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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

book: Psychological Warfare in the Intifada

"Psychological warfare is a touchy subject in western democratic societies. It raises the spectre of Nazism and totalitarian methods of mind control, ..."
Thus the constant doubt TI's receive.


Anonymous said...

Gang stalking is NOT necessarily a covert investigation as some suggest, but it can be. Nonetheless, it is the lie that is fed to the community along with defamation of the target to gain their cooperation. I believe that at least half of their targets are bloggers. The covert motive of stalking is far different than what a community might be led to believe. Covert motive is to silence a target by way of:

(1) Incarceration - provoke the target into attacking the stalker(s). In this game, both the targets and stalkers are their pawns
(2) Institutionalization - get the target to complain enough about the "group stalking"
(3) Suicide - Depress, despair and isolate the target into committing suicide

cq2112 said...

stay strong

cq2112 said...

i think it is the gov't disposal get rid of their undesirables...i believe it is a lie fed to instigate community based targeting...the whole agenda is one big lie...the ones is control have tremendous wealth

Anonymous said...

Thanks anonymous... that's very helpful actually. The thing that bothers me most is that there are slander campaigns going on behind my back. For some of my tormentors, once they know the truth, they seem to back off. Others know the truth, but still participate because maybe they like the feeling of control over me it gives them.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I've been thinking about is this whole "standards of perfection" thing: it's ironic how we have to be perfect at all times. Yet the same rules don't apply to them. They can be as hypocritical as they want, because their denial allows themselves to be exempt from any punishment.

And I've noticed there is an attempt to beat me down if I think any negative thoughts... it's like any negative thoughts have to be "punished" so my thoughts are always 100% pure. You mentioned that before, that in order to be "remade", our thoughts have to be completely cleansed. Unless there is a different motive, i.e., an excuse to harass us based on negative thoughts.

cq2112 said...

perps are after control...they fly a banner of righteousnness to keep morale up...every tyranny throughout history and current day had/has organized stalking (informant structures)...i went through your blog a little bit...and i feel for you i went travelling (homeless or houseless) for years trying to get away from these goons, also...perps resemble a satanic cult and since they operate like they have no fear of prosecution, their fascism will far as backing off, it is a psyop...they aren't backing off, they are playing a game- to condition and manipulate...drew

cq2112 said...

no one can control thoughts on that level...everyone has negative thoughts, these perps are weak willed and looking to exploit their targets...there is no value in being ashamed of yourself, you are much stronger than the average person- to survive gov't espionage...who cares what they want, they are evil...i don't know what you mean by "remade" in your response...i going through blogs, because i am going to make my own and i am seeing how other do theirs...what gets me is the gov't has no intention of compensating and nevermind compenstating proportionally to the crimes done to their victims...america is truly fascist and the gov't will exert more authoritarian coercion on its people with deceit and ill will with its agenda