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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hysterical coffee complaint issues

[THIS IS NOT AN ORG. STALK. INCIDENT, ITS SIMPLY ABOUT BAD SERVICE AND PLAIN OLD JERKS. How can we, TI's tell the difference? Some of us cant and we give in to paranoia and our minds slowly disinigrate. But a seasoned TI can tell in a lot of ways. If the f*cker behind the counter for instance insinuates something very personal, the chances of it being GS related are higher. Its all about intent-and perps are stalkers. Never forget that. THEY are the ones with the mental illness issues and disordered minds, not you the Target. They will always come across as extraordinarily preditory. The jerk-off behind the counter who just wants to slack is a completely different creature. ]

This may actually help you. Ya know how Targets have to deal with conditions so oppressive without recourse that no one even wants to beleive us?
Well, look up " Dunkin Donuts complaints" on yer search engine w/quotes. There are like 160 sites! I could not beleive this sh*t, compared to what a TI goes thru.

But D&D is so beloved by locals that I can see how its such a security blanket if anything were to change they would feel threatened. Really travelling across the country if there was no DD I genuinely missed it. I dont know what they put in their coffee but....

Some of the stuff the employees pulled is humorous like the idiot who had the "I Love Head" on his DD visor.

I was looking them up becuz an employee was eating today instead of working in a nice nieghborhood wwhere she is lucky to have a job. She makes this little Indian woman who speaks barely any english work instead of her all the time and she has scolded her for 'people not being able to understand her' . For personal reasons I wont put here I want this stopped. (We all know if I put something specific down then every idiot trying to gain my trust or pump for info in the next few weeks will be Indian or some shit. They will always take advantage of your emotions.)

I have thought about working for this seems like such a simple flowing sort of job-one where you could write all day in your head, come up with ideas and still do yer job.

Now the company is owned by parent companies and they have that annoying online test to get hired...the ones that I always failed at Wal Mart (why was I even going there?) becuz my profile says I am " too aggressive- and honest"...uuuhh, oh-kay.
(Actually I cant say the DD one is the same. .....Wal Mart? You see now the desperation a TI is driven to. I am going to sue the perps just based on the fact I was driven to even applying at Wal Mart for a job..that in itself should be sufficient. )

Its just comical the stuff people complain about compared to what we have to deal also illustrates how different thier security perimeters are.

They are so safe. They dont even know..

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