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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two More TI Blogs

A blog from a Target looking at possibility Michael Jackson may have been Targeted Individual

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Mike said...

Most what's taught to the world is based on double talk. Tolerance for different races, while blowing up 3 rd world countries. Encouraging donations, while flaunting in their greedy ivory towers. Teaching anti racism while promoting the disolvemnet of races. Fighting terrorism while creating it. Preaching freedom while taking it. America is a cold throw away society, that cares nothing about the imperfects, and only uses the perfect til there's nothing left to use. America has grown to be in a self destruction mode with no love, no heart, no compassion, no care, no liberty, no freedom. Judge a country by its fruits, and the fruits of its populace is selfishness, greed, torture, suffering, struggling, murderous, godless, unvirtuous, mean.