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Sunday, September 21, 2008

anarchists get targeted

This is a pretty straightforward case: http://la.indymedia.org/news/2008/07/218829.php

Now I do not agree with thier world view. I think it worked for a bunch of Russian Jews with no union in the early 1900's I do not beleive anarchy would ever be practical. But it is a wonderful dream I think about often. But self governance tends to not be believed when you are breaking windows and sh*t. No matter arnarchists are fun trouble makers and they have great posters and bumper stickers. The best is one with Bush and Bin Laden that says " when millionares go to war"..hysterical.

I dont quite understand why they disagree with the Patriots so much...dont they hate the same intrusive government? Its like two opposing forces that have the same enemy. The dynamics are mentally orgasmic to observe.

But I notice that in a video of a Patriot woman getting perped its under the guise of her wanting to film Anarchy rallies, which is suicide I understand, but its so obviously gang stalking on the part of police and they seem to utilize the Anarchists. As if there are perps in the crowd or in the anarchy movement itself.
The manner of the woman, who is a Patriot, tells me that she might be targeted for other reasons and the activism is just a great cover for her individual circumstances.
The system seems to do this often. Alot of perps seem to keep with the cover story(s) which makes me wonder if they even know about mc programming, MKultra, or human experimentation. Either that or this is part of thier deception. Some seem to know all about the technologies and the weapons. It gets really creepy when you are investigating these people...as your being perped. It seems that the crazies from the asylums have been let out to run the covert end of things and they have all this intel about what is really going on.

Not law enforcement, not military not people who may be coaxed into thinking logically or being structured. Not scientists not even criminals. Not anyone that remotley makes any kind of sense.
The worst perps I have seen are totally out of thir minds in this evil dark worse than Springer kind of way. I cant describe it. To be around them is to feel a burning, like Hell, which I never beleived in really. ALL they do is lie and destroy...and intimate and mirror. Its like there is no reality towards the TI.
I'll tell you why. Becuz gang stalkers are criminally insane. I mean it. I have been around the worst of these people and I dont think they would even be allowed to live outside an institution for the criminally insane if it were not for thier involvement with the gang stalking system.
They are SO inward, its like dealing with the most incestuous family in existence.

And they genuinely cannot grasp what they are doing..if they do think about the fact that you might die due to their and the systems actions, they get a little teary for a second and its like something they cant face. As is they cant face themselves or the reality of ...well, REALITY.

These people exist and they are very dangerous. They are always living under some threat from above thier station thus the arrogance and violence towards the target.

This alleged case seems more..bizarre.http://www.anarkhos.org/autobiographical/thestoryofbridget.html

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