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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another reason to drive Targets homeless/compromised shelter system

Years ago in shelters you could go and stay if you needed to and there were no questions asked.


Bostons biggest shelter, used to have a private Trust that started it and funded it. They got bought out by the state. They expanded, in unison with churches, now they own all kinds of great property locations and supposedly provide all kinds of services to the homeless.SRO's are one of these-single room occupancy.

Years ago in Boston, you could rent a room in a rooming house and be on your way afterwards. Over the years alot of people who were poor or homeless started to rent these places. I stayed in one years ago and it was full of the poor, drunks, a prostitute and some elderly people. The thing is that no one really bothered anyone. I guess perfect people with perfect lives (people wealthy enough to cover up the fact they are involved in the sex industry or drunks or morally unsavory in some way) didnt like the undesirable element or someone didnt so the rooming houses got converted into SRO's and now the state owns them thru the homeless shelter basically, in conjuction with a church.

But I know this system. Who gets an SRO is not going to depend on if they have stopped being thieves or crack heads or 'unsavory' its who they know, if they are controlled in the system or what favors they will do for 'the state' -ratting, informing, and the like (harassing targets, having superior knowledge or a targets life).

The riff raff will be managed

There are less and less places for Targets to go now becuz the state has taken over the homeless population and all its services. As usual this invasion is justified by the one idea that people who had warrants were staying at these places undetected.
That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard.

I have been so heavily perped in this particular shelter I cannot stay there anymore. The shelter everyone considers worse is actually better for me becuz it is a real shelter for the homeless-no judgements, no long intrusive intake (info to use against TI's later), no keeping your stuff at night (so they can go thru it later- I got my ID stolen by staff at the big powerful shelter in the late 90's. Nice people.)

You know as a Target that if the women in a certain shelter use higher level deception/perp tactics which would require much more intel to pull off (knowledge of my former associates) then you KNOW these b*tches are heavily in with the corrupt cops locally.

This is the same shelter that I had to run to when they wouldnt fix the mold in my apartment when they were supposed to and two cops in suits who looked like a shiny toothpaste add or a Mr. Cleancut America contest winners came thru the door and showed thier best display with thier little colored tail feathers (female attraction tactics) and loudly proclaimed that they were looking for someone who stayed there and would she contact the police to provide information and "her services".....cop gigalos, hysterical. The whole time the guy speaking was looking at me however.
No dice dude, sorry.

Do you honestly think I am going for the old ploy of 'lets get rid of an old mc survivor by making it like she/he was an informant'? I have read that is a very common tactic.

Add onto it the jerk in CA who asked me "what are you doing in ___ Rachel...running from the FBI perhaps?" No, a-hole, I am sitting here and in my internal computer system I am putting it all together slowly and you are just another file so keep on smirking--you indignant FUCK.

Angry as I am about having no place to live and knowing even if I did get a place the bullshit would start the minute you settle into a place where you lay your head for more than a week anyway, I am also saddened by the injustices I see along the way.
That society is simply managing disease, hurt pain and poverty and still insists on not solving these problems.

That underpriveledged people who have enough to be sad and worry about are being policed and criminalized on top of that.

Its very clever what they are doing. They have turned the homeless into scapegoats to please the other classes whilst simultaneously utilizing them still to oppress and police those classes ( by not totally solving the homeless problem). The mechanics are unimportant- it works.

Why do you think you see homeless people still sleeping outside?
Yes, some of them are banned either perm or temp for whatever reasons of offenses in the shelters.
But alot of the homeless refer to the shelters as 'jails'. I myslef am sick of the people who dont shower, are diseased and mentally ill to the point where they make a disruption from getting sleep.
Alot of people seem disillusioned with the system, they have made claims that the big shelters with the money backed by the state have screwed them in some ways like lying to them or worse ripping them off by stealing thier money right out of thier accounts.

Perhaps alot of these people are targeted and do not realize it. From what I know about corrupt systems thier stories are totally viable.

In the big shelter thier is alot of favoritism. When I got perped in thier years ago they sent this crazy crackhead in to stare at my feet and when I asked, she said " I am staring at your perfectly manicured feet" terrorizing me based on the fact my feet looked good for a homeless girl...but of course you see in these places the ghetto queens who have a laptop dvd player, gold jewelry and are focused on thier social calender mostly-all becuz auntie works the desk or is some family member or knows you from the neighborhood.
Worst about these places that are institutionalized now is the jail like heirarchy that comes to exist.
I dont deserve jail becuz I fought to live. Nor do the homeless deserve to be so vilified and used in these political ways.
The attitude is that now they are managed and this is a good thing and everyone in society is happy.
The reason it doesnt work for my is that I really dont belong there.(duh).

This bullshit WILL end, it just needs to run its course. Living in a society of covert, subliminated bullying and intimidation of the public ..lets hope something has to give somewhere.

Unless they make sure the mind control tech is all pervasive.
Perhaps that is why certain people are targeted, becuz they/we are resistant somehow.
I had this perp, a temporarily tolerable one, and he slipped that I see things I am not supposed to and I am into critical thinking and thats some of the reasons I must be suppressed.

How fucked up is this?

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