this one ...dumb ass.

Who the hell wrote this or even thought of it? I know it was Banas but I guess its a rehotorical question. Rather Get a Clue...I have never seen such messing around on the chess board as this.
They are jsut sooo much more clever than the public.

People are sick of abuses of privacy and sick of being used and ignored in the USA by thier government and by big business.
People are tired not of crime but of indecency which is a whole other issue. NOT MORALITY -decency.

Picking on children is not cool in the world of crime. But nobody should have to deal with this and one has to wonder why its being casually treated by some people.

Talk about evasive moves. geez.

Deny deny deny deny...

(also they need to have it as a hate crime protecting other vulnerable people like single women who are poor for instance. Not just children. And make it about multiple persons, like a lynch mob law or something. Admit the power and therefore danger of groups. Discourage faceless groups from stalking one vulnerable person.)

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