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Monday, March 23, 2015

gangstalking south of Austin exact same place as in 2011 HEB and laundromat

Gang stalking is still extremely bad and heavy south of Austin, in a seemingly crappy neighborhood compared to the rest of the area.

The area is heavily Mexican and mixed. And sometimes there's nothing wrong with that in the gang stalking situation and sometimes it's an indicator that you're going to get gang stalked heavily.

I've never understood why this particular Plaza is so heavily targeted. Exactly like this when I came here in 2011.
I don't know enough about the area to know if it's perhaps heavily military or if its a gang.

HEB (2400 S Congress Austin TX) is exactly the same way it was before the minute you go in you get heavily getting soft I had to actually turn my camera on on my phone to deter harassment. Because I'm better at this than I was 4 years ago where is the gang stalking system is still doing the exact same thing. LOTS of the same Hipster types I got in groups doing gs in 2011.

That's why I activism works.
Even though you think it may not if you have a blog or a website you have to keep going.

There is a limited scope of things and tactics that they can do the tea I can become seasoned acclimate and learn and therefore learn to as the system.

Being a traveler I realize that people are basically lazy involved in gang stalking. I come back to different areas that I've been before and they're doing the same exact stuff they were doing when I was there before.
This is also an example of how a moving target is harder to kill.
If you stay in one place the gang stalking system grows with you and counters every time you counter. So all it does is continue to grow with you and you never will be able to have any kind of superiority over the system.

After being at HEB and putting my phone on people got nervous it was pissed off because we couldn't complete the gang stalking and basically just stopped i mmediately..

The laundromat around the corner it's also a place that was always heavily Gangstar it's in the same plaza basically.
I forgot I was a photograph of both businesses.

But I have to say that the laundromat was a tiny dinky place good sized but it's gotten I'm major remodeling since last time I was here in 2011. It's double the size that it was now.
Another example of how heavy gang stalking gets you rewards specifically it seems with construction and architects engineers and people involved in building. It was this way in Boston too. It was obvious from 2003 onward that rewards are being handed out to local businesses through remodeling.

I was getting stalked by the Mexican people that are in the laundromat and who work there and buy their children. But it was actually a lot better than last time probably cuz they don't need money for the remodel now. Last time they were just a vicious and they were using African Americans and other kinds of people.

The guy that work there had a real stupid look on his face right self-satisfied like they all do now like you know I've just been targeted for so long that they had me down and its like my life sucks and then just so happy about it. It's almost as if I'm a situation that permanently under control..

There is a total assholes and human garbage that help manage me.

Seize their children to gamestop me and there was really annoying but they must have learned from other organized crime organizations that tactic because you can't say anything against little kids right. You look crazy if you treated them like stop following me or leave me alone and get away name of the game right now in my campaign is major discreditation. Because I'm on probation from Boston and of course I'm on probation because they changed up the game on me after my allies left power in Boston, the game now is to get me to flip out and get me into jail. And after shopping and get arrested for tagging a building I learned the first time and I am NOT making that mistake again.
They keep on trying around the country.

What they did in the laundromat is your children like followed me everywhere I went to get away from them I provided photographs of the patio and the store.

When I went out to the patio their children came out there to play when I went back inside the children went back inside and played around when I move to another part of the laundromat the kids moved over that area I couldn't get away from them.
It was so obvious.

you can plainly see all of this on camera in the laundromat.

There's this older lady who kept like being in the general vicinity of where I was no matter where I SAT it was really annoying. Might have just been random though. I mean along with the gang stalking groups in this world we do have a psychic vampires it just don't know what they're doing totally unconscious.

Maybe they should go work with the gang stalking system.

Remember these people are closet starf*ckers. They stop the TI is like paparazzi socks famous people or people had a discussion with a famous person free themselves want to be in Portland and on camera in famous there very sick individuals but the society we live in now create these kind of people very easily.

Religion of control is really all they have.. oh and getting a great remodeling job done I guess as a reward. Truck fleet with GPS or you close or nice cars at the office we can't afford I've seen it all.

( They just had security go by on a bike and after that a black policeman just came in in front of me in the door I'm standing in front of And made sure he stood there in front of the doors facing the store So I found them and he walked away very quickly into the store.

Then a fire engine went by and made alot of noise.
The cop walked out and walked by me with that blank look cops give when like criminals they dont want to be caught or made but he couldnt keep his head up and eyes forward as he past.

And he had the typical asshole attitude of getting away with abusing someone as well as of course his own personal sick racist sexist motives.
You still wake up black in the morning. Every black perp needs to remember that. I make sure i state it occasionally. Gang stalking me changes nothing.

This isnt the kind of people who are up in Austin. They couldnt make it in Austin.

The city is split up into districts. This one is obviously corrupt and run by a total asshole.

(Remind me to bring my scary traveler/homeless friends with me next time i do laundry here. Becuz nobody keeps a superhero like me out of anywhere.

The insects will not have the last word.

But do u now understand the pitfalls of Diversity?
There are plenty of Mexican areas that aren't f*cked like this. This is Mex and mixed.)

These are all cheap Desperate Tactics of intimidation if they been trying now for years.

Its all psychological warfare.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing that people that sell out get to settle down and pursue degrees, but TI's get denied this and are kept on the run to survive and can't focus on getting an education or get accepted anywhere. And then they act like those people who sell out and graduate are SOO wonderful, like your cousin who earned a Ph. D. She's like so respectable and awesome but you are made out to be complete shit. And it's because THEY wouldn't let you get your education in the first place. So how are you supposed to gain respectabilty? By selling out like your cousin and others?