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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Induced Aggression Past Few Days

Heavy GS last few days. Last night became aggressive. This aggression STOPPED DEAD AND DROPPED OFF AT 12:30 am exactly. I felt myself return to a normal calm state.

Got harassed basically mobbed at Walmart near Lemon Grove. 3412 College Ave.

We did not realize the neighborhood was sketchy.

Security stalked around and there was one really stupid overt perp who did repeated wallet tapping tactic and then kept looking at me to see if I paid attention.

I ignored the perps and security but this female loudmouth shopping with her whole female clan and kids decided to verbally draw attention to my limp (my left leg goes out on me now for some reason, something in the hip socket) and since I dont take bs at this age from younger people...well they got me.

Yet the aggressiom was something in the area. Something man made. My companion also felt that.

Whats of note is that I stayed in that state until 12:30 am.

i also feel similar today.

The harassment activity has certainly increased or something's making me more aggressive.

I am wondering if this jas any thing to do with it being close to Supwrbowl Sunday. Imagine how much more compliance u cud get wirh that social event as well as consumerism for the event and patronage at businsees connected to the event?

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