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Monday, July 7, 2008

Dangers of Gangstalking activism

[tbmc=trauma based mind control . mc=mind control. GS=gangstalking aka organized/group/terrorist stalking. ]

Networking doesnt work for all of us. I suppose if thats what u r good at then its what u should be doing.

I personally have been helped by the efforts of those good at networking and hosting websites that are based on getting people together, but it has its limits.

After a while a Target realizes the flaws inherent in activism based on the gangstalking experience.

Perps, operatives and criminal opportunists can easiy infiltrate these forums-
conference calls, email, threads, etc.

They can pose as Targets or helpful persons.

Often on conference calls they sit back and just listen to easily gain info/intel on a Target who is careless or naive and will spill to much info. THIS MAKES THIER JOB EASIER. Too easy.
The perps begin to use your presence on calls to match up with thier daily harrassing of you as Target. A Targets presence on conference calls, and the intel gained/perp contact made, becomes part of the formula the gs system uses against a Target.
I would not give out personal info to any group. Some groups are asking for very personal info and alot of it. If there is a lawyer involved check them out and see if you can provide info to just them.

Be leary of people who ask too many questions and also seem to be 'chasing' you through the call.
Be aware of a feeling of being hunted or sought after. Be aware of perps who have all the answers, in exclusion of your research and others as well. Gaining info, selling you things.
Listen for anyone who's story keeps changing or who seems to be a salesman without sympathy for your plight.
You may find perps using directed conversation or making mean comments in relation to your situation. DO NOT out these people as perps or operatives-this may lead to u being veiwed as a perp or divisions of Targets against Targets (often bad perp/good perp tactic).
B*llshit infighting is one of thier favorite methods of screwing with activism. Do not take a side.

Another tactic is to ask you what you think of other alleged Targets over the phone-no matter how fair or logical pro/con list your assesment is they somehow use it against you and the Target you gave opinion of turns or starts to exlude you from calls etc...there, they just got rid of another genuine Target, perhaps someone they found hard to handle, asked too many logical questions or was not easily mind controlled.
USE THESE CALLS TO GAIN INTEL on your situation IN A COVERT MANNER-you may find as far as activism goes they are useless.
Perhaps you will talk to some genuine targets who will provide you with helpful info or support.

"Come Stay at My Place":
There will be persons who will want to help you, especially hosting you at thier homes.

Bad safehouse experiences are very common among the vulnerable populations of GS Targets and trauma based mind control(tbmc) survivors of cults, etc. And you will be treated like a slave, believe me. You will be abused and harassed. They will employ terror/mc-like tactics to keep you with them at all costs. Horror stories about the prison you might end up in or what the perps will do to you if you leave the safe house are common. (terror tactics). Forced slave labor is very common.
Another safe house tactic is more subtle: It is to get you to stay and then use the experience gained to slander you.

( I will say that alot of these people might be programmed and act out some sort of programming against you not on purpose. Others are purposeful criminals outright. Both are dangerous and a pain in the ass on top of an already difficult situation.)

BE VERY CAREFUL OF THESE PEOPLE. Always follow your intuition and observe red flags in behavior/conversation from the get go. If your're tired enough however, you'll bite and you will recieve damage that is life long, adding to your trauma.
If you do end up at an unsafe persons home or in thier clutches in some other way, and you know their status but are tired or fighting with some programming that at this time makes you vulnerable to control have some other part of you keep an eye on the situation. Use it to info gather, gain experience (investigate a perp/the GS system). Get as much rest from the perps on the road/outside as possible. Perhaps this person can be negotiated with for a time. Once the situation becomes bad enough you'll have to leave anyway but dont beat yourself up. If u r a tbmc survivor u r used to being handled by people who are abusive but are safe becuz you know thier limits.
These new people might even be actual Targets like they claim but are dangerous in some way and this is not the 'safe place' you need or not safe enough to stay.

"Lets Meet in Person:"
Other alleged Targets will want to meet you in person for any reason. If they turn out to be perps or criminal opportunists they will try to use you for whatever purpose intended and if u do not want to let them use you and insist on getting away from them they will automatically turn to nastiness and intimidation tactics, often revealing a perp smear version of you that perhaps they intended to use after they were done with you anyway.

If you are filming watch for these people making YOU sound/look crazy as you videotape, which of course they will have requested for some express purpose of thier own (getting you into the videotaping situation so they can do thier perping).

HOWEVER: perps can be quite useful in gaining intel/info you might need.
IF you are nimble enough you may be able to negotiate a walk through this mine field and get answers invaluable.
I suspect a portion of these perps are fellow mc survivors who are reprogrammed or programmed. They feel the same compartmentalized inner pain you do, except they either cannot break programming or they gave in to reprogramming. They feel a sympathy for your programming especially if the system is trying to destroy/neutralize you and you are similar to how they used to be.

Often true hardcore career criminals/law enforcement know these black ops are deceptive, vicous and prey on basically the innocent. Alot of these criminals are physically violent people-which means that someone who is overt enough to rob a bank might think victimization of an innocent, weak person is distasteful to them. Yet they have found turning informant consists of more than just gaining info. They often feel bad especially if you are pretty or female or a victim of extreme, gross misconduct of a corrupt legal system or an innocent. You may gain info from them as well as a definite expression, by any means of human communication, that what is being done to you is b*llshit in the real and legit world of crime. Alot of Targets are not criminals or were invovled in really small time stuff/non career. (Anything you were involved in will serve the smear campaign but is not the TRUE reason for your being a Target probably.) Real career criminals know this. The public does not and only sees another 'bad' person. If anything, career criminals will provide perspective if nothing else--which as you know as a Target may save your life as forced suicide is really due largely to the effects of Psychological Warfare.

Why do you think Perps smile at you all the time? The 'evil smile' as well as the stupider 'gentle/its ok' slight smile(after they perp you of course). It's to minimize the abuse, to make it OK in the Target's mind. To make dying not such a big deal. A horrorfied look or genuine expression of sadness over action taken against you could save your life by waking up healthy perceptions again as to how dangerous your situaion really is.

Now do you see why labeling Targets as mentally ill is so much easier for everyone? Do you honestly beleive that society wants to deal with human behavior that is so deceptive and unpleasant head on? If everyone in day to day life treated everyone else the way Targets get treated the whole world would become suicidal or homicidal within a very short time.

If you begin to notice that certain GS/TI forums seem to be just a containment area for Targets-u may be right.

U will begin to percieve that mind control tactics are in use on the Targets in these forums. Be leary of groups that do activism and talk about how many suicides there are, but then do activism that gets nothing done. Be aware of group leaders as too powerful/cultish over members and lots of infighting over who gets to do what call--basically power struggles over who controls the group or leaves the group fold to go off on their own.

Be aware that if you are a smart Target, that the intel people will be watching you and your reactions/ further research in response to these groups..they will USE YOU to patch up the cracks in thier system after you have discovered them.
Ex: Target who is mc aware realizes that a group is on one level discussing the serious issues of GS-suicides, ruined lives, violence etc.
On another level the group administrations reactions/solutions are totally ridiculous in relation to the seriousness of the problems discussed.
This is a form of mild compartmentalization common in cult mind control. Reality then fantasy version of reality.
Switching is involved and necessary. It keeps people away from any real action.

All of a sudden when a Target discovers this and converses with others or blogs or whatever out of nowhere this group decides to get very serious and get very grown up and involved in law and government and contacting Reps and Senators etc. (research these people) which they should have been doing all the time anyway.
You have just been used for your smarts to let this operation know what they need t0 do to appear MORE legit to anyone smart enough to see they are a containment or profit operation.

Other forums, for me its harder to tell. I was warned right away about the infiltration on the email forums so I have no info on them. It is always going to be harder to tell if a person is legit if you cannot have freee flowing conversation where you can hear thier voice or see them in person.
However, if you feel you can get through this type of communication unscathed then go for it.

I feel there are genuine Targets who are doing activism. I beleive that some of the people involved feel they are doing the right things but just dont see the whole picture. Some websites are run by people who seem genuine but you never know who anyone really is without access to full intel on that person.
Alot of mistrust runs through the TI world. Genuine Targets may misunderstand each other after connecting.

All this may seem scary but intuition will get you through. There is alot of intel to be gained from the forums, in a forum that is 'sketchy' there may be more to be found than in a legit forum. Get my point?

"Oh, its the government..its the CIA. The military".

Classic get-you-labeled crap.
My father tried this years ago and got labeled and put away and medicated. This has led to my family trying to push this 'crazy like yer dad' bullshit on me, even though I wasnt expressing any stories of stalking. But then these are the same people who would use "see now you sound like ya fatha" as an intimidation tactic for discussing a political view that was contrary or unpopular. Disagreeing with The Family. (Keep it anti-intellectual at all times in mind control enviroments I guess.)

Hysterically, in 2004 my family agreed that the stalking that had become overt in 2004 was a criminal investigation and only after I discovered GS did anyone even try to intimate "well u know schizo is intergen"- the gs system of strangers tried to push this heavily while I was traveling the US in 2006 after I discovered GS on the net.

Obviously there are two options: my father was a disinfo agent for parties unknown or he is a GS target. I will never know which.

BUT..unfortunatley for him there was no internet and he lacks whatever I have in research abilities. People also couldnt stuff enough LSD down his f*ckin throat in the early '70's so ergot poisoining has helped the system destroy this man, as LSD/ergot poisoning was unleashed on a generation of victims- as all informed targets know about human experimentation and its results.

Unfortunatley for my perps and my stupid family I am logical.

What proof do any of us have WHO is resonsible? I have no documentation of a contract, a hit, enrollment in a behavior modification program, or part of human experimentation for me personally.
It's all guessing with as much research as you can find and talking to other Targets. It's like trying to search outer space from the primitive telescope and maybe some math to explain areas you can't see. That is what life is like for an isolated Target.

All I knew along the way is my life was not like other peoples..for my abilities, talents and looks I had the life of someone who had alot less power in which to barter in society. My maternal family seemed like the most attractive, talented super failures I had ever seen. NONE of it made any sense...and alot of that"bad luck"ran in the family. Alot of secrecy or dead spots with regards to info about my two families as well as people's life histories.
It reeked..(give it up !) As I began to research or find things about mind control its really the only way to explain my backround. GS is the only way to explain my outside enviroment as well.

So be very leary of people who claim to know who is responsible for everyone's being a Target of Organized stalking. I highly supsect it is very multi purpose.

Yes, it does resemble military psy ops, or covert ops of spy agencies. Even COINTELPRO.
What little real proof there is of MK Ultra.
Unfortunatley alot of the info on the net sounds logical or claims to be quoted from actual documents but never names its sources in a manner thats like you could verify its existence. I believe alot of it, becuz it makes sense..there just needs to exist a more comprehensive site.

Unless you truly have access to documented info that states that these persons are involved in -whatever, then you'll drive yourself insane trying to figure it out. This is part of thier intent-to make Targets feel helpless.
Realize that any of the above mentioned projects or activities are about control of human beings, even alteration of human beings. They are covert, hidden from the public. If u get overwhelmed then tell yourself THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON.

Also, add to your info arsenal that a large number of mercenery corporations are now responsible for CIA-like covert ops and even have been contracted to do outsourcing for the US Govt with actual military fighting over in Iraq. (look it up in the Guardian -maybe Sept 05?)
So how do Targets know that they should not be suing a corporation instead and under some legal mumbo the US Govt is not legally responsible directly?

I read that during the Gulf War, the legislature was empty or that people were busy focusing on the video-game-like images on the news of that war to the extent that someone took advantage of that lull so as to pass through all kinds of actions we would disapprove of if we had been minding the store, one of which is that George Bush was made into basically America's first king...which would explain why Presidents can now just go ahead and do all kinds of things without the usual rules.
IF that is true, then what legal grounds do targets have then?
I also read a law professors paper that said in theory the STATE could still legally own slaves though private slavery had been abolished. Is this true? What are Targets legal rights then?

There is so much Targets do not know.

There was a person who worked in govt in the UK who talks about being targeted in Bloomfield's movie about Thatcher. If a person that wealthy or high up can get targeted then what chance do 'nobodies' have?
Activism is great but dont let them manipulate you or get your hopes too high. The one thing that might actually work is the fact they are abusing non lethal weapons on people. That seems more sensible grounds for class action by a group...of somebodies and nobodies.
It'd be great if the GS tactics could be connected and also put as torture psychological in nature.
Could targets prove they were poisoned or gassed? Tests might show.

Allegedly there are people who are suing who have electromagnetic readings and all kinds of proof. The US Govt disavows the existence 'mind control' but doesnt deny the existence of the weapons.
I do not know if this person is legit or not. I do know that a woman who did alot of subtle perp tactics with me in AZ told me that Charles Schlund was "just another target who sort of keeps to himself now" she was withholding who he was and what he was doing that was so active with his lawsuit. I read something very plausable he wrote on how certain parties love to get rid of artists becuz they see too much of what goes on in society and hold the power to sway other humans.

The other GS issues would be helped by laws against psychological harassment. As well as the stalking of a person that is organized and includes multiple stalkers. Also, privacy rights and the non abuse of survaillance and the content of audio/video aquired thru surviallence or spying of any kind. Using survaillance supposedly for an investigation of someone then using that content to make them look like shit via the internet (frame up)is irresponsible as well as illegal I assume.
What about issues of intellectual property, things the Target might say that will be stolen from them? What about the target testifying against themselves?
What about the Targets ownership of thier own image? I do not recall signing a model release.
What if the Target's audio/video recorded activities are exploited for profit by others, unbknownst to Target?
Any recourse then?

Understand as well there may be an element of the public seeing certain targets as less than humans with rights. The working girl who turns out to be a geniuse may hold fascination for them but what they are not told is that that particular person was actually a tbmc survivor/programmed mc slave who was deprogramming and all this interference they are helping to provide via this drama they think they are in on is actually damaging this person's systems for good and destroying them physically, mentally and emotionally. I do not know how they convince people we are not being hurt or damaged by thier actions. Perhaps its simply an opportunity to be sadistic and torture someone in a country that is obsessed with political correctness and human rights. There is no consequence in tormenting a Target.

Some of the perps actually comment out of earshot that I am 'protected'... I woulnt have to BE in fucked up circumstances to begin with if I wasnt a target. duh.
These people are drama addicts and would make a Nazi concentration camp sound like a place where at least you'd be 'protected' from the outside. From what? Some other form of fucked-up-ness? How messed up are these people? Tis better to live abused than to die 'out there'...give it a fuckin rest.
How about Leave ME Alone I Know What Is Best For My Systems?

If you are simply someone, like me who is an mc survivor and who was ignorant of black ops, covert ops, etc. -then realize that GS itself, as a concept, might be a disinfo campaign to cover up for black ops activities generally.

As you research you find that 'gangstalking' resembles more Psychological Operations, Black Operations and past historically documented abuses by governments of thier citizens.
(East German Stasi, Russia's getting rid of dissidents, many dictatorships getting rid of intellectuals and artists, etc.)

Which would mean that anyone hosting a forum for 'gangstalking' and its other coined phrases, might be either a part of misleading/ containing 'Targets' or perhaps info gathering.

- or is a genuine Target who is ignorant of/ with limited knowledge of what is really going on or simply hasnt enough info as to the cause of the GS (like any of us).

How are persons unconnected to these operations supposed to be fully versed in thier activities? We can only tell what is happening from personal experience and research. I doubt however if there is a website that is the official home of all the blackops/human experimentee listings and will give official documentation of thier existence. ( I wish).

This is one of the reasons the perps think its so amusing we do not have intel as to what is really going on. The low level people percieve themselves as superior becuz they are 'in on it'..kind of like the childish 'IN crowd' concept I guess.

However, do NOT FORGET- EVER, that perps left alone with Targets are easy to disrupt or destroy them. They must work in numbers becuz they are afraid of something YOU the Target can do. Perhaps you are a powerful psychic and do not realize it..perhaps you are hyper intelligent and was never allowed to know that. Perhaps you , have the killer instinct, can hypnotize people, deprogram people.....thats just mind control related. Imagine if you have incrminating information that doesnt sound like a sci-fi story?

Whatever it is you know or ability you have the perps and thier whole system are afraid of you-you are more than just 'inconvenient' or someone who has been exploited to the point where now you must be kept silent.

Dont be so naive as to think that overt grass roots activism can take down a beast like covert ops. The two are incompatible. You are dealing with the hidden, and things that are not understood by the general public as existing even though one can easily look them up readily.
I wonder just how many of these people, this little group who have hold of the TI community as the 'experts' are legit or are operatives? How can you be the seeming official voice on something that is unofficial?

When I deprogrammed I found my major function had been the taking in of large amounts of information at a very high speeds. My system still becomes excited by the processing of information. Part of my depression seems to be the loss of my function-that I no longer serve that purpose. This should be dealt with in a therapists/hypnotists office so I could have gone on with my life..not being GS and behavior modified becuz they are so terrorfied of whatever it is about me.

I am saying that my nature is to be suspect of all incoming information and its sources. And the cold war-like games played in GS and its activism apply. Where did the info come from, how do u know its legit, was it planted by who , why etc.
I am also very security conscious for some reason ...its sick for this system to be playing with the programming of human beings who have suffered enough. It's like taking a life long slave -though exploited, safe in its masters care- and throwing them out into the world without the proper facilties/knowledge of the world to defend themselves. Gangstalking world. Covert war world.

You can look at or engage in activism any way you want, but I cannot stand the potential security leaks that are so obvious in the forums and the opportunity for perps to regain control of a Target.
If you know what you are doing moreso with networking and activism then go for it but if your are inexperienced like I was then please utilize what you have read and proceed with caution...

But proceed.

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