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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

RT News Network Just Another Room In The Big Media Maze? (Russian News-Theres No Russian Content)



Amusing in moments and with much hope given to trapped American viewers. Yet childish or juvenile in its approach to beinf alternative (the corporate world is run by "greedy jerks" or the "people who buy into the crap our media " pumps out to us..etc).

Just like it became obvious that Guerilla News Network was disinformation or at least existed to provide a safe controlled outlet for very contraversial content this also seems like controlled opposition or at least alternative 'news'.

Featuring Larry King interviews or having updates available on MTV is enough for anyone's who knows the extent of what's going on to register this as just another diversion. Probably marketed to idealistic youth and disenfranchised artists or independent minded types.

I found that it created a dangerously complacent environment for me that sapped me of my fight and made me get lost in yet another falsified environment-a mediascape meant to create the same dream like world in a waking state only as an alternative to the false environment, hypnotic dream like states offered by mainstream media.

Even the darker colorings and lower lighting used as part of the graphic design of the channel which at first i responded to well due ro its creating an environment where anxiety is lessened for the viewer as opposed to heightened as with mainstream media, after a time became imprisoning .

I just heard the words .."well Harvard said.."

Thats it. Its definitely a channel meant as a holding area or trap for any mind seeking out of the system in place.

I also dont see any Russian content. It also seems to promote Diversity like the west but Only featuring African Americans and no other 'People of Color' or whatever you want to call it.

Its suspect becuz it's certainly not the current Russian mindset.

How about Indigenous peoples?

They're now glorifying Kennedy. Gotta go.

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