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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Billy Corgan On Alex Jones-Another Questionable Celeb

Hmm lets see.

Corgan goes on Howard Stern show in June 2012 to promote new work by his band.

Then goes on Alex Jones show in July 2012 to talk HAARP, 'Illuminati' and the NWO.

Has a long history with Courtney Love. Has said of Kurt Cobain that 'the guy obviously had problems' mentally and emotionally which explains suicide.

Yeah this one I don't trust.
Lately alot of people who have pasts that connect to Satanism, music industry or entertainment biz are showing up on Jone's show. Its not to say that from their perspective, without being RA Survivors or MILAB/human experimentees-that they dont simply just exist on a level of reality where they havent seen how deep this all goes or all the activities this covers (like gang stalking etc).

I cant imagine however that they wouldnt realize Jones is suspect. That's what makes me stop, think and just simply disbelieve anyone involved in the entertainment industries who goes on Jone's show.

I WANT to believe their genuine. I want allies for TI's and Survivors who are alternative and actually have the pull to get people to listen.
Perhaps even, they are targeted due to non compliance, knowing too much etc and they simply dont talk about it but are countering the situation by presenting it on Jone's show.

They just havent been dragged deep enough into the abyss to understand the other levels that exist-that Jone's behavior at OCCUPY Austin revealed him to be a fake, even a sabotuer. His little games he plays with other media figures like Geraldo when both of them are obviously in on it. His rants about using guns and violence to solve problems connected to harassment.

His choosing the Patriot side in the Patriot/Anarchist divide-both of which contain heavy numbers of operatives and agents and who have done gang stalking on Targeted Individuals and Survivors.

Could it be that these artists simply do not have enough damaging information? Or that they are actually trapped at a level of holding pattern where the system offers help and a chance at activism from someone like Jones who seems to be a legit way to fight back, but is actually just another controlled level of the system? In other words, yes, Jones is an agent but no, these gullible dont know that.

The celeb can only be suspected of being in on it if one believes that they too are fully aware of what they are involved in.

Many creative, talented people are under mind control from the entertainment industries and dont realize it.

Growing out of and leaving the entire deception surrounding being programmed is like leaving your home you've lived in for years, then leaving the neighborhood, then the city, the county..and onwards until you've left the limits of civilization as humans know it. How many people are willing to leave a familiar reality entirely?

Las Vegas is a perfect example. Look on a map and you'll see its a city in the desert. It just ends at its parameters. If you are in a building high enough up at night you can see the city lights just end and theirs nothing beyond but darkness.
How many people are going to be willing or brave or even curious enough to venture out that far-past the parameters?
Especially ones who have successful careers and social networks which provide incentives NOT to venture too far and abandon them.

Its an entitely new way of life out here.
Every successful Target lives outside the accepted reality of the Western world. We are successful becuz we've avoided being labeled which of course would gaurantee the lowest status possible in the majority reality as well as sealing our fate as discredited.

Many TIs provide enough of a body of work that stacks up against the enemy's attempts to take us prisoner-like a fortress, and many of us also have info that could damage lives so we use this as leverage.
Gang Stalking is the enemy attacking that little safe area, the fortress, every day in an attempt to take us prisoner back to their world. The accepted reality and perceptions of the public and the oppressive power structure that runs their world.

Many of us are seeking a new place to pioneer, free of the influence of and out of the grasp of the system that protects that majority's reality so viscously.

After we secure a fortress many of us plan our big get away-an escape from this reality entirely. For those TIs who are not in so deeply often leaving their country where difficulty started is enough.
Sadly many hopeful Targets find the GS system follows them internationally. For a lifetime.

Who but those with no other options would want to disconnect themselves from society? Artists with ongoing successful careers have options.
The only thing I can think of is that theyve been toyed with, screwed over or targeted and these actions are their counter moves. They perhaps arent insightful enough from their perspective to know Jones and others like him are actually part of the system.

Just like certain TI forums and acrivist groups, these things are holding areas for wayward Targets or Survivors.
Picture a little fishy who swims from the big pond and ends up in a smaller pool of water away from the main area, with a small water passage to it. Thus the runnaway fishies are held in this area, believing they escaped yet are connected to the big pond.

This is a trick they pull on TIs who are newly informed about GS and related subjectmatter.

The decision one makes from there-to either accept the strangely socially acceptable 'alternative' culture of Jones, conspiracy theories etc-or to see the inconsistencies of this level and continue truth seeking, is often dependent on what the Target has going for them that tethers them to the accepted majority reality.

For some of us seeking out lies and deceptions is absolutely compulsory. Its part of our natures.

Then again, these people coming forward might be simply doing what they need to do to stay successful, retain protection from being exposed for behaviors, crimes etc. They may be fully aware of the deception taking place and take part for their own benefit.

Its hard to tell. The most stubborn and true of us are always completely cut off from society with no power.

Especially those of us who see what Jones and the like are really up to.

We most of all are kept from knowing whats really going on in reality. Its just as a Mex gang stalker said once in San Antonio "..yes, but you can be controlled".
Many people know that TIs are people who cannot be bought, intimidated or coaxed into selling out so the only thing the system can do is control us so we remain powerless, blacklisted and silenced without a voice in the majority reality.

It makes it hard to determine if these artists coming forward are part of the deception or if they are just using their fame, wealth and power to protect themselves and provide a voice.

When one asks why Jones doesnt ask say me or other hard hit, long suffering activists on his show (or any of the many alternative shows that deals with these subjects) instead of celebrity artists who do not have a clear motive for their activism, one can only answer that these people are still a part of the system. Whether they are willingly deceptive or simply being fooled themselves is always in question.

Corgan's former associations and actions are suspect. Yet he may have become targeted and changed his mindset.

If he knows so much why isnt he dead? Why is he going on Howard Stern's show who's been a well known perp for years just one month prior to Jone's show?

Mustaine recently claimed at a concert that Obama planned the lone shootings that have occurred. That is not activism.

Have i ever posted such accusations? No becuz Obama is not privy to every single classified action going on out there. He might also be on a tight leash himself and know intuitively that whatever is going on he's gotta go with it.
Here is a president who also spoke of a New World Order. Yet he spoke of it like he was a mere pawn-"..a new world order everyone seems to want..". Yes but what about he himself? Deep down-is this what Barry would really want for humanity?

Most of the people being used to pull this off cant even trust themselves for f*cks sake. Looking for gurus in this is very detrimental to finding the truth or understanding when it is found.

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  1. As for Billy Corgan, I don't know, he is one of the last people I would expect to be on the Jones show. The only early signs i know of would be "rat in a cage". He never appeared to be the 2nd amendment type, and seemed to be another corporate mtv puppet. His insights and stuff were not mindless.I ask myself;Is there anyone in the industry who are the act they stage? I get information overload, and mind jammed and cant get a sure answer.