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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Never forget

Like a vetran of war it seems that the perps or even the observing community would like a Target to forget all the injustices and play by plays of what happened and what was done to you as a Target.
There seems to be an attitude that your never going to stop the gs system, that itll be ever present in society.
So, u might as well cooperate. -go fuck yourselves perps-

Also, perps who were gs active in the past now claim that I will move on and get with a group of people "not as a victim'.... but in the arts or something.


I notice as the war climate changes, the gs is changing.
Perhaps soon the war will end.
Even our covert war may let up alot if that happens, considering TI's claim thier targeting got severe in 2003.
This may seem like a good thing but there is a sneaky little thing that seems to get engineered after a war.
You get a generation who just wants to 'forget'.

This validates the system of war.
This resembles trauma and then compartmentalization.

Targets are different in that our situation continues thru any administration.
Also, we never enlisted for this, war was never declared.

People perhaps are treating TI's situations as traumatic events that must be gotten over or put behind them in order to get a life or move on.

Uhhh, false sense of security anyone?
This is covert war. Or it is a crime. or a can somehting be gotten over IF IT HASNT AND WILL NEVER END?

THese jerks simply want a Target to get comfy in the prison they are in now.

Its part of the break you down process. Do not listen to these people.
Maybe they are afraid of you as a Target moving in the direction of activism, they fear exposure.
Or they really are such control freaks they took part in your targeting to begin with to modify you in some way and now the time has come for them to help define where you go next in life( I think I am going to be sick).

You have a right to be angry and hurt by what has happened to you.
The loss you have dealt with is very real.
In order to fuction you may find you are less emotional or feeling your emotions less pertaining to your situation.

If you forget they win. Most certainly.
These people are control freaks-they're stalkers! And anyone who knows this is happening to you and does nothing or is in agreement with it as a motivational tactic or behavior modification program is a major unhealthy person who most likely wants everyone down at thier level and is getting that by you being a TI.

Even if the gs sytem claims it made a mistake becuz of the slander campaigns there still needs to be punishment and there needs to be restitution to the victim.

The idiots you are dealing with are either control freaks, sadists who have gotten thier fill of your energy, persons who claim "u know, its not rare for people to want to take you down to thier level" (SLU student/perp-2008) the normalization/minimization of abuse, people who may have you right where they want you as tired and worn so now be made into a 'model' prisoner, tired of you fighting for your rights and want you to finally give up, feel u r wasting your life on fighting the Targeting or that fighting is " that is the college attitude" (perp St. L, MO 2008)-in other words u r being rebellious, immature, think u r 2o yrs old and too idealistic. Grow up.,
that u deserved it anyway or u needed a lesson -in maturity, morality, " had to find out the way the world really worked" (perp- Belmont, MA 2008).
Worst of all is that the Target needed to be toughened up. These are the kind of horrid A-holes
who quote Neitzsche and get "whatever doenst kill me makes me stronger" tattoed in rather large letter on thier backs but would never have been exposed to this quote had a few popular outlaw type celebs been throwing the quote around for 30 years.

How about the Nietzsche quote " you dont worship god, you worship the police!"
That might be more truly appropriate.

Ultimatley,these f*ckers never had to go thru what u went thru and they have no right to tell you where to go next or when...perhaps it is the TI should tell them where to go.

The 12 step I was in for years gave me a good base of recovery. It also has some good ideas for recovering like DONT COMPARE and DONT TRY TO RUN SOMEONE ELSES RECOVERY.

Anyone who tries to move you on from a traumatic event prematurely is doing so becuz they have something to hide and becuz
this is the essence of mind control conditioning. You'll compartmentalize it if you forget. That is very very forget it all and for always.

THe compartmentalized trauma can then be used to manipulate you later. YOu are conditioned.
Do what you like and feel is best for you but alot of these people are either under mc themsselves, are programmed and never 'woke up' or dont get it.

I can especially see the value in this action for the perps becuz a good dose of forgetting will most likely lead to alot of forgiving. If you feel that burnt out-go for it I guess, but what about morals and principals?
Dont negotiate with sets a presedent that says you are easy to screw over and will now be the systems 'bitch' for life.

It sounds to me like a last ditch effort by a bunch of jerks who are scared of exposure.
Dont give it to them.

1 comment:

AJH said...

I get the "imminent cessation of hostilities" line from my perps about once every two months. I adopt the notion that "this too shall pass" as yet another harassment jerkaround.