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Saturday, August 29, 2009

DJ AM dead via the allowed deceptions of a corrupt by nature industry/PC kills 

Another one associated with  this lying corrupt industry has died due to its deceptions.

When are people going to see that corruption and crime are now hidden under a veil of NA, supposed cleaned up law enforcement  and reality TV that is just behavior modification using shame, intimidation, harassment and total invasion of privacy?

If you think that a 'recovery culture' can change the nature of artists in just a few short decades (when artists have been around since cave paintings and primitive music making with natural objects) you are dead wrong.
The entertainment industry takes people who are sensitive, self absorbed, spiritual and basically psychic or healers and whores them for what they can get out of them.
The entertainment industry destroys the natural state of the artist.
I have talked to people in this industry and still they claim that they give you enough stipend for drugs to kill yourself on.

Nice try in good PR but this industry is steeped in crime and always will be. The recent attempts of all corrupt-by-nature industries (police, entertainment, even porn) to make themselves seem somehow 'clean' and socially acceptable should make people MORE wary of continued corruption.

And why are people so concerned with what the hell you or I or the other guy is doing nowadays?
Becuz the people cant control thier govt anymore via criminals using it for thier own ends blatantly, becuz they were intimidated into a puritanical state of mind, becuz they're environment is going to sh*t someday soon and they now realize it- after not listening for 40 plus years.

Most of all connected people want to continue to get away with what everyone else is not supposed to be able to so they have to become very quiet about doing it....and they need cover.

It seems that if you help the system that brainwashes the people YOU can pretty much do as you please.

We need less psuedo hard ass reform and more compassion and sympathy mixed with sensibility (being sensible is out of fashion obviously). Also we need more of 'mind your own business' not a spying culture where only those who are connected or have the most money get entertainment from others follies or downfalls.

Deception will never end so you better stop wishing and trying for a perfect world like a bunch of nosy control freaks and form a good bullshit-o-meter internally every time you look at something....stop accepting things at face value.  
By the way the constant threat of Political Correctness only HELPS this kind of thing by providing a good cover as long as you do and say the 'right' things.


Anonymous said...

That is the impression I'm getting... I've been jerked around by a maniacal usenet ttroll back in the late 90's, and now I recognize I'm dealing with the same type of person(s), but in a different form. I feel as though I'm being toyed with at will by some jerk with lots of power who thinks I'm his little toy. What I'm saying is, where is this central Hub for this corrupt system? Some people will claim it's the CIA or the FBI, but I'm not really certain who is behind it. When I go after certain people with questions about how this system operates, all of a sudden they go from loud mouth bullies to quiet little mice.

Anonymous said...

Where is the comment I left on this topic weeks ago? Did you not like it? I only reject comments on my blog that attack me personally. It was a comment about DJ AM, not you.