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Monday, August 31, 2009

A 12 step guide to recovery for misfits, freaks, & weirdos

There is a book I found that, if you insist or have to be in 12 step recovery program, it may make it easier for those who find that giving up thier personalities or becoming conservative/selling out is not going to be part of thier recovery process.

In a certain drug 12 step there has been a change in the text that basically pushes people to become 'responsible law abiding citizens' opposed to the older version that suggested becoming more spiritual.

This book may be helpful to those who do not feel that they need to drop thier creativity, lose thier claws or fangs.
I was exploited badly by family when I became newly clean due to society making me feel that I had to drop certain parts of myself formed through life experience. Recovery is naturally like this anyway.

If you can help it dont give up your defenses in early recovery or totally give in to that newborn babe feel becuz some people will exploit it.  (I now realize it was what we call 'perps' in gang stalking [people who know things about us they should not] that used to call me 'Cinderella' during this period. And with good reason. My family...ugh.)

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