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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Being Decimated And Destroyed By Tech Psychological Harassment Anti Homeless Laws And Tech/Non Stop Interface-Truman Show Effect

Becoming person i dont recognize. Cant stay focused.or remenber tasks to get things done.
Im falling asleep alot randomly like narcolepsy. After food at certain fast food places or on certain bus routes here in Austin.
Dont know cause or if perps are causing it somehow. Started in Richmond Hill GA been a problem ever since.

Anti homeless laws and ordinances havent helped and actually may be responsible for this condition developing if its neurological. Havent rested daily like i ussd to for past year or so.

Gang stalking psych harassment is so frequent now Im unable to retain control. Anti homelessness and gang stalking destroying my confidence.
Im not alllwed a moment's peace or to be left alone.n

Im being discredited heavily on a daily basis. Im being forced into reacting to being harassed by appearing crazy in public.

The interface mentally is unbearable. Its pure torment and it's now in most places a homelessness person is now allowed or tolerated.

Truman Show Effect (illusion) has also become unbearable.

It feels like I have nothing to hold onto anymore.

Im being COMPLETELEY marginalized from society completely.
I was allowed some connection just a year or so ago. (Why did i just get a vision of Bobbi N this older lady from Harvard Sq having something to do with my going downhill?).

Im also very worried about that woman Bunny commiting suicide in jail this year.

Its like this is something that someone is trying to cause on purpose with her and now me. Whats the motive?

I only get telief from the tech so things make sense or i can reason clearly in specific locations: a government building, a certain restroom in random locations or an emergency room.

Its shocking how disconnected im getting. Of course that ensures i keep up my friend networks and form new ones.

Dint know what to do.

Internet (smartphone wifi) hacked like Bush era making hard to work on blog and adding stress.

Wrote this after clarity gotten in a certain restroom in decent neighborhood not usually frequenting.

Sleep outside not giving body rest. Compared to rest gotten while sleeping in emergency room vast difference.

No deep rest or..genuine healing.

Whatever allies I had seem gone. Met a few people down South made me feel whats gping on has positive outcome. Not where I am now though.
Must recall those conversations about positive outcomes.

I think i comprimised myself with associating wirh last two companions.Seems they feel this in part makes it OK to allow enemies to move in on me.

Circumstances beyond control forced me live and travel this way past years.


  1. I can see their strategy here. By the use of anti-homeless laws, they are forcing you out of society as a free-willed rebel of their controlled society. It is also forcing you to integrate back into society by banning you as a homeless person. But they are forcing you into the same society they are trying to kick you out of, which doesn't make sense. They want you to go back into society as a controlled member.

    Maybe there isn't much you can do about the tech, but as far as the gangstalking part of it goes, remember that they can never change the truth just by the sheer mulitiplicity of people they have believing the same lies. You have a small numer of people believing the same false ideas. Does it make them true? ***The gangstalking system wants the target to think that a given number of people believing certain things automatically makes them true when it doesn't. This allows them to build a false reality kingdom based on fantasies and ideas that aren't true.

    *** this is true for 3 people, 9 people, 27 people. It's just as true for 3 people believing false ideas as it is for 9, and even for 27. Now, you can carry this number out to larger and larger values. The statement I've proposed still holds true. Then, let the number of people that believe false ideas and lies and certain rulesets approach infinity. Here, we have an infinite amount of people believing certain "things" to be true, based on mutual agreement. Does it make them true? No! So theoretically, just because you have a vast number of people believing certain rules and ideas and agreeing with each other, and it still doesn't make it true, even as the number increases and multiplies and approaches infinity. ***THis is the basis of mass mind control: the goal is not to prove something is true by having a theoretically large number of people in agreement with a false idea, but that is the means to and end: to have a large number of people in agreement with something which is the basis of controlling them via their shared beliefs.

    Still doesn't make them true. Haha! They can talk till they turn blue and start hallucinating, but it doesn't make ANY of their statements coming out of their mouths true.

    They spend an aweful lot of time and effort building their fallacies, but it doesn't change the basic truths about targets or themselves.

    So they lose, of course. They lose because, there are vast numbers of them believing lies and false ideas, and because they are believing them because that was the goal of the controllers all along, that that fact IS their enslavement. So they have not changed the truth about targets. They did, however, manage to enslave themselves.

    They say the truth with set you free. Well, that is true. Mass mind control seeks to enslave by having large masses of people living in lies and deception. Hence, they are enslaved, not free. If they are laughing, it's because their sense of reality is so fucked up that their false worlds have now become what was once a normal and free world (to them). To quote Poe, "... and laugh but smile no more".

    So you keep living, because though they are trying to squash you out of society and into a painted corner, rest easy, because you know the truth. Tou know about the elite and their child prostition rings and kiddie porn. YOu know about the other things they protect. And the enslaved masses could be infinite, yet still be believing lies and deceptions. You are marginalized, but still free. They are sick yet they think they are free but are not.


  2. And perps always flaunt the notion that large numbers believe certain things about us which are false, and they point out that there are many of them who beieve certain horrible stuff, so it must be true just because of the large numbers, right? Well, I just proved it wrong. While they're believing they are superior and we are crazy and violent, they are really in a trance and allowing child prositution, and killings of child sex crimes to happen. So they are wrong despite the large numbers.

    So let them talk till they turn blue and fall to the ground, because they can never change the truth or break our spirits. And you will continue on damaged yet knowing the truth about what they are really protecting and the crimes they are committing. And you probably have saved some childrens' lives with your activism. Think about that. The more you continue on with your activism, the harder they have to work to covertly carry on with their lives' work of protecting the pedo industry and ruining kids and killing them. So you have done a lot of damage to them too, although you yourself are getting damaged. Think of it that way. Had you committed suicide like they wanted, some children would not be here today or would still be getting raped by the elite and their idiot perps.