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Thursday, September 15, 2016

How The Lone Shootings Trend Is Being Used With 'Pretzel Logic' To Finally Discredit And Frame Up All Targeted Persons

This article from a big newspaper is THE worst attempt I've ever seen to discredit and even frame up the TI community. WITHOUT THE RECENT SURGE IN LONE SHOOTINGS THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE.

The way battles usually go in this world, if we can keep fighting and advocating through this, there will probably be a breakthrough. This is the action of a rival who has become extremely opportunistic and thise in power seem very nervous.

Also keep in mind that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's husband, former president Bill Clinton presided over the PRESIDENT'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS in the mid 1990s and that included his public apology to victims for not only military radiation experiments but other entities performing mind alteration, behavior modification and thought control experiments utilizing drugs and psychology. This was known as MK Ultra.

I can think of no other area of the country that would want Hillary as president than the seats of the Liberal elite such as Boston, NYC etc.

All they are doing is using the fear inspired by the lone Shootings which are very prevalent lately, to intimidate and frighten people into being forced to accept the theory that all targeted persons are potentially dangerous and that the community at large presents a danger due to it being isolated from society.

The entire piece is created with a sort of 'pretzel Logic' where facts and projections and info is twisted and manipulated to suite the writer's purposes. At the heart of the article's power lies the horror and fear raised by the phenomena of lone shootings.

If one deconstructs this article it's plainly manipulative and self serving. If people are scared and nervous enough they will stop thinking if you will, because when we are made afraid, emotion and survival mechanisms take over and cognitive thought, reasoning like critical thinking ability is lessened.

For example first they claim people arent being targeted, then try to make out actual past lone shooters as PART OF THE TI COMMUNITY simply becuz Targets have theorized that a shooter may have been targeted?? THAT explains why the person lashed out in violence? Becuz they were mentally ill like the rest of us? Whaaa?
So the shooter suddenly becomes part of the TI community simply becuz he was the focus of pondering and curiosity by people claiming to be Targets? Intelligence operations usually include disinformation specialists. I've heard people on TI conference calls from FFCHs who you can tell are suggesting violence on a regular basis to infiltrate, discredit, agitate, provoke-all the fun stuff activist groups have to deal with anywhere they exist.

It's absolutely ridiculous if you look at it. Why aren't they using science and technology to study the patterns of lone shooters and shootings collectively? Algorithms, patterns, math, predictive technology, psych profiles etc. These are used in business all the time for marketing and in criminology. There's even TV shows based on it like Criminal Minds.

And theres only been ONE study done (lol)? And based on this one study these accusations are being made? And the social acceptability of many Targets being doctors, lawyers, former military, police etc etc is totally discredited becuz of the article using as a crutch ONE STUDY?
Is it peer reviewed? Becuz if you read Mark's work, author of the Hidden Evil he actually gets peer reviewed to gain cred and to be responsible to his readers.

So a big monolith newspaper is going to tower over this small community of vulnerable people along with all the other bold intimidation lately and force TIs into silence? Is this for real?

For those who don't know my mother is a documented radiation human experimentee both parents were US Marines. I myself have been subjected to the worst most overt, brutal intimidation of my life time as an activist in the past year. And it has been outrageous the system's ability lately to outright lie or commit criminal acts against Targets and have that covered up by other parts of society.

Look at it this way. I'm not politically savvy enough to know what could be motivating this but whatever is going on, the power structure is scared and therefore desperate.
They are actually screwing THEMSELVES becuz if they don't win this and gain absolute power, a heavy hand and strict police state like laws that forbid questioning corrupt authorities the truth or some semblance of it will be revealed.

With all the documentation that exists on relevant subjects like MK Ultra, Project Paperclip and a history of war crimes, outsourcing military actions and intelligence operations to private companies so there's no oversight or transparency as would be with government actions, plus loads of other info like Nick Begich as well as other scientists explaining the theories on the technological aspects of the TI theory, why would it even be possible to release an article like this nowadays?

Becuz when people are scared they become a mob tha no longer thinks or reasons and that is what the powers that be are now depending on. Think of it as lone Shootings being used to threaten you to go along with whatever is said or whatever is proposed to stop such activities and make you 'safe'.

Take into account the timing. It's like the judge who ended the case in NH said to the Prosecutor when the case ended-that why is it I've been "wandering" the country for 10 years but I don't get into trouble? Why all this only in the past year?

Let me reveal some information that may help explain the compliance in this recent trend.
Now I am only presenting a theory.
My family's past and my own gives me a bit of an insight into the world of organized crime and this is nowadays largely hidden from the public.
When I left the adult entertainment industry years ago I did so partially becuz it appeared that too many criminal organizations were coming into the area and gaining access to my friend's business. It's as if she didn't control anything anymore. I also suspected she was being coerced into turning to blackmail as a way of generating revenue. It was disgusting and I wanted no part of this new way of doing business. As an example just look at Charlie Sheen whos admitted to having to spend millions to keep his HIV status quiet for years.
Look at the former Hollywood star Quaid and his wife who claim there are criminals who create set ups or operations to get celebs money and destroy them.

With the technology that exists nowadays this is totally feasible. Communications, training. Even street gang members can be dumb as nails and be an effective part of a criminal organization, as long as they follow "the way it's laid out" as one black male told me once. This is where knowledge of cults and cult control is useful.

Keep this in mind then take another example into consideration- in the county jail I was in, the women were part of a very tight knit local scene. I was told my first judge was a john who had a kinky sex life. Thus it could be assumed he's potentially easily compromised thus cooperative in whatever corruption is put forth.

Take this theory and then imagine how many people's activities could be monitored and then threatened into compliance, considering security, surveillance etc. Remember we as a nation have militarized a system of authorities that were corrupt to begin with and that never changed. Authorities still work with organized crime at certain levels etc. Criminals and authorities think alike. The criminal mind is superior and it's also very predatory.

It's totally feasible that in vulnerable areas, corrupt authority that's monitoring activity and doing surveillance could assist in setting up a mark for a robbery or other crime.

I suspect I've experienced this in both Austin,TX and San Diego,CA. I had traveled to these locations to avoid winter conditions up north and as part of my wanting to see the country and also keep doing activism as well as for health reasons. I could tell I was being cased out on the street but also by other means to see how much money I had with me and more importantly how much I was going to get at the beginning of the month. I was more careful than usual and I also put word out on the street about my suspicions. I also was very vocal and short about not allowing such a thing to occur and that someone was going to get hurt in a robbery.

Whatever the nonsense was it ended after that. Exposure and awareness, like a porch light deterring a would be burglar.

So let's theorize that private security firms from big to small have the POTENTIAL to be capable of corruption. From big to small. Let's say, organized crime infiltrated or let's reach further and imagine, created such companies. The potential to turn gathered info over to criminals is totally feasible.
Isn't a large part of Russian organized crime former KGB due to the fall of the USSR.

From history one can learn an important lesson-always keep The Guard busy and paid or else they will find other endeavors to undertake. Even Samurai wandered the countryside seeking mercenary work. People's nature doesn't change just becuz conditions do, even countries falling.

Articles like this show up every few years but this is the most damaging I've seen yet. People getting killed is an effective motivator to sway the public especially if they don't care and just want convenient scape goats as well as to perhaps rid society of some group of unwanted people or perceived undesirables.

In a culture now where the people are not allowed to question corruption and deception, they will lash out at innocents becuz of their inability to take on the oppressive power structure.

TIs should simply make it clear that 'we ain't the ones'...that we are not going to be scapegoated.
Go find someone else.

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