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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Acceptance Of The Lunar Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theory Can Set You Free

So these sentiments are (or were) understandable. The poem takes the Lunar Landing event and reframes it as a costly expenditure that excludes common people's needs and even takes tax money and seems to waste it on something outlandish and expensive when there are so many concerns here that need to be dealt with.

The thing about the black community is that people romanticise it but tend to leave wisdom when the business of daily life and survival come into play, in their own lives, in their own class or reality. Nowadays the culture seems to fully embrace whatever expensive, wasteful project is in the works as long as African Americans can be part of it.
Such is the way of becoming legit, mainstream and socially acceptable.

This is not my focus however in this post. The wonder of this poem in bringing the Moon Landing down to earth also can produce a darker effect which is probably why people abandon the sentiment quickly and simply go along with what America is doing or has accomplished and the either take on an 'oh well that's just the way it is' attitude or drift into social acceptance and side with American progress.

Accepting the moon landing as reality has the effect just undercurrent the poem-a complete hopelessness and sheer disbelief that a world could be so grossly unfair and frankly-insane. Even with works like this pointing out how ludicrous it would be to spend money on something so literally and figuratively speaking-'far out' or removed from the concerns of common people and plainly-life HERE ON EARTH, people still cannot fully seem to grasp or accept how totally ridiculous such an project would be, if it were actually real.

That's becuz it's not. It can't be. Doing something like this in the 20th century would be akin to ancient Pharisees building pyramids or half mad emperors sacrificing multiple human lives just to construct temples or structures in their own honor or to glorify something fantastic.

The sheer stupidity of it, the barbarism, it's as if civilization never evolved as far as the 20th century should have taken humanity.

Looking at it this way-that it's one of the most successful media pay ops ever, illusions or deceptions it gives back hope in humanity and this world we live in.
The insanity is gone. Only a slight amusement at how costly a scam a govt could perpetrate long ago and the fleeting images of perhaps a Nixon history tells us was crooked anyway, being president during such a scam on the public. (Though I often wonder if he wasn't exposed simply because he interfered with the progress of bio and chemical warfare projects).

Our world seems hopeful again. They aren't separate from the common or poor people-they are just scammers. Deceivers and there are legit political reasons at the time for such a hoax to be politically necessary.
To manifest JFKs vision of a space program to beat Russia.

Perhaps to spur on mankind to begin actual genuine technological progress in this direction by setting a standard or proving its possible with this event, though faked.

It certainly sets a standard for the US to be extra ordinary at producing works of media that are impressive-as well as psychologically effective.

So...seeing it this way the world is not so unfair, even the big boys who are supposedly better and run things are simply prone to being crooked-and it tends to be very expensive.

What matters once again is life HERE-not out there.

Maybe the effect the bad guys wanted was to get people to focus on life 'out there's and stop focusing on what's important here on earth among our human family-like cool poems, changing bad conditions for the better and just living HERE, NOW or for now-in THIS time and space.

It feels alot better doesn't it? And its alot more sensible.

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