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Friday, March 8, 2019

This Isn't Your Dad's Heroin: Chinese Fentanyl Endangers Users/Genocide By Design?

How are we doing business with this country to begin with just based on their human rights policies?  Now they have a 'Social Credit System' which I've posted about and it basically serves to ensure any dissidents in society cannot afford to live and marginalizes them and anyone else who does not conform to social norms. (This of course is predicted to lead to crime networks creating crooked ways for people to 'buy' good credit ratings so the system doesn't work anyway.)

The Chinese own a sizable amount of US debt. They have been buying up land in the USA from Harvard Square Cambridge, MA (home or the elite university of same name) to borded up small towns and cities in the mid west (which I've seen in my travels in places like Iowa etc) after jobs moved overseas-ironically to places like China.

The Chinese coming here now seem more like 1% ers whos families regularly utilize or stand by China's human rights abuses of activists and lawyers to ensure their way of life and secure their agendas than the poor, struggling hard working people of old Chinatowns I grew up with.
In the Boston area these new Chinese are markedly paranoid of oddity, eccentricity, non conformity and dissidents. They seeem to go between being obvious in dismissiveness to going to great lengths to avoid contact or sharing the same common spaces. The young especially, seem to roll their eyes and be wondering just when people who aren't what they are used to being allowed to exist back home, are going to be phased out here in THEIR new territory. This may be just an unpleasantness of the Northeast. I've never once had such issues in the west coast where the Oriental Asian community is much larger and historical.

So this is another little gift from modern China. Bath Salts a horrible drug taken by a generation of unsavvy, dumbed down, scene-less drug users (well I guess they can be compared to stupid suburban kids back in the 70s trying to smoke banana peals and shoot up Coca-Cola) and that is also shipped from China.

Since the police are now militarized in globalist cities and theres that false sense of what globalists define as 'community' (but no more neighborhoods) and once a PD is restructured to suit globalist agendas, the police seem to take on a solid 'Us against Them' attitude. Thus police no longer work with street populations nor locals in the same way. They serve basically to protect business.
So the old days of cops warning users that there's a bad dealer or there's bad drug supply coming out of a city or town are over. Years ago, authorities would have shut down an extremely dangerous dealer or drug supply in a metro area if deaths got too high from one supplier. Now an additive almost guaranteed to kill people is part of most common supplies.

Isreal deals with addiction recovery with old fashioned common sense and humanity:

A possible conspiracy theory: possibly to kill off addicts and rid the world of burdensome people who at some point may evolve into dissidents or light workers.

What the public doesn't understand as usual, concerning subcultures that are hidden from them, that they only understand superficially is that when addicts recover they tend to end up being more intelligent, creative and yes-thinking outside the box than the average population.

It seems that there may be usefulness in getting rid of dissident types of people who are in a phase of being lost in a society that isn't built for them, especially while young. Also addicts may be majority carriers of gene variants such as the 'Traveler Gene' (DRD4-7R as opposed to the norm of DRD4) etc that cause people to be 'different' than others who adapt to social norms easier. This is just one example of a gene variation that makes a minority of the population different from everyone else.

In the old days wise older people would see in someone a talent or drive that needed to be expressed or it would destroy them or makm their lives unhappy.

People have stopped being wise and parents no longer raise their children-the state has alot of control now (another very communist trait).

Hopefully someday this will be seen as what I call 'genetic discrimination' but as of now the system simply medicates those who don't perform well in our outdated, archaic school and other systems. Also many kids come from farming populations back in 'the old countries'. Why would such people do well without exercise, learning from physical senses and being outside as opposed to locked in a classroom all day. Computer use may be more detrimental to growing minds and bodies than is understood. The acceptance of video games is laughable especially for pre teens. I cringe when I see babies using smart phones.

Moronic modern feminism and PC culture want to create a perfect society by tearing down or altering what has stood for centuries without understanding the more evolved viewpoint that it's built incorrectly to begin with. Why alter something that is faulty to begin with?
This is because the recent culture of 'Change' is bullshit. It's an attempt to alter society's structure to once again serve those in power but in a global way. This is why corporate Liberal activism never goes near The Complex itself or is critical of or seeks to change things for ALL of humanity or all 'global citizens'. They only make changes to corporate culture and the mainstream society that supports it. Note the focus on 'institutional' change only.

It's restructuring, not true 'change' that's for the good of all.

Just look at how Communist or Marxist in nature the terminology is. It's practically a loaded language: Social Justice.
In capital letters it's all official looking. As in an imagined communist society's Office of Social Justice.

When is it going to become obvious that it's useful to globalists to destroy countries that get in the way of the agenda by any means possible?

How do you stop those pesky Scandinavians (Arctic Indigenous native Sammi peoples mixed over milleina with immigrated Caucasians, with some Mongol perhaps in Sweden from mercenary work to Huns/Khan's) from creating a culture that is expert at environmentalism, conservation and creating what seems like Socialist societies that actually work?
Mass immigration of undocumented, dangerous refugees from the worst areas of the third world. Ensure to take advantage of no right to bear arms or freedom of speech as unlike America this is not guaranteed to Nordic citizens. Posting rape crime wave stats, complaining or even asking where an immigrant is from will get you jailed. (Three countries in the world have a constitution guaranteeing gun ownership: USA, Mexico and ).

This is the horror of 'open borders' without proper security. Note the silence from modern Feminists about such crimes effecting women and girls so adversely in these countries like systematic rape crimewaves and murder.

So it's been easy to rid the public conscience of anything to do with genuine CHANGE to a faulty system. What happened to improving the conditions world wide for everyone?

Note how people are telling other people what to think, who to like or dislike, and how to live their lives but they now seem to also care just as much about the latest iPhone and don't seem to consider how continued consumerism and industrialized societies effect the future of humanity globally?
Much of these products are produced where nowadays? Overseas in places like....China.

When you do business with a country and they become that involved in business, debt, owning property you are going to start being effected by their influence and that means their policies and culture.

The globalists are just like the same people that the new insane Left complains about perpetuating slavery for their own ends. It's the same greed, manipulation and exploitation.

Just because it's now committed by a 'diverse' group of people in power doesn't make it any different but that is the usefulness of the smokescreen on the new Left...and the utilization of the insanity of it's anti-whiteness and crusade to destroy the classical systems.

Living alongside or creating something new would be tolerance. Destruction is not Tolerance (capital letters, it's officially a state mandate lol).
These games and campaigns seem to resemble colonizing as part of world domination as opposed to bringing the world together for some utopian future.
It more resembles a final solution actually.

So if you are a drug user be aware that it's always been used to keep people down and the drugs themselves have been used by powers to keep people down by associating a drug with a people, culture or population then the public will villify that population. (Google Nixons administration doing this to Latinos and African Americans with marijuana and heroin decades ago).

Now heroin isn't associated with African Americans. It's associated with other populations that globalists seem eager to silence, villify and erradicate.

It may reach beyond race/class war to war on genes.
Science has progressed to the point where everything that makes a person is known from genes and testing has been done on gene variants.
(Increased brain activity to unpleasant stimuli in individuals with the 7R allele of the DRD4 gene )

Yet, the dominant culture of PC actually has the audacity to insist that 'race is a social construct'. Though this may not be the intended effect of that ideology, when the masses internalize this idea and the science of genetics becomes separate in their perception, the mind compartmentalizes the two and genetics are not allowed to be associated with what makes someone what they are. It's said genetics and environment make up a person or the new, dumbed down slogan-ish terminology: Nature and Nurture.  Well now the Nature part is completely removed from reality. Our daily reality becomes defined by some authority instead of consisting of scientific theory.
This allows for those with the knowledge and research to obtain power of understanding who and what we are not us.

Laughably the questionable science of psychiatry has had trickle down effect where iit' become part of pop culture yet the hard facts about genetics are no no in polite conversation.

Today's reality is partially due to the internet. The public believe they are now smart on par with the experts due to information being always available to them. This is one of the greatest advantages of anyone trying to achieve control and domination of the US or any other place.  Why would any average person be privy to classified information. People act as if it no longer exists and now it's subconsciously associated with conspiracy theories.

This recent generation consists of certain demographics of kids not having any knowledge of their ethnic ancestral culture making them basically products of corporate culture.
Getting rid of nationalism world wide ensures that every culture will soon submit to corporate, globalist culture. Third worlders, everyone.

Chinese oppressive culture with human and civil rights policies that do not match our own by our US Constitution is perfect to help achieve this end.

Killing off anyone who may become problematic in future by their very nature, especially while young before they grow and evolve is useful to this end. Medicating such people while very young is also useful.
If not, such a system may have to resort to other more costly and obviously oppressive methods later like punitive psychiatry, frame ups, marginalization etc to prevent awareness or even uprising. What better than to profit from this form of social control as well?

Get off the drugs and stay off them. It's not cool anymore, it's not fun and they've made sure it's dumbed down misery. It's no longer about utilizng the drug for spiritual seeking or artists creating or to soothe the aggression of a warrior gene or quiet a brilliant mind that never got a proper education to provide it with order or to ease the pain of such qualities in the lower classes that aren't given opportunities to do either.

It seems like it's an attempt to just kill you off now and also get you into the system for means of control as well. The surveillance state and militarized policing will guarantee that.

No one tries to stop drugs by tracing the money to banks or what authorities turn a blind eye to bringing it in to begin with. That should tell you that it's a desired social evil or ill.

This isn't your grand dad's drugs as social control like Nixon bringing in marijuana to keep the students quiet (testimony from airplane pilots themselves). They want you dead and your helping an agenda to destroy one of the last countries on Earth that is about genuine change for good of humanity.

Take a look at China or even Europe with the terror and destruction of mass immigration. Now you can fully understand why Europeans left and wanted a Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Clearly seperation of church and state is an issue as well as Christianized govt puts civility over democracy in Europe.

The only people that are being screwed unlike anything we've seen before historically in this country are Native Americans and that seems like the least important people on the insane Left's agenda. Why? Because the snowflakes don't want real social justice as that would interfere with them getting a job and Native justice would deny them land ownership.

They only want institutional change, not REAL change!

If you notice the PC movement quietly supports The Complex as well as all forms of modern social control that ensures the 'wrong kind' of people never gain their blessed and coveted 'Inclusion'.

Much like the Social Credit System in China accomplishes the same by marginalizing dissidents.

You can't find yourself or grow or evolve if your dead. In years past you might have been able to do so after going through a phase of drug use, which unfortunately in Western culture was the best one could do as perhaps part of that evolution and growth.

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