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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Common And Old Question in the TI Community: WHY?

It's a theoretical question that many in our community ponder on especially early on in our quest for the truth or at least feasible answers. However in hindsight people often discover not only was the question ultimately unimportant, the answers were simple all along.

There's at least one long time activist out there who has based her entire angle on "Why?".  It basically serves as a logo for her website and it sums up what many of us wonder throughout.

Some people in this community dislike the weakness of this approach and I've always walked away from this as,'s useless. Until you have viable theories that are feasible or someone credible outright tells you the facts to your face then it's a question and subject matter that can only serve to trap a person. Like the way they used to break down computers decades ago by over loading them or giving them problems that couldn't be solved. The guys from Lincoln Labs who used to visit one of my relatives nearby when he wanted to 'relax' would discuss such things. How they'd destroy computers' minds by such methods then rebuild them.

It's hard to tell if this is disinfo, serving the aforementioned purpose or simply a person who cannot do research and theorize to their own satisfaction thus they become stuck in a very bad place.

Firstly if the question of "Why?" presses on your mind then you are suffering greatly. The best thing to do is to push this out of your mind and heart. It indicates that you care too much and are feeling slighted or separated from your fellow man. Caring about the motives for being mistreated (in theory) is counter productive if you don't know the answer or can't accept theories that are viable, logical, sensible and make the most sense.

"WHY?" is an emotional question and it denotes helplessness. This is not a good space to be in.

The theories that work the best are based on deduction, info from other activists both in our community and elsewhere, research and direct information exchange between yourself and those who know. Once mis- or dis-info is weeded out then one can form sensible answers.

It seems the best theories are logical answers and they demonstrate typical human behavior recorded throughout human history.

What I've formulated for the GS theory as far as theorized motive is as follows.

Rule of Thumb is:
Everyone from individuals to groups to businesses to large corporations to the military industrial complex to possibly certain departments of any government on this earth one thing is on common. You can bet that THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.

It's that simple.
That's the number one theory for such potential actions. If you leave it at that then you can disregard any and all worries and fears.

Of course there are other motives.

The aforementioned (individuals to largest org one can think of) is in need or want of material things that they cannot acquire by their own efforts or resources.

In other words they are cheating. It's the ultimate system of cheating in life however and usually the participants are unbalanced to begin with from simply mentally off to highly immoral. Desperate and easily controlled sacrifing anyone to get what they want is second nature. To them, this is part of doing business from the most erratic and unemployable to gainfully employed yet living beyond their means in desperation.

These are the main theories for motive. There are of course secondary more personal, cultural or mob/group motivations or rather excuses, rationalizations. Most of these consist of mob mentality hatred, jealousy, threat to culture or tradition.

Men who have issues with women often gain satisfaction from as a group and individually from theoretical mobbing campaigns of females especially ones that are a threat to the status quo in some way.
Classism is also a rationalization as is racial hatreds or payback culture.

I wouldn't trust the theory of Cause Stalkers because it's been experienced by many that if the overall perception of a TI is that they are for instance a Christian even if that is not the case, then the campaign will consist of anti Christian content and attempts to torment using this. Often the campaign gets bad information (as a result  of sloppy amatuerish intelligence gathering) and the results make an amusing tragic comedy. These will be your most enjoyable moments, and it will release you from the question of 'Why' because with this much buffoonery, who cares really?
So then after dealing with mobs of kids making contact in malls or something and saying "where's your God now?" and a confused TI saying to oneself "wtf are these people on about? I'm not even religious or Christian. Don't get this" or idiots walking by attempting torment via Satanic T shirts that have obviously just been taken out of packages due to the folds still noticeable, like actors in quick costume change- one realizes that these people don't actually know much about the TI at all. That's why people try to phish/fish for information so often. Not only is it because they seem desperate for intel (and obviously there's some compensation for this) but it's a means of control and possibly gauging mood or receptivity of the Target for the next actions according to the GS theory of group mobbing activity.

Then once more intel is gathered the TI may notice that mobbing methods change. Unfortunately, writing a blog or public speaking can provide this info and add to the TIs misery so realize that you yourself may be one of the greatest sources of information not only to use against you with mobbing but possibly for something more damaging such as a frame up.

So the anti Christian, Satanists suddenly become Christians or Jews based on what info they gather to fix their mistakes. When this doesn't work either because the TI isn't Satanic or it's complicated then it becomes even more obvious that this is a system that only seeks results-nothing or anyone you experience is genuine.

Any and all weaknesses in a TIs psychological make up and history will be found and exploited by mobbing campaigns.
One TI even witnessed early on in a campaign her peripheral vision being measured and tested by people most likely to asses how close to her mobbing has to occur to be effective perhaps using psychological methods such as pavlovian psychology at some point.

Another TI in early 2000s awoke in a hostel to a group of people circled around her, a young white male seemingly the group leader asking "so how smart is this one supposed to be?".

Total control of the person and their environment is theoretically what is attempted.
Asking "why?" at the points where abuse is so severe seems useless. It's not worth it.

One TI met a woman who gave her a business card that said 'Jedi Mind Tricks'.

As scary as this all sounds when one remembers the Rule Of Thumb theory for motives, which are pretty basic for anyone involved, then the follies of such people become more evident as well as the potential ineffectiveness of the system as a whole.

Also the book putting forth the theory of such groups being terrorist groups with unknown motives has been discredited. If you come across the publication 'Terrorist Organized Stalking In America' discard it or save it as an example of what disinformation looks like.

What seems to gain compensation is:
-action (harassment.  any action against the TI by anyone)

-inaction (purposeful negligence. The desired result is that not taking action will result in harm to the TI)

-intel gathering which may also gauge receptivity during contact and exchange. This also seems to serve as attempts to preserve psychological control over the TI.
Someone approaches and asks " Where are you coming from and where are you going?". This happens repeatedly over many weeks or months. These aren't persons in authority but they approach the Target and anyone with them with an arrogant display of being as such which of course does more damage which is always the desired result.

Not only does this actually gain perhaps meaningful information to assist in a mobbing campaign but it serves seemingly moreso to harass, deny privacy, interrogate and make the TI feel as if they are the ones who have done something wrong. Always remember that anyone taking part in these actions are either trying to get out of trouble, avoid exposure which would get them in trouble or gain something they need or want they cannot acquire by their own efforts through legit means. They are wrong. Always.

In TIs who are RA or MC programming Survivors, these actions seem connected to continued MC projects. It would be desirable to keep such a person under control for whatever ends the corrupt powers that be require. Ensuring you silence such a person for a lifetime is the desirable result.

Many people have experienced theoretical mobbing by persons that seem severely impaired from severe abuse. Obviously this is sad and probably the most scary of types. They resemble slaves not people.

Others have reported that they were approached by group leaders with the promise that the mobbing would cease and that they were propositioned with a shady, vague employment opportunity consisting of moving to a new location monthly and being compensated with pay at about the same intervals. From this it a rather feasible and reliable theory be formulated or deduction can occur that any number of persons participating in theorized mobbing activity have been coerced into such activity and are now compensated. Thus the 'need' or 'want' is present but this situation may be the saddest of them all.

It's very basic as to theoretical motive.

Need or Want:

-Money or material gain:
•deals, freebies, gaining expensive items for far less than others pay. This seems to include automobiles, homes, vacations. (Most cases would be easily detectable via financial over site or review as well as simply profiling the recipients as such people couldn't nor have not the means or abilities to gain such things on their own.)
•grant funding for academics and scientists and govt funding for organizations or institutions.
• contracts such as any sort of tradesman can provide especially union.
• housing from HUD or other (housing as payoff or reward)
• gaining any of these more expediently than others or more easily than is realistic.

In trouble:
 •legal, financial etc,
definitely criminal or leading to criminal conviction. Blackmail etc.
•Trying to avoid conviction.
•Attempting to lessen penalty after conviction. Parole, probation, sentencing etc.
•Attempting to avoid exposure of crime, corruption etc that would lead to the aforementioned.

This applies to individuals, companies, corporations and on up. No one is immune.

The absolute worse cases reported were the seeming use of people so immoral, violent, evil and depraved that it's practical to theorize that a practice similar to the CIA overseas has done in the past which is to go into the allies criminal system and find the worst offenders then offer them immunity as well as compensation to work against the enemy. Letting them loose to simply do what they do that led to their imprisonment to begin with is desirable.

The in trouble and in need certainly applies but these arent people who are afraid and are in need for that reason. They are serial killers, psychopaths, child rapists and murderers possibly. They gladly partake as it's their nature to do so. Many TIs report definitely being able to tell the difference over time.

There's now no mystery at all. No need to ask why. The theoretical motives are simple human animal behavior. Try becoming the Observer now that you've got something to take in. It's no magic trick.

If these theories are correct and this info accurate, reports genuine then "Why?" should never again be part of a GS theorists vocabulary nor any sort of problem to figure out.

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