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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Baytown TX Heavy GS Ross Store/Cops Tried Then Made Nice

Gang stalking has increased dramatically since yesterday. It might be becuz im on antibiotics for a finger infection and thats going to make me stronger. More coherent. Able to perhaps write or call lawyers thus harassment must be increased.

Ross Dress For Less is one of the worst gang stalking corporations in the USA. The local Target was a bit obnoxious, mostly customers and one overweight females security guard who was watching me perhaps becuz Ross tried to frame me as a theif and they sent the word over.

Walmart was oddly well behaved for some reason in this area.

Ross had mostly Mexicans and their children come into the fitting room and I couldn't focus on a dress choice. Since they interrupted my shopping for a necessity (layers changing weather) and were sick enough to use children which i think is the worst part of gang stalking, I dug my heels in and took four hours to make the right choice.

As i was in the dressing room still deciding (the gang stalking actually exhausted me as im fighting an infection that threatened to lose my finger if not treated.)
a female employee questioned the dressing room attendant and tried to think of ways i might be stealing...becuz shes not security and she's an idiot...and a desperate perp i later discovered. (If they only let u in with a certain amount of items and u have a number and there's always an attendant then how is the thief supposed to get more items in to the room to steal? And if someone was stealing why would they take so long? It increases the chances.of being caught.)

They were just pisssed becuz i retained control over my situation and completed my task instead of giving up and leaving or making a wrong decision.
Women started coming in and giving me evil looks becuz I refused to budge. Looks that normal sane people dont give. Evil, very dangerous murderous types.

The scrawny black male security guard was in on it it's all on camera.
The bitch who asked if thw attendent saw any tags or anti theft things removed in dressing room tried to cash me out but i avoided her by letting people go ahead of me. Yes she was pissed..but then she was especially pathetic even for a perp. So it's predictable.

After my Ross experience the entire area was flooded with perps. Parking lot to drive by and from store to store.

See any victory the TI has like attaining a goal and a new dress that fits in perfectly to wardrobe and makes TI look good MUST be countered with a huge bring down by perps.

Lately they've got me very sick tired and down and would like to keep it that way.

They know damn well my healrh is degenerating to a point of making me more crazy in public and wearing me down mentaly and emotionally. Any treatment time with antibiotics is a time i can get things done i usually couldnt.

My mother who is in denial had her doctor keep her on antibiotics. She wasn't mobile and a moving Target is always harder to destroy.

Theres a new tactical process they are using. They get me to like an area with hopes of settling down there and writing my book, then if i show i won't be controlled this love affair quickly dissipates and viscous gang stalking ensues. Since i was so sickly before antibiotics lately i wouldn't have noticed this but i wouldve kept faling

Thats how degenerated my mind is becoming due to bad health...and Fukashima fallout increasing in the U.S.

Also let it be known that any racism i express down here in this area is purely induced by gang stalking and a reaction to psychological pressure/coercion.

African Americans in this area and much of the south are nice to people of other races. They are pleasant. Not everywhere but in parts of AL and in this town they are friendly.

Latino people are not people I have any trouble getting along with and any difficultly is usually harassment related. They are too similar to Italians in many ways for me to be offended by them or threatened. Its the harassment.

The intensity of the harassment might be due to this being TX but also Im in between two major chemical plants and oil refineries. They've had explosions and leaks and corruption to do with pollution. Im sure that the locals who are tethered to these companies are more than dedicated and willing to do dirty work for this system to continue to keep them out of trouble and up and running.

Strangely the EPA overlooks violations in these companies for years...before those violations result in destructive explosions.

Also there might be some anti terrorism here. One of the accidents at one plant was due to SOMEONE reversing some open/close valves so a massive cloud of gas leaked when valves were in off position. Hmmm.

Whatever the it's a neat little town with alot of asshole potential.

Im also still having nodding out/sleepy episodes and its only in McDonald's and this morning Starbucks. Coffee never had this effect before so that doesn't make sense.

I watch them make my drinks so it's not added by the service people. Along with the nodding and jerks comes jerking in limbs which i had years ago and posted about it.

Its either tech, some chemical being covertly sprayed in my location or its parasitic disease which might be feesible.

I may have caught a parasite that causes mental.degeneration from a Chinese mentally ill woman who spent all day and night at The Women's Center in Cambridge MA for years. They are now closed for homeless services.

I suspected she had mental illness due to a parasite and took precautions to avoid contracting it. She always would burp by force as if she was trying to get something out of her throat.
I just stayed in MA too long last year and might have finally caught it.

Ive had sensations of something taking the wind out of my windpipe by being present there. And my appetite has increased ridiculously over past year. Sweets are focused on and I actually will stop feeling hungry if I consider healthy food.

I will cure this as I have everything else. By traveling to areas wherr EVERY disgusting thing you can catch in Boston dies as well as some sort of cleanse.

The GS system knows about using mold and parasites and disease to destroy Targets just as the Soviets did. Its probable that I did contract it and they are aware and are working the campaign accordingly.

Yesterday's unfinished post:

I went to the hospital for an infected finger and didn't want to call an ambulance becuz it wasnt life threatening. One of the employees at a truck stop said I should get a ride from someone going that way.

I flew a sign that said hospital and just kept moving up the street then settled on the lights firstly becuz people stop there and secondly becuz the cops bust people for hitchhiking so when they show up I would ask them for a ride to the hospital.

Finally a trucker decided to give me a ride. I got his info and took my typical safety measures. He dropped me off at the hospital and as I went to put my stuff out onto the pavement a uniformed cop stepped towards me from his car making it very obvious that he was waiting there for me.
This added to the stress of being injured, on the road, being a single female traveling and having just have hitch hiked to get there.
He watched me closely as I ignored him and his advances to enter the hospital emergency room.

Of course one of the medical staff was a long haired white male who wearing black and red came out into the ER chatting but of course did multiple wallet taps and even stroked and flipped his hair like a female perp would.

The entire ER seemed stressed and awaiting my arrival. Like they were on gaurd.
As usual they were disappointed that nothing came of it and two of the staff actually looked out the window at the police car leaving. Why would multiple people take note of the police car thats there? Either in his coming or going? Especially going after I arrive?

I check in and give my info. They are rather nervous.

I then am so annoyed at how stressed the police presence made me feel i call the non emergency and leave message with detectives. During this i spoke a bit above normal voice level (normal stress reaction) not yelling just a strong voice. Instead of asking me to take it outside multiple staff interrupted my call and made the message longer and less articulate than it should have been.

This included a male who despite being dressed in what looked like some sort of EMT or badge bearing medical uniform, sounded more like a prison guard.

I asked them why they interrupted my call and why not just tell me take it outside? A black woman said she didn't want to put me out in the cold. Its cold here to them right now you see.
Yet this is the typically (and frightening) southern mindset in some places.
Tis better to mammy or control than to make the chile' cold. Even though as an adult I would make that decision. It also might be a nice excuse to cover for what was really ensuring my phone call was not as effective as planned.

They all lost their attitudes once they heard the message to the detectives.
Under my breath I mentioned arrogant hicks and this was specifically for our prison screw sitting behind the computer...looking out of place-like a large browed cave man hiding uncharacteristically behind a piece of modern technology from some advanced society. His knuckle dtagging in sharp contrast to the delicate machinery in front of him.

I could feel the comment take at least some of my energy back he took with his aggression just moments ago. Unlike Boston where the sexist strong arm lumox type males are disturbingly lacking in conscious and cold hearted by nature, these ones here actuallly have some sensitivities.

The trucker who gave me a ride showed up again in the waiting room and I realized he was indeed attempting to be a creep and I informed him I did not need a ride back.(he could have been part of the attempted entrapment earlier so can't be trusted to begin with and might be creepy to serve a purpose).
Just as he sat down two more uniformed medical types drew attention to this with a comment 'well, would you look at that" and then quickly switched to commenting on the receptionists appearance "..a good lookin girl like -----. Bye -------." as they quickly walked out.
Somehow the trucker coming back was supposed to make me feel paranoid that I now do look guiltly of something since he showed up again and sat next to me.
Mentioning the receptionist's appearance as a good looking girl was probably to make me feel that I am NOT as such any longer. Its something they've been using alot lately.

The police car actually returned later as I turned to see it driving away around again in the lot.

The doctor was an African American red neck look type who seemed pretty civil. My reputation must have proceeded me or maybe it was that he was the only doc in the ER.

I tried to also tell him that i couldn't breathe with this too and wanted to ask about these spells of uncontrollable sleepiness Ive had lately. He was satisfied with curing the infected finger.

I knew getting dropped off anywhere near Houston was a mistake. Any big city thats got...
(Since the phone call to detectives there was no more unusual attention from or action by uniformed police in marked vehicles. The town was actually a bit friendly and pleasant...for a day. Sigh)

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  1. It's a shame that the world has to be filled with so many perps. That, and all the extensive monitoring, knowing that you're always being watched adds to the negative experience of being a TI. They work very hard on negating everything positive in a TI's world. And just because 1% of the powerful ruling Elite have something illegal to protect. No, I don't agree with that at all. You did a good job with your strategies of letting people go ahead and not getting rattled. My supervisors always tell me how positive and happy I seem. Well, as a TI, you can't let anything get you down, and I certainly don't have a guilty conscience, nothing to hide, I've not done anything illegal, and so why should I not be happy? Besides, it pisses them off. The system loves to play Wizard (like in the Wizard of Oz), and come across like a mighty superior entity, when in reality, all it really is IS AN ILLUSION reinforced by massive technologies, mind games, fake realities, and cover stories. It is NOT a powerful entity. The impression they like you to have in your mind is that there is some mighty powerful human who is all-perfect always watching you and correcting you, but in reality, it's just a meek nervous little man hiding behind the curtain, a metaphor for the ruling elite who try to dominate everything but have a lot to be scared of and always have to be watching their backs. So that's why I am never going to bow down to any asshole perps who of course are my lessers and I will continue to be happy and I don't care if it pisses them off because they have something to hide and are commiting the crimes, not me.