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Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sectioning From February Was Illegal

(Per usual the same disclaimer applies. No threats verbal, directly, physical or by any means of communication will be sent by me at any time in relation to this post. If such a thing does occur its in the interest of justice to seek out the true sources of such communications-for myself and the victims of such crimes).

The entire time I was in this place I refused to speak to anyone other than the standard questions 'do you want to harm yourself or others?' to which I answered "no". I was once asked if I had access to guns to which I replied "no". The only info give was of my contact with the ACLU, my physician and a long time friend/character reference. I repeatedly stated that I was working with the ACLU on a case involving HUPD and that I did not want to state anything at that time due to my ongoing legal case.

I repeatedly stated this to the intake nurse at the hospital as well as the psychiatrist and her resident who were part of the team that continues the evaluation over the three day period.

I was approached repeatedly and asked about a treatment plan, my living situation and other things which I refused to comment on.

One day after I arrived at the hospital I was basically ambushed coming out of my room into the hallway by a nurse on that day's team who asked a leading question: "Are you hearing voices Rachael?" to which I ignored her and complained to the physician working the floor. This ceased immediately and did not occur again. Where does it state anywhere in any paperwork that this is a concern?
Also, I was (illegally) sectioned supposedly to evaluate my 'dangerousness'. The stay at this facility should not have been used for any other purpose.

So I guess all you have to do is put someone's name on something threatening and you can terrorize them, lie to them and manipulate when you approach them to apprehend them, never even ask if they sent the threatening communications to begin with and then put them away for five days, traumatizing them for life.

BTW I didnt even know why I was dragged off the street and put into an ER until I asked the nurse in the ER why I was there, hours later.

I didn't even see the horrid email until I was in NH and my lawyer showed it to me. Its awful.
 Why would I screw up my future like that, threaten innocent people and hurt my readers and fans?
I wouldnt. Becuz I havent for the ten years this blog has been in existence. Theres no reason for such a thing to occur now.

The ER doctor who saw me kept bullshitting saying things like "Well, I just think the community was scared..." of a middle aged woman with a $1.67 knife bought at Walmart, up against an entire police department, armed with the latest in tactical equipment as well as a knowledge of weapons and your standard issue of all police equipment and weapons? Grown men. Twice my size. Lots of them.

Are we absolutely serious?

He made things worse by asking to see my knife. Why wouldn't a doctor like that know that its standard procedure for police to take all weapons from a person being evaluated or a suspect of a crime at the time of being apprehended?  And what does the knife's appearance have to do with anything?

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