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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Being Hit In Las Vegas NV

Quickly here's whats happening.

We are in Las Vegas for a rest this month. The hotels are off season cheap and the air is warm, 20% humidity which I needed for my health as I didn't hit the southwest last year.

I lived here for six months over a decade ago so its a location I've had experience with before 2003 when the gs went 24/7. When I lived here before i experienced bad luck which certainly couldve been being targeted.

So going to locations that have been experienced before 2003 give the TI an advantage. Strangely i have little retained memory of how this place was from before-a result of all old life and memories being destroyed by behavior modification and brain damage/brain washing.

The hotels are fine on the first night but a campaign usually starts after that. Since we got harassment on Greyhound complete with attempts at info gathering, and in the station by a guy saying "yeah make sure you dont forget to blow out of town", he also made fun of something I said in San Diego frequently which is thst I go there every year for winter, except he kept taunting "we come here every year". This was part of directed conversation with two other men. A reference was also made to my small stuffed animal pig thats attached to my backpack (Piggy is our mascot so screw you!). I'm a girl, dumbass-I like stuffed animals. Whats the problem?

And he somehow tied the pig into a put down about girls in the sex industry but this was very subtle as well as he made sure to mention a stuffed animal pig, so I knew this was directed conversation. The comment about making surs to leave town was more direct.

When we arrived also outside the window there was a guy on a bike who made sure I saw him look at us and then ride away.
Florida is like this also-they are waiting for the Target right at the Greyhound station.

I gave this guy the finger. I then gave the finger promptly to every moron I experienced harassment from as I expected to be hit hard upon going into the city. A few cab drivers and an Italian looking guy in a suit with two friends who looked non Italian. The two non Italians tried to mess with me but I blatantly told them to fuck off-the Italian kid actually wouldnt look right at me and either was oblivious or pretended to be. To be quite obvious the Italian seemed mafia and the two white dudes seemed like some sort of crooked law enforcement. Becuz of their arrogance. When I was confrontational they, like every other cop in gs history then no longer looked right at me nor did they react normally with a woman shouting at them in public.

Ive discovered that ANYTHING under my name brings on torture and heavy gs in some places or simply very heavy tech with behavior mod, induced aggression, depression and extreme thought by thought interface. This ends upon the morning of check out.

Arizona Charlie's on Boulder highway is the worst. Heavy gs from maids, other guests and in the 7-11 nearby (foriegn rich kid owner is an overt perp) and of course Walmart nearby. Its a ghetto area away from the casino and these are usually heavy with gs perps.

The tech is pure torture and I often wondered if it had anything to do with the security system in place there-there's surveillance cameras in the walkways in front of the rooms which are typical Vegas style-doors outside with a walkway and railing, two to three units high. More like a motel.

Its also owned by Icahn, a corporate raider and Zionist with alleged connections to 9-11.

This hotel is also outside Vegas juristiction I believe in county. We seem to get harassed in this area as well as in the transit center downtown and on only certain buses but not say east of the strip.

The Travelodge Ambassador near the airport under my name has been horrible with tech only but not as bad as AZ Charlie's.

Its been proven that anything under my name through Priceline brings on heavy misery.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of BS. I wouldn't take anything to heart any asshole taking part in directed conversation says. After all, you are a target, and their job is to sound like a broken record whilst belittling the target. Funny how they never make fun of anyone taking part in the harassment. I would love to see them making fun of anyone who takes part in the harassment, which would necessitate making fun of themselves.

I heard another one of their mind-blowing intelligent conversations today in the Subway. It's funny how little respect they have of the target. And to compliment these witches, there were girls and women of all ages doing the "smiling" at me gag. To me, it's more entertainment. And when two of the three girls left the Subway, the one girl was making an effort to hide from me.

And they were belittling the fact that I walk to get exercise. Aw, are they jealous that I have goals in life besides ganging up on a target with bullshit conversations? Girls and women are especially bad with mobbing and harassment. I get little of it from guys.

It's like the world is run by jealous females who hate men. The whole campaigns are driven by hate, jealousy, greed, power-tripping, and sexism towards the other sex. So I observe what you are observing, except I get women instead of guys in the usual role.

And I left out a lot of details, because it was an upsetting experience. I just chalk it up to more BS I am to ignore. Directed conversations like you get, it's nothing. I get stuff like that every day. Just ignore the people doing it; they're Hippocrates who deserve nothing except being ignored. There was a heavy stream of bullshit coming at me. Oh, so sorry I won't act like they want me to. I did yell at one guy in a car doing his "gestures". Why all the focus over what the TI is doing, when the people going along with the harassment are generally in poor shape and low in intellect?

Mike said...

I was reading about shyness on wikipedia.Much double speak saying "western culture' is an individualistic society, while at the same time this culture sees introverted personalities as threats to the collective 'in group'. Shyness to me is a direct result of collective thinking people abusing a specific individual, therefore resulting in a shut down of communication and other problems.