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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Profiling May Be Used As Cover For Mobbing Or Harassment

I now have multiple documented cases of overt, ridiculous harassment that all utilized profiling as well as where security and store employees basically created situations that were non existent to create drama.

When this occurs always go to the manager and keep an account of what occurred. It's especially imoimport to record an account afterwards while it's fresh in your and others' minds. Usually if a business is this corrupt then management is compliant or negligent and won't take action.

You must go up thrto the ranks through proper channels. This means calling corporate. Usually a district manager is a good bet but you can always go further.

The higher ups are grateful for letting them know what is going on at the store level. When the cats away the mice will play.

Every security employee is from an outsourced company. They also need to know what's going on with corrupt or unsavory (or outright insane) employees and usually corporate of the company you contact will take care of that for you as they are unwilling to reveal their security protocols or who they outsource from.

Stay calm is the first rule. Stay logical. If any tactical physical intimidation maneuvers or formations are being used move out of them and try to get within shot of a security camera.

Going to the front of the store is a good idea even though it makes for more  potential problems as more employees may become involved, it actually makes them look suspect as all you are doing is standing there say talking on the phone to your friend about what you need on your shopping list and the undercover security guy who's been stalking you as well as the cashier who's leaning over staring at you seem to be the ones WITH A PROBLEM. Why is so much attention being focused on you?

Play this one out. Wait them out. If any authorities walk through the door as if something is wrong then it's possibly an abuse of profiling.

Of course this may be the now extremely popular 'BAIT AND WAIT' tactic being used as ad nauseum to get rid of people the community feels 'dont belong' or people who are possibly targeted for whatever reason.  It's very popular in MA for the past few years as a way to clean up the poor, homeless or freaky alt people anyone they think is so marginalized that it will be easy to TRIGGER them and get them upset, angry, anxiety ridden etc.

This they know will lead to cause. They then have cause to search you or suspect you and if they please, assess a person as mental and have them involuntary sectioned for three days.

Whenever  a person is locked away there is no oversight. They can do whatever they want or make up anything they want especially if as I said they believe that the person is marginalized and has no money for a decent lawyer to fight back.

This is the globalist way of designing cities the way that people want them. It's a form of entrapment.

Portraying the victim as a certain profile makes it easy to abuse the person with psychological warfare using methods  and inducing stress (deadly over time to ones health) so that the result will for the perpetrators a SELF FULLFILING PROPHECY of the original Profile.

If ever you wonder about motives individuals, authorities or businesses have for theoretically involving themselves in such actions the rule of thumb is THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.  Corruption is a word that's lost it's meaning so I refrain from using it. It's a big fancy word used officially that sounds important but it's equal to a much more simple concept.

Someone got caught for something or could be exposed or has been convicted and wants a better deal.

It is literally that simple. From the highest office to the lowest street dweller. Everyone is accountable to someone.

It's no mystery as to Why. There activists out asking why and it's a very simple answer.

The latest incident I've had was in a city that has unfortunately become a drug area near a major freeway running up the coast. I had problems simply going to two different drug stores for items that were not available locally. Profiling was obviously used and at the last store before ending my errands this bait and wait method was attempted.

I informed the manager that I've had security fired from one of their stores before, mentioned the district manager and that she needs to take care of the issue. I'm an activist this is what I do.

That of course won't do any good. Eventually I will have to go to the DM again or higher and get things under control that way.

Always remember that in these situations it's based on profiling and maybe even fabrications from untrustworthy sources like paid snitches who are notorious for making up bad leads or even infiltrators within ranks of authorities who any citizen would believe.

Make all your counter moves based on law and putting blame on the corrupt system not feeling bad yiurself.

The point of mobbing is to make the victim feel they are wrong as so many people mistreat them but it's the complete opposite-usually it's originating from those who are in the wrong. In trouble. Corrupt. Desperate. Losers.

That is the number one rule of self defense. Turn the situation around so that the victim is victorious not a bunch of nobodies working for some business that's in trouble. Because that's all this is. Every time. And nothing  more.

Always write documented accounts and make sure they get to corporate, whoever you spoke to. This will over time show that you've experienced a pattern of abuse and it's been systematic, not imagined.

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