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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, March 15, 2015

White supremacy And Racism Being Purposely Created in The Population. ThisDiversity Will Create Conflj

Racism against black people being induced or caused by tech (remote influence. )

Create a Problem to solve a problem.
Order out of chaos. Chaos they create and cause.

Tech and obviously more overtly using the shittiest black people for harassment ans stalking of Targets and to generally piss people off in public spaces like everyday knowing the population are prisoners of Diversity right now and can't say anything about it or defend themselves.

II was at a truck stop that has decent younger people working there (African American and White).

I rested some at night but got up before 6am. As i went to the register  i noted i didn't have the aversion and dislike of the black kid qho was the cashier (they were all nice in there ).
The way i reacted to him was a normal cauae Ans effect, based on percieving him as a decent young person.

I then noticed that after 6Am those feelings and perceptions ive had last few years from progressive racism returned.

IT WAS BASED ON TIME NOT EVENT.  It fell right into the timeframe when tech seems  to be 'off' and it's a clear peroid of time.

These racist ideals seeming to come naturally for self defense are being created or induced in people using remote influence technology and psy ops.


Anonymous said...

When are they gonna learn that the TI is not impressed by their childish behavior? The dancing, though, could be deliberately to invoke old memories of the perp in AZ that you said got out of his truck, dancing around saying "don't go crazy Rachael".

The system forces these people on you. We're forced to accept childish behavior from manufactured idiots.

Anonymous said...

So they make sure there are plenty of diversity laws in place before they set about doing psyops designed to induce racism. Very clever. And then they allow certain "fallouts" to happen in the media with severe consquences. An example would be Paula Deen. It comes out that she make a racist joke 30 years ago. And it's so long ago, it shouldn't be relevant anyways. But the fallout happened. The system always finds ways of digging deep into a target's past to use something they did against them many years later. Kind like they've been at harassing targets many years. Now if we turned the tables on them, they wouldn't like it very much. Say if they stopped harassing and torturing us 30 years ago, and all of a sudden, we go back and go after them for doing that to us. Except, they are still doing it that many years later. They always manage to avoid blame for whatever it is they did to us. And making racist jokes... come on! Comedians have been doing that for like forever. And one person can't get away with making a racist remark 30 years earlier? It seems like she was singled out and made an example of to show everybody that we are living in a purposely created slave culture where they use things in our past against us.

And there are always people I meet that know about what they've done to us, and they agree 100% with everything the perps do. I guess it makes THEM feel more powerful and in control over people who would be a threat to them and now they get to help keep their own personal threats under control. But they would never know who the exceptional people are had the system not "notified" them in the first place. We'd just be mere strangers in their midst, not some big evil scary enemies of the state who are bigger and better than they and need to be harassed and watched constantly.