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Monday, March 11, 2019

Las Vegas Mass Shooter Paddock Being Used For Profiling Conspiracy Theorists As Dangerous/Possible Rogue Intelligence-Russian Links To Stephen Paddock: Trafficking of Arms and Kids

The most sensible thing to question first is if someone was planning such an action as a mass shooting then why would they bring that many guns and have ammo in their vehicle? The surveillance footage used to make people question how he got the guns into the hotel should be being scrutinized for the fact these conditions existed to begin with and why? Not how but why because when you ponder a much more logical why then how becomes evident: he was a gun runner or weapons dealer. He probably did this frequently and was known to the community and he had money. This would be business as usual for he and the hotel.

That would be a more realistic logical assessment of why there were so many weapons. Anyone that crazy planning such an action wouldn't bring that much crap with him if that was HIS ONLY MOTIVATION AND FUNCTION at that time frame.

We are being once again terrorized using fear and selective information.

This view of 'fear the crazy guy with tons of dangerous guns that hearsay from random people claims was anti government!! we still don't have a motive! OMG look! he can just walk into anywhere in the USA!! we need to outlaw guns! all conspiracy theorists are potential shooters blah, blah, blah' is an unrealistic one. Basically it's a collage created to create a perception of reality that just isn't logical or realistic.

If someone has that many weapons and ammo, that much in resources and is well known, frequenting an area regularly, has a foriegn gf that he sent away before the incident, is formerly employed by a government contractor and had a father who was on a FBI wanted poster USUALLY AUTHORITIES CAN COME UP WITH A MOTIVE.
It's not like things can't be deducted after research or he didn't have a history.

We are being lied to and if anything is 'fake news' it's these conspiracy theories concocted by the system itself with complicity from mainstream news sources for what appears to be an agenda of terrorism on the American people to control and villify as well as to attempt to disarm.

One thing is for sure: no one carries that much just to use one weapon for 5-10 minutes out one window then kill themselves or get shot by police. Not just anyone is going to be allowed to waltz into a hotel with that much suspect luggage.

Ever been to Vegas? There's people watching through two way mirrors on the ceiling, the pits (gambling tables) have employees in suits monitoring to ensure no cheating methods are used-you can't even approach someone playing at the table as it's suspected you are helping them. For Christ's sake if you are winning at fools games some 'random person' eventually comes over and sits next to you and starts a conversation that screws up your winning streak so the house doesn't lose money-dont tell me they don't watch what's going on. They also have to identify people constantly to ensure known cheating pros aren't at tables like some crazy math genius or someone who's been barred.

Vegas isn't that big and it's surrounded by desert. How hard would it be to control an area like that? It's the only state in the USA owned by the US govt and Vegas itself was created by organized crime.

Here's theories not based on hearsay:

Was Vegas an FBI Sting Gone Bad?

Is There a Russian Mafia Link To Las Vegas Mass Shooting?

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Ran CIA Child Trafficking Ring:

Bruce Paddock - Brother Of Las Vegas Shooter - Gets Child Porn Charges THROWN OUT:
Dismissed because a witness didn't show up.

FBI investigating new person of interest in Vegas shooting:
"Authorities scouring Paddock’s computer usage found searches for firearms and elite police response teams. They also discovered “numerous photos of child pornography,” Lombardo said."

Motive based on hearsay:

Stories are being released claiming Paddock was a conspiracy theorist and anti government. This seems to be part of a campaign to validate that this is motive, connected to 'mental illness' and this causes lone shootings?

The link I referenced above also states these findings:
"There was no suicide note nor a manifesto left behind. No ideology or radicalization was discovered.”

Yet stories like this one suggest otherwise:
New documents suggest Las Vegas shooter was conspiracy theorist – what we know:

Note how the article's title uses language to manage perception by using the word "document".  This makes it seem to have credibility and officiality. Reading on, we find this 'document' merely contains witnesses claiming they were in close enough proximity to Stephen Paddock to overhear his conversations. This is legally known as 'hearsay' and with good reason. One can see the damage it would do if admissible in a trial.

It also has a scary effect of making people who speak of anything dissident seem potentially dangerous.
Note the woman's account of the overheard conversation is accompanied by her personal feeling about the character of such people in general who discuss such things and her personal aversion to them. Thus she's biased to begin with obviously and she's profiling.
Why would simple info meant to add data to a murder case include her personal opinions?

So he's potentially a CIA operative, gun runnerc or child trafficker but yet people only observe his conversations about dissident opinions???

After all the unanswered questions and leads to the aforementioned, this is what The Guardian deems most important??

Remember the Guardian is British. They barely escaped a full blown scandal over there after the death of Jimmy Saville exposed a child sex scandal that lead from Saville's level of society to a higher elite one. Inquiry was stopped and blocked. If such a system were to exist in a day and age of the surveillance state it would have to be global and interconnected.

Conspiracy Theory as 'Fake News':
Ive noticed that this recent campaign to villify conspiracy theorists utilises claiming that conspiracytheories are 'fake news'.
This is untrue firstly because most conspiracy theories aren't usually from legitimate news services
nor produced by anyone considered serious about journalism.  Even if credible people were to express such a theory it's just that-theory. It's alternative information. Perhaps it's marketed as news but it should be obvious that it's alternative info or theory based on alt info.

The gebuine 'fake news' phenomena is actually associated with the 2016 presidential election interference and it's being used to cause major chaos in media.

It's being utilized to form this new and dangerous profiling of all conspiracy theorists or those dealing in alt info as possible lone shooters, unstable, dangerous and purveyors of deception such as 'fake news'.

'Fake news' has nothing to do with conspiracy theory but amidst the chaos, confusion and fear the concept is being used to cement those associations in the public's mind.
 In fact it's a pathetic last ditch attempt to silence us and deny us free speech in a democracy where it's in our Constitution.

Vegas shooting witnesses deaths:
I'd be more interested in hearing from the witnesses from the shooting itself especially those with info that contradicts the official line but it seems they keep dying off or retracting.

Man who survived Las Vegas shooting killed in hit-and-run, wife says:

However the number of incidents may be exaggerated by disinfo.
Here's one story claiming eightwitnesses died mysteriously that is discounted:

Eight Las Vegas Witnesses Dead Within 30-Days Of Attack:

Fact check for above story from Snopes:

Then again it seems Snopes has a strange effect on witnesses, like people retracting their stories:

Witness walks back claim that mysterious woman warned Vegas crowd an hour before shooting:

Security guard Jesus Campos:

The way Campos was handled may have alot to do with avoiding liability.

MGM sues 1000 victims to prevent liability suites:

However there were Vegas survivors in another shooting afterwards which is coincidental and weird.

Some Thousand Oaks victims survived mass shooting in Las Vegas, reports say:

The most frightening part of this and other shootings in the past two administrations is that the focus is now on domestic terrorism and lone shootings are now being used to that end. No one is focusing on how most shooters are using psychiatric medications known to potentially cause violence or suicide or that when theres supposedly no motive, a campaign of intimation or false claims are made to make it appear that the cause was the shooter being a conspiracy theorist. During Obama shooters were white supremacists and that administration was trying to get racism classified as a mental illness.

Seems lone shooters come designed for the agendas of each administration.
Now they are framed as conspiracy theorists in an admin caught up in an information war including censorship by corporate online companies, net neutrality, data mining and scandals such as election interference by foriegn entities.
So no official motive or the cover up of one allows for an agenda to create on in public perception that suits their theory of course.

50 Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting and conspiracy theories:

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