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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why Am I Being Treated As If I'm A Potential Lone Shooter When They Are Always Male And I've Already Been Profiled?

Note all recent lone shootings are males. One woman with a male who were motivated by Islamic extremism is the only recent example of a female shooter.
I've posted this years ago-it has something to do with testosterone and estrogen. Women process abuse and stressful situations differently. Women would tend to instinctually not want to harm people or protect them. It also has to do with this male 'go out with a bang' suicide run type of process. Women seem to know there's hope after traumatic situations. There still a world out there to live in. Like after the death of a baby, we can always produce another.

I'm only putting forth what makes sense to me and I haven't researched this thoroughly.

As for profiling, I was told by someone with credible info years ago that in Harvard Square near the university our street scene was looked at by authorities partially due to OCCUPY and partially due to rises in terrorism etc. I was told that we HAD ALL been Profiled if there was indication of any threat. He said that one punk rocker kid who always talked about political violence was Profiled and it was determined he simply did not have what it took to actually commit such an act.
Others who were at OCCUPY and Profiled were put on lists and during say, the Regatta races on the Charles had a polite agreement with authorities to simply not be in the area during such events as a courtesy and to avoid trouble themselves.

It was never said to me that I was Profiled as dangerous or capable of violent acts and I am or was the most visible and vocal activist who was part of that scene around the university.

So why now?

It was also told to me that after the Boston Bombing security changed hands and cells of feda had come into the area to operate as security for Boston and Cambridge. people. I only have a vague understanding of the changes but it's obvious there's new a new security apparatus as well as alot of new people in key positions of power around the area.
Now I've experienced nothing but difficultly and corrupt practices from this new environment. So perhaps NEW people do NEW profiles or studies and fabricate whatever suits them and their purposes. They aren't honest.

That's exactly what's occurred in two of the criminal threatening cases I've dealt with where I have a reader whos a stalker and puts my name on threatening communications to police departments.

I'm not buying into any of this newly delivered bullshit and no one else shouldn't either. All this trouble just lately and not before. I don't want trouble and I don't think anyone else does either-unless of course you profit from it. Such as solving problems you created. Order out of chaos.

So if it's been established long ago I'm not a threat what IS going on lately?

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