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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why Is It So Important To Try To Deny I Have Allergic Reactions?

(Please note I am dealing with a stalker who is a reader and has threatened authorities under my name multiple times. I am working with lawyers and authorities and if anyone receives any further threats it's in the best interest of justice, getting the crime solved and in assisting to protect me from any further damage to my life, health and reputation to take all the steps you can to collect evidence immediately that can help determine the true origins of any threats being sent in this manner.

No threats or any other actions will come from me in relation to any information on this blog or at all. I've had this blog for ten years with out any such incidents.

I was harassed mercilessly in the jail by officers as well as inmates concerning my allergic reactions to peanut butter and latex and other things. I've had epipens for years and my PCPs have put myreactions down on my medical records but in jail the doctor created doubt by saying I've never been medically tested for these allergic reactions.

It's occurred to me that over the years when. I've gone to hospitals connected to a certain college locally for a reaction they've actually denied I was having one even though I presented with symptoms.

I never noticed this before but a recent visit to an allergist to get this done was so horrific along with how this was focused on in jail, it seems pretty important to someone that I appear delusional and am invalidated about having anaphylactic reactions.

Which is extremely cruel considering this condition acquired from full blown anaphylaxis from Bactrum (sulphate drug) in 2009 has interfered with my life, traveling, health upkeep, sex life, feeling of safety and other issues.

I'm now wondering if this could be coming from insurance companies that don't want to pay out on a future lawsuit. If the statute of limitations hasn't been reached.

I've had people on buses sit near me and eat Reese's peanut butter cups and I had to get off the bus immediately and doing so these very people exclaimed "oh, Shit!" and looked dejected as if they lost some game because I had to leave out of urgency to avoid a reaction.

I had someone very nasty in a place I stayed in January in San Antonio TX in 2011 smear peanut butter on the bottom of my mattress probably to cause a reaction.

The allergist I just went to recently in Brookline but part of a hospital network mentioned that I wasnt imaging things in my head When I felt I had reactions. Why would he feel the need to make any reference to my sanity?

Also the Secretary wasnt a nurse but insisted on taking blood and she stuck both arms, didn't get any blood, left bruises and said I "wasnt flowing" and blamed my drinking coffee that morning. Yet I went right down stairs to Quest Diagnostic and they had no trouble getting blood right away.

So it seems like there alot of Intimidation, denial and attempted silencing of me in relation to this condition I've had stemming from anaphylaxis from Bactrum.

I've suffered greatly due to this condition.

In jail I had to go through constantly trying to find COs who would put me in with anyone indigent or with the same allergy to avoid being in with inmates who get peanut butter and would eat it in the cell.
A horrid nurse at the jail I was in her answer to when I was trying to get a cell change possibly through medical and stated I shouldnt have to live in fear, her answer was "then don't get in trouble and come to jail to begin with".
The jail is extremely corrupt and even the inmates who know the officers locally and familiar with the area can't figure out why this jail gets to be so corrupt compared to any other jail in NH.

The allergic reaction condition has made my life considerably more difficult over these years and it's unbelievable that people would try to deny I even had this condition to begin with.

But I see now that people have always been very interested in blocking any lawsuits I could have (and they are numerous) stemming from the overall situation.

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  1. I hope it all works out for you.
    Take care.