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Saturday, August 29, 2009

White Trash?


Someone was talking to me about why I seem to get harassed by men when I travel. There is a difference between organized harassment and a bunch of predators messing with a lone traveler..and I have been at this long enough to tell the difference.

He said something interesting that I had not considered. 
"maybe they see you sitting there and say to themselves ' theres easy pickins or  white trash ' ".. to that effect.  What I found interesting is that I never once thought of myself as white trash-ever. In my whole life it has never crossed my mind.

That is a term that people with connections to the south use (like those with relatives there or blacks) and cant be taken too seriously by Bostonians- especially with any consideration of the Irish culture there.
Becuz it sounds very much like something that an Anglo type would use in thier way to put down the Irish or Catholics in general.  Its just not a term I heard frequently used 'up north'. 

And considering  most of my ancestors came here, sponsored, to work as house servants in old money houses the term doesnt apply anyway.  

And I could tell you stories of some people with money who have such unbelievable 'trashy' and nasty habits..but somehow that does not apply?

The snob culture that has flourished in this country around new money especially and the upper middle class (so desperate to prove they are better) since like the late 70's is a consumer culture dream. People are convinced that this makes thier worth so it is ALL they focus on. 

Our culture now has plenty of celebrities but seems to resent 'stars'. Hollywood produces much crap and little quality. High volume corporate sameness.
Like reality TV this is basically to convince the masses that THEY are in charge and they are the stars...its a logical turn to take becuz the public would not have been satisfied with thier old roles as listeners and viewers very long with the movement towards  tech in thier hands...but its purpose is to make sure that tech is used for selfish, self glorifying ends- not for activism or Rodney King like vids(which was a movement for a while bringing media to the people but it was co opted by the big industries in subtle ways to ensure the 'peoples media' did not become in opposition to corporate media.)

However, I have to now consider that this is exactly what people have been trying to use against me or pigeon hole me into. 

Considering also that I am fairly attractive, smart and had multi talents and was very into self improvement I dont see how that term applies to me.
My tastes seem to naturally be those of someone with wealth..and not just new money. I mean I would turn my back on the new Jaguar becuz it is made partially by Ford now and has lost its aesthetics becuz it no longer LOOKS like a Jaguar cat. I simply find it boring and distasteful. The thrill, the meaning of the car is gone-yer dealing with MEANINGLESS status.  

And me having those qualities would make it possible in a country like the USA to naturally become upwardly mobile.
So why do I live on the street?

You see now how a term like that or a view of someone is basically to cover for gang stalking. If you keep someone down or keep them from expressing themselves then people can enforce such a stereo type.

Once again knowing about gang stalking makes the target able to see in the end its just more deception from the system or organized stalking and harassment..only the TI knows why the system has targeted them.

And this is why this term is laughable in relation to ME.

However, it is always valuable to know what the enemy is thinking and what perceptions are being formed of the TI to serve up to the public.


  1. A few years ago, Medawar read a piece by a British newspaper columnist (it might even have been Max Hastings, but Medawar can't swear to this), which primly, but justifiably, pointed out that there was no equivalent to the American terms "white trash" or "trailer park trash" in English, English.

    Within months, the press had managed to introduce "Chav" into the language; this is a disparaging usage of a Romany word for child, but it's essentially used to mean the same kind of thing.

    So, the fact that the words to express American-style social disparagement didn't exist here, was quickly corrected. And with the word, came political manipulation, which culminated in Tony Blair suggesting that certain families needed to be housed in special communities to stop them bringing up their children to crime and anti-social behaviour.

    One could express this scheme in the word "Chavlinka" but Medawar couldn't find a newspaper editor anywhere in the UK who'd print that.

  2. I know who White Trash applies to, and that applies to plenty of perps. They're the arseholes in this world who basically coast through life unchallenged, who never try to accomplish anything, whose only accomplishments in life are standing around trying to keep people in line, because that's the only way they'll ever prosper. They are those hopelessly compliant bums who go along with whatever anyone asks them. They're the people who couldn't earn a dollar the FAIR WAY if their lives depended on it, so they go around mocking and imatating others whom they perceive as weak to them.

    I've coasted through life before; I've been a "loser" who never worked and leeched off my parents. Never had any problems until I started working and getting things done, working very hard for very little money. And all of a sudden, I'm a huge deal. It's funny how nobody took any interest in me until I started working hard and honest. If you're some easy living "coaster", nobody cares about you. Start doing something, anything worthwhile, and all of a sudden you've got bums and creeps all over you telling you you're gross, pedophile, druggie, all that crap.

    Worse still, these parasites perceive you to be everything they are.

  3. Hollywood is basically a big machine. It's all it is--a money making machine. The only thing they care about is what pulls in the money to keep their studio guys employed, and the guys at the top pulling in the top dollar. Anyone else could go fuck themselves, as far as they're concerned.

    I'm sure Hollywood is connected to big time drug trafficking whores with lots of money who are more than obliged to provide everything the "system" needs to keep everyone else (with talent and a mind of their own) down. Those provisions include favors and high tech equipment that can do "magical" things such as live inside a target's mind.

    My perps have been pushing the psyop that "that thing stinks", supposedly it's my mind that "stinks". I guess it's their way of forcing the TI into believing they deserve to be mind-read, ball-shocked, and everything else, to the delight of those well-connected criminal drug trafficking whores who are on another high: keeping smart people with minds of their own in line and under their thumbs.

    Ever notice how impossibly dumb and naive some of these harassors are?

  4. Disheveled appearance, tattered clothes, white = White Trash in the minds of people who don't really pay attention to the details.

    It's just another mental shortcut the infosphere provides the masses with, and they take it, because it's easier than thinking. You get a lot more conscious of that sort of thing as a TI.

    But, (and I must write an entry on this sometime), I think this kind of lazy thinking is enabled by the stunted social interactions the culture of commerce encourages, and when you 'drop out' as a TI or other, you find that even the lowest aren't as dumb as you thought they were. You were just too busy to talk to them.

  5. Or maybe the "white trash" is one of the fatuous assertions the perps like to lay on TI's from time to time. I have had a few of these, no more than a dozen in seven year's of TI abuse, but they have plenty of staying (thought) power as they get replayed in mind (perhaps planted even) for years. As an example, in the first 8 months of harassment abuse I was allowed to figure out that my family was involved, and even had a phone discussion with my brother about this. (Doesn't happen now). After accusing him of being a perp abettor, he says, "I am your brother, and I am your friend". WTF; it wasn't an answer to the supported and detailed assertion I made about his alleged involvement, it was just an outrageous (fatuous) answer. And for the record, he hasn't been much of friend, though he has been communicative before the overt harassment began. A year later, I was allowed to figure out that he had been on this since he was about 8 y.o., some nearly 40 years of knowledge of my covert harassment and his involvement to some extent.

    Similarly, my case worker said "I won't screw you around", during our inaugural meeting. And lo, if she hasn't done this twice now; the latest was conveying a disingenuous clinical story to the assistance funding agency that screwed me out of getting funds for training ($7k). As a TI one can expect anything, and such flagrant assertions are part of the game.