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Sunday, February 24, 2013

US Liquidating Dissidents-Truthers Claiming Harassment, Hit With Weapons Technology

Ah the white vans. I won't soon forget (nor forgive) those bastards.

There's a joke among those in the know: 'the white vans and the black helicopters'..

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Anonymous said...

It's really tough not to be affected, because it's not really a mob, but rather, a steady stream of idiotic gangstalkers playing certain roles. And it's important to note that a big part of gangstalking isn't really harassment, but rather, neurolinguistic programming. Many of the in-person perps I get, just by the way they dress, carry themselves, or act is a non-verbal part of the programming process of TI's. It's actually more like de-programming or re-programming, because during Bush was the destruction phase. Now, they are doing the re-programming phase. Those comments they make, if they are doing it right, it's purely neurolinguistic programming. It really sounds like nonsensical blather to a layman, but to a TI, even unintelligible sounds are reconstructed to form programming statements like in a programming language. That's the goal: to go undetected by conventional means, and yet, be able to be detected fully by the TI's internal systems. All those years of stalking and harassment serve to put the "hooks" in place via repeated conditioning. And they only need to pass a critical threshold to be instantly recognizable as "verbal commands" by the TI's internal system that the System put in place over the years.

Yeah, it is degrading to be subjected to the types of people, and you and I can plainly see that there is a higher goal in place by much higher importance people. All we see though is the usual clowns and jerkoffs, and I think the "real" perps are aware of the loser status of the lower operatives involved.

The thing is, there are so many involved, it's almost like every 3rd person we see in a car is a perp or knows something about us and are trained to make gestures at us.