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Thursday, March 14, 2019

George HW Bush Groping Women-Its The Least Of Our Worries/#MeToo Used For Diversion

Let's get something straight about #MeToo being exploited for diversion.

If you encounter a Harvey Weinstien or Bill Cosby etc and you don't either punch them in the face or make a fuss and walk out the door,  then you choose to put up with that behavior probably in exchange for something like payment or opportunity.
You could also take another avenue like blackmail to get them under control or teach them a lesson.
There's also men who don't like other males who behave that way and even other women and telling them even discreetly what these guys are about would damage them to a small extent maybe evoking the protection of stronger or equal males or blacklisting them with certain businesses who give a shit about women and will refuse service to them.

These are the ways women in business and industries that are high risk often deal with predators when it's underground.

If youre in Hollywood to begin with seeking success your either a naive romantic dreamer or are sick yourself and should know how to deal with such people. Wilting lillies, snowflakes and such are going to learn a tough lesson in such businesses. Go find something less dangerous. The truly determined women and females who can outsmart or even exploit these men's predatory nature's will succeed and always have.

#MeToo runs off the premise that females are not predatory or that only females are being exploited. It's Victomhood Culture and it's not realistic.

HW Bush Accused of Groping By Eighth Woman:

First of all he was male so get the hell over it. Since when have men in power been well behaved? Politicians are much more clever actors than anyone in Hollywood could ever hope to achieve in their lifetimes.

Secondly this is a perfect example of of the current atmosphere of diversion over content that is important. Our priorities reflect how insane we've become after 20 years of abuse by the power structure.

Society should be more worried about his New World Order speech or any of the various other things he, his family and his cohorts and the generally corrupt power elite have done over decades past instead of focusing on such minute details.

He was an old man when this was brought to our attention and he was very ill. So people wait until he's most vulnerable to go after him? Just goes to show how much influence he had.
He may have allowed this as part of a stunt to allow his image to get off easy with only being remembered for something seemingly inoffensive and unimportant compared to the 80s hushed up, forgotten scandal concerning a White House late night male escort service connected to the Boys Town child molestation case. That scandal had led to testimonies from kids, then grown, that created leads to Satanic Ritual Abuse programming and MK Ultra as it was used on victims for other purposes. This also involved a revelation about The Finders network who would case out and abduct children.

A documentary about it was pulled from television at the last minute by execs in the 90s and even though it made the papers then it was slowly dissolved and hushed up which was easier to do back then in part because there was no internet.
This came about the same time as PACOHRE during Clinton which deals with MK Ultra projects and radiation human experimentation.
If you follow the timeline anyone can plainly see that therapists are partially responsible for bringing this to public attention, perhaps a mistake as soon afterwards the concept of 'Satanic Panic' came about as backlash and key academics from universities connected to MK funding conjured the psychiatric condition known as 'False recovered memory syndrome'. Complete with published foriegn interviews of they supporting pedophilia and one academic couple's daughter writing an exposé making similar claims about her parents.

Not to mention every other sinister and sordid deed he's been associated with or accused of or suspected of or linked to politically, in business or in foriegn affairs.

This is the nature of power. This is politics.

I would rather deal with a man in power who at least had high intelligence, a proper background and education, family history and an understanding of world affairs and politics that like most old money, is realistic in the view of the world is awful and unfair and man is evil; politics are viscous games and power corrupts and people are often very sick who make our decisions.
That this is and always has been, the nature of our world. Thinking we can change that is either a diversion created by those wishing to avoid us seeing their slight of hand or the symptoms of a dying society living in delusion-usually both.

Admitting to the sick nature of our world makes maintaining balance easier and it should be a priority. If leaders appear squeaky clean, the elite concerned with equality (?) and the system 'cleaned up' you can bet that corruption has just gone underground and learned to hide.

What's going on today is that power has adapted to the surveillance and internet age by ensuring what they do isnt exposed or even percieved by the public. That constant threats and diversions are focused on. I highly suspect that the very security companies that are watching everything are heavily blackmailing people in order to gain control and those that pay the most, have the most value or are favored are saved from exposure.

The problem with #MeToo is that after everyone exposes those that are chosen as expendable enough to be thrown under the bus (in career prime not near death old age) then society will have a MANAGED PERCEPTION that these things no longer occur. That the system has been cleaned up and the worst offenders will remain and the structure that allows them to continue abuse stays intact. Why are men in Hollywood being suddenly held accountable for something that's been a well known cultural norm for a century there yet a culture of abuse such as Michael Jackson's victims and child stars like Corey Feldman speak of isn't even being seriously investigated?

People today don't seem to recall the bad old days when organized crime pretty much ran everything in certain areas of the country and kids today can't even percieve of such a state of affairs.

The same thing is happening with politics nowadays and this is intersecting with the culture of PC which has approached levels of terror and oppression that can be compared to the former Soviet Union, east Germany etc. If you never understood why the US Constitution was created by Europeans fleeing oppression or how it works then we are seeing it now. That document that GW Bush claimed is "just a piece of paper" is working very hard for us right now.
That's what I appreciated about the Bush family. There's a chance to fight back if your able to as he was correct: the US Constitution IS JUST A PIECE OF PAPER if PEOPLE don't enforce it or stand by it, demand it be respected or fight for it and make fellow citizens aware of it, it's contents and it's function.

The Bush family never attempted to hide their crimes as much as other politicians and administrations have. Other admins have had an insecurity and pettiness about being in power with the natural corruption that comes with it that I've always found distasteful. A childishness about leadership on the international level.

 Notice how wording changes perception: 'international' is something serious, grown up and sprawling, we imagine a very large scale, mentally. 'Global' is insular, almost akin to a confining space. Inclusive even if we don't want that. Everyone else is in your face-kind of like a prison yard. 'International' seems expansive. Full of possibilities. 'Global' seems to induce a sense of globe's shape. Round, encompassing. Encircling us.
Containing and trapping.

Bush was a fossil of a world that globalism and the corporatocracy is trying to erase as we are indoctrinated (put in prison) into the globalist world order. The fact it has to use the surveillance and police state, brain washing (and a denial of the existence of it), punitive psychiatry and a loaded language to accomplish this should demonstrate that nothing has changed or is going to change by putting a bunch of dumb testosterone driven males on blast for being just that-typical shitty guys.

Bush ruled-both in the spotlight and from behind the shadows. Bush was sniffing around the presidency for decades. He was part of the Nixon admin as were many of his son's admins or advisors. It's been a running joke among conspiracy theorist that Reagan was shot at by a man with links to the Bush family because he got impatient for his turn at the throne. He's always had influence over the presidency. In the Clinton debates one can clearly see him sitting back like a boxer paid to lose a fight, so Clinton could win. Then his son gets in for two terms and as usual when theres a Bush in office a huge war is created. One could speculate that since he came from descendents of the British crown, that was his function in America as his family influenced the presidency for 50 years.

During his presence in politics and many like him at least citizens could question and speculate. Offer independent views from alternative news including legit research from accountable sources to far out conspiracy theories.

This is the value of a society run by 'old white men'. I don't see this new world of progressiveness allowing itself to be questioned or complained about. It also seems to not only dislike the law of the land and want to rid us of Constitutional government but seeks to usurp it's authority with it's own rules. It's also causing a wave of 'deaths of dispair' among people globalists would love to get rid of.

Through the current brainwashing culture, there are people who actually do not know their rights or the laws or the nature of law. They truly believe that PC rules are the law.

This is reminiscent of the days when we were kids and organized crime ran everything by the same methods basically especially ensuring no one knew there rights, the law didn't prevail and fear and strong arm tactics were used to ensure compliance.

I'd rather deal with an old white guy who is predictable and can be criticized and questioned and theorized about than to be convinced by force that to question leadership makes me mentally ill, potentially dangerous or hateful, against betterment of society etc.

Humanity is headed to extinction and PC culture becoming the ruling cult we have to live under by forced indoctrination is a way of bringing us to a contrived paradise so we can die in  'peace' living in total denial.

Some of us don't want that. I'd rather fight with the old white guys who at least were man enough to understand that what they do and how they force us to live is going to be criticized even fought against and definitely questioned.

Freedom is often achieved by simply understanding that you are aware of the unfairness, imbalance and inequality and you can make choices to speak out, be critical of it and live your life in a way that contributes to it the least and do what little you can to prevent it the most.

Now we aren't even allowed to acknowledge it. Our hate speech (frustration with other humans and living conditions at various times) and 'anti government' sentiments (usually misguided via misinformation and not actually directed at the US govt but corporate, The Complex, elite global powers and operators within these realms) is either blocked from private communications companies or will get us on a watch list or suspected of eventually becoming a lone shooter or other danger.
If this doesn't work then a frame up will be created complete with punitive psychiatry being utilized like many activists experienced during the last years of the Obama administration.

A monster like HW Bush is expected at these levels of international power. There were much worse. If you don't see that as predictable and believe that's actually going to change then the reality being formed now is many times more horrific than the past, filled with dirty old white men, inequality and corruption.

Here's some examples of men in power sharing the same qualities and it illustrates why PC CORPORATE LIBERAL activism is diversionary:

Former vice prez Joe Biden:

Former president Obama:

Well at least he's into Diversity!

(Fact check of photo of Obama and his daughter crculating on the internet: FAKE.  so it's clear I don't consider that valid. If such a photo were taken the person claiming to have taken it would not be able to post it and wouldn't either be alive or have any life to speak of left.
I won't publish the photo in question here as it's invalid.)

President Trump:

This crap isn't what's important. Fukushima is important. Banning everything nuclear off this Earth is important. Plastic showing up in melting ice in the Arctic is important. Africa feeding itself with it's large recourses is important not aid to corrupt dictators and occupation by imperialism (yes China now). Awareness of the potential misuse of technology for sinister purposes and abuse of power now and in our trans humanist future is ultimately important.

Wake up or stay out of the way of the real freedom fighters.

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