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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jimi Hendrix-Genius Out Of Poverty And Strife

Just LOOK at Hendrix's history.

One realizes that there's a marked lack of genius or anything interesting in entertainment lately.

Many talented people like this die early on or simply don't exist at all now.

My theory is many artists would've posed a threat to society's controls by becoming activists later in life or creating things that might reveal too much about the ways the world really works.

Kids are not left alone to their own lives now and even adults' lives are managed by the system now in place-people are not allowed free association. We are told how to think about everything now.

And honestly, having access to media in the hands of the public might have been a novel idea in the 90's but after late Clinton and 9-11 its not the same.

Now people must look at the system of control called the 'gang stalking' system as well as other forms of social control in place and realize that if truly alternative voices or genius coming out of nowhere are oppressed and never allowed to form naturally without hindrance all that anyone is going to experience is expressions of a very CONTROLLED public.

Free speech and access to expression through media are useless if people are being prevented from being heard or saying what they really want to begin with.

Also if only the public with means can gain access to media, it then marginalizes people once again just as before public access was possible.

With too many voices and too much info floating around genius could actually get lost or the public wouldnt know anything outside of whats acceptable for the average.

Most people are NOT going to understand artists or what kind of environments are needed to nurture such talents. Recently the media has been used to control even destroy talent by exposing artists, their lifestyles and their faults to the public. With the artist and the public focused on image and spying no one can focus on talent or accomplishment.

If someone is targeted and either destroyed before they truly bloom or are stifled so they are never heard to begin with and the system is covert and unacknowledged by the public, you then have a world even more easily controlled and managed becuz the public believe they are free and that everyone has access to expressing themselves.

The reason America doesnt produce any truly great artists, a common complaint from abroad, is becuz anyone here showing signs of talent or genius (who is percieved as not easily controlled) is targeted so they don't ever grow naturally.
America never left the old plantation model. This place is about industry and money-never truly great art.

America is about slavery to their ideals and norms. And theres a system of extreme control in place now that ensures that people dont stray from those norms.
Kid's lives are so controlled and monitored that there can never be another Hendrix or Tupac or Lennon etc ever again. And if you are female forget even getting as far as they did.

Strangley the system seems to stifle females more from expressing such genius yet doesnt kill women off so frequently.

Free speech is non existent if people are controlled covertly and not allowed to even think clearly or form associations or grow and evolve naturally.

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Anonymous said...

More Orwell. This describes the music and movies and other kinds of media we have today.

Haha, that is so accurate, too. I'm starting to wonder how Orwell was able to forsee all of this "fiction" so accurately. Could be really have had a knack for forseeing the oppressive future, or was this a coincidence? There's too much of this to be coincidence. I can honestly say it feels like I'm living in Oceana and have been since the past 13 years or so. The only difference is that the Proles have hate and jealousy directed towards the "Outer Party" which motivates then further. But since I didn't read the actual novel as written by Orwell, maybe he does mention something about this?

I'm sure I'm guilty of some sort of thoughtcrime. That's amazing, too, that thoughtcrime in 1984 consist of thoughts of resistance to the movement and not really immoral thoughts. Just like I'm seeing. I find that I get punished for any deprecating thoughts about being a target or the system, but everything else is used for psy-ops.

The "See also" has some good links. Since we are natural rebels with actual quality, we naturally became Outer Party members.

And something about a Family Guy episode last night, where Brian (the dog) gets impounded. Brian starts acting out, gets sick of being mistreated, and starts attacking bystanders. He gets impounded, and sentenced to death. Peter begs the committe with impassioned speech to spare his dog from death, but the members say "Sorry Peter, but rules are rules". But Peter says "I'll give you all 20 bucks if you let him free", and they comically say "All right, he's free to go". I'm thinking that could be a psy-op to describe what goes on with targets, how perps who believe what goes on against targets is wrong and against the law, yet they are completely convinced to do it with a little money or reward. Goes to show you it doesn't take much to sell out a Prole.