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Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting Harassing Communications on Phone, Google Drive and Email

Whoever the stalker is thats set me up for criminal threatening with three different police depts might be responsible also for:
Hacking into my Google Drive and somehow putting dirty pics in there, sending never ending spam to my email on this blog and having text ads for Viagra sent to my phone.

Funny...I can think of only one way for someone to gain access to all my personal information. It could be a corrupt entity that had been entrusted with such info over the past year.

Funny how such entities are not concerned with protecting me against this very intrusive stalker...but would rather try to focus on my being a horrible crazy potentially violent person-without any solid evidence.

The odds that the latest threats case I'm dealing with can show I sent the communication is very high. Becuz I'm being hacked and stalked and the latest case concerns a very tech savvy institution.

Not only do they have to prove I sent it as my lawyer states but I say, with all this hacking, PROVE THAT NO ONE FROM THEIR END SENT IT EITHER.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like they are trying to keep you occupied and tied up so you can't dedicate enough time and resources to fighting them. Maybe the tech. influence and other tactics with their huge numbers wasn't having enough effect, so they came up with a plan to entrap you.