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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pentagon's new map



True, they are not needed to be so big as a "Leviathian force"...alot of us have been wondering where the military will go in a global world that now seems so small.
Its a good idea and this man readily puts down alot of peoples insecurities and the b*llshit that exists becuz esentially he is a problem solver.

The reason I put this in my blog about 'organized stalking' is that years ago in my research path I was attracted to a strategy he had connected to the map above concerning how to handle Iran.
"Disconnection defines danger" also seemed familiar alot of Targets claim they are singled out or were loners, free thinkers etc.

When perps have said things like "Why do you have to be so...unusual?" and then later in the game a man an a woman are staring and the man says "She'll conform eventually" it gets pretty frightening.

How to 'handle' a certain uncooperative middle eastern nation sounded alot like what Targeted INDIVIDUALS have to live with. Isolating and controlling them until they cooperate or conform.

What disturbed me is that I notice that whatever trend is used in warfare or managing peoples on a large global scale reflects what is used on individuals in that same timeframe-like a 'trend'. Humans are fashion victims by nature..or it could be that it legitimizes what is going on if the micro matches the macro.

His idea is novel. Plans like this, how will they work as they are presented if corruption and other realities are not addressed? Is he going to stop all drug running? Is he going to clean up all corruption in the military itself?

His scope in the video seems to cover only the conversion of the military into covering transition as well as limited warlike actions. In the writing above he illustrates more that countries need to be managed and this or that is why they are 'disconnected'.

I am not concerned with his global plan becuz that is not my scope. All I see is that the system in place now has been and will be experienced by certain persons as corrupt. The 911 counter measures have been abused to further terrorize targeted individuals.

Notice in the video he speaks of regimes people would like to see 'gone', with good reason alot of them.
When he speaks of using non lethal weapons...I can just see the corruption coming out of this great plan that would work if everyone wanted a better world, not a global prison.

I assume becuz certain technologies that are in place now are being used that they will be used on that scale as well.

Its the parts of the plans that he's not telling you becuz I do not beleive that is his concern. When someone else comes along and writes something on the realistic potential for the abuse of this system or how to avoid corruption then I will be alot more comfortable with it.

Look what is being done to individuals on a small scale.
I am using his piece becuz it reflects alot of the behavior modification TI's go thru.

I, however, am most likely looking for a world that is fair where bad things no longer happen, he seems to be trying to make it better, faster- after they do happen.

Yet in the following piece, the authors claim that globalization is claimed by many to promise peace and prosperity for all:

I am saying that if you do not admit that the system could be used for corrupt means which I know he is not adresseing but...
Like for instance the recent surviellance system that has been so questionable.

When questioned about the recent posting of warning signs on cabs of the existence of video cams inside, I asked the cabbie if the cameras were there years ago (prime spying time 2002 and up) even with no warning signs...he got coy and said in an accent " What ? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worrry about!" This legitimizes spying by intimating as long as you are a gooooood little boy or girl that authority will not do you wrong. Untrue, very untrue. I told him that corruption exists and the recorded video captured could be used for other purposes against an individual by persons with access to the content with criminal intent or bad intentions. He woke up and acknowledged this to be true but of course did not want to tackle logic.

I just wonder if this is all connected to everyones fear of a new world certainly will help establish one world. But then what? The darker urges I have seen, to really really rule men's minds and what is in thier hearts must be adressed eventually.

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