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Saturday, April 13, 2019

China Relocating Rural Impoverished Populations and Nomads (Demanding THEY PAY)-What Is The Real Motive?




As i grow away from the tragedy of being framed with complicity from local authorities and institutions over three years ago, more and more I begin to see genuine suffering and deplorable conditions and corruption on our planet.  I see stories that strike me as outrageous that these things can exist and occur when there's so much money and power not just in this country but specifically from the very area which is my hometown area, where great wealth, power and wealth is concentrated.

I've lived through tbe underhanded tactics and smokescreens being used since 2014 or so just to get rid of the homeless population in cities for gentrification, building booms, real estate grabs and expansions and foriegn money not only here but in most cities across the USA, even globally with many similar situations showing up in the Philippines etc.  Then there's gentrification from globalization in cities where each place seems to have different demographics that are deemed desirable in the globalist design for that city and whoever is undesirable is being marginalized, villified, seen as suspect and bullied by the desirable ones as well as authorities. For instance in metro Boston anyone Caucasian who's alternative and not connected to mainstream or one of the institutions and isn't controlled by drugs or alcohol especially, is seen as a threat to the new design designated by globalist interests and the corporatocracy. Conversely, demographics like African American especially locals are viewed as very desirable as are any POC or immigrant and of course, snowflake types, hipsters, yuppies etc.

Yet in Oakland CA long time local African American residents are being chased out of their homes and neighborhoods, even having police called on them in their own driveways of their homes.  However the aforementioned demographic which was undesirable in eastern Massachusetts in the northeastern USA, is a desirable one in Oakland and surrounding area especially those of the creative class.

Doubtless many who are ignorant of the agenda will blame countless reasons for this, incorrectly of course.

What explains this difference in preference by local powers that be is simply according to who is useful in keeping their machines running and who is not. It's not personal, it's not racist or classist. It's based on pure need and greed as it always is.

African Americans in metro Boston are and have always been an intricate part of running the city and it's various institutions. Often they are put in positions that deal with the public directly daily and it's obvious one of their main purposes is to be the front line of defense against the public but also as handlers of the public for the power structure. It's also beneficial to keep this demographic well cared for and employed as the area is centuries old, small and neighborhoods and cities, towns are in close proximity. The riots of the 60s I'm sure sticks in the memory of many locals and demonstrated what may occur if this is not done, alonh with the level of crime that has occurred in past decades where ever this demographic had a strong presence on borders' of rich areas.

In contrast, Oakland is predominantly a black neighborhood. Many of the residents live there but many don't contribute to the daily running of the city and it doesn't matter anyway because it doesn't serve the demographics who are gentrifying. Thus the locals arent to put it bluntly-house slaves serving the power structure and they will most likely have a territorial attitude towards the area not one of servitude in exchange for prosperity or survival such as in Boston. This is also the birth place of the Black Panther movement so it's been demonstrated as well as countless extreme alt cultures such as squat houses in constant legal battle with banks over real estate, serious activists, punk houses etc.
The local population in Oakland supports rebellion not globalism. The locals don't serve-they live there.

This makes the African American demographic in one city more desirable than many others but then undesirable in different city.
It's the same for the alt Caucasianc creatives I mentioned.  This demographic are often involved in the start ups, co ops and businesses seen as part of the gentrification of the area in Oakland, usually due to close proximity to SF and Berkeley.
Metro Boston seems to have no use for such people any longer and they are seen as really the last remaining threat to IT, bio, pharma and military industrial complex take over of the area. They represent a bygone past of artists and bohemianism most associated with the olde money and former culture of Lib Elite Left, orbitting around Ivy League colleges and cosmopolitan city life.  Traditionally if one had looks and brains in this Bosron talent being a plus it may have been even more highly regarded than actual wealth-quietly of course. The backlash against elite culture. You had a chance and you were admired for it. The institutions were bored and held such dominion that being challenged by outsider culture was tolerated and often seen as a way to ensure a big powerful megalith stayed somewhat healthy- by being questioned, challenged and even held accountable.
Rarely do I see anyone who is colorful anymore or eccentric or artistic. I suppose global competition from globalism itself is perhaps what's made megalithic institutions question their dominance and power thus not being able to afford any dissidents any longer...or maybe it's something else.

Boston has been occupied by people who want to brag they live in Boston but don't understand Boston or know how it works probably same for Oakland and Anywhere Else, USA with these same globalist conditions. The perfect globalist citizen is just that-a corporate citizen. Every one can live any where because they all share globalist and corporate culture. This may be another reason why in the northeast, where local Caucasians have traditionally had strong ethnic identities to ancestry and even ties the 'old countries' in Europe, a strong healthy big person who's a tougher breed than in the western US is a dissenter by their very nature because the average millennial and younger now doesn't know where their ancestors or from or have any real experience with it culturally-they are children of corporate culture and of the state. God help them if the dissident has high intelligence, no formal education, is talented and ambitious. Once rejected by globalist society such a person will no doubt become a revolutionary and the Northeast provides all the resources necessary for that to become a reality.

So realizing this has been happening around the country even the world for a decade roughly, I begin to notice these attempts at what seems like ensuring that NO ONE on this planet escapes the system necessary for indoctrination into globalism.

Nomadic people's are being destroyed by global warming or relocation efforts or outright harassment. Indigenous peoples are now being threatened with having their land taken back or reduced such as in Brazil and others still suffer from land taken from them for mining or pipelines etc.
Africa continues to be exploited and run by corrupt puppet govts.

In many of China's instances of relocating it seems to be that whoever is relocated or chased off is in the way of mining or tourism but not always. Suddenly China gives a damn about poor peasant people? If only India had such a revelation.

One must wonder why it's so important to make such an effort to control people and their movements as well as location and the designs of the cities they live in.
Even the new LED street lights now put up around the world are an example of  public opinion not being respected as well as people's health and well being.
Its likely because the government grant driven LED street lights contain the capacity to use the Intellistreets system, complete with DHS software programs. I guess the damage done to humans and animals by HEV light (blue light) such as retinal damage and repressing pineal gland function aren't of concern as long as the majority (if you survive) are subject to the surveillance state. Again benefiting the agendas of globalist, corporate etc.

People who are kept busy in the globalist bubble or false environments or realities that's been created for humans, focus on diversions and waste time with endless conflict. The point seems to be to reduce the numbers of humans who exist outside the controlled environment both physically and in any other way.

One of the wonderful perks of city life that the relocated folk will be subjected to is China's Social Credit System. Americans hardly are aware of this and the fact that Chinese have no human rights etc like we enjoy. In the documentary I learned that the Chinese govt owns all the land in the nation. Property 'owners' simply lease it.
If you recall from history class, Europeans put an end to this practice by the Catholic Church starting with the creation of the Church of England and it went from there.

Is there any reason why we do business with this country and buy most of our daily goods from them? Why the factory jobs that sustained lower to middle class uneducated people in America have gone over to this nation? That we now covet their citizens as college students? That Chinese real estate companies have bought up US land from Harvard Square Cambridge to boarded up towns in the Midwest? That they possess obscenely large amounts of our debt? That the stupid, cheap, mindless brain draning gadgets we buy from them have been in part banned due to they being utilized for spying on Americans?

Look at the reality of this nation. Look at the way they treat people and deal with situations. They destroyed Mongolia and it's precious indigenous culture so unique in it's alignment with Nature and it's understanding of it.

They are forcing people without means to pay for the relocation ( It's called extortion) which is outrageous then they actually made the villagers destroy their own homes themselves before relocation supposedly to prevent return but it seems more likely the motive is to remind them just who's land it is-they just live on it. Give me a F*CKIN BREAK. Now I understand why their history has all these stories of revolt from the people. I guess they want to ensure that never becomes the case again.
It seems that's the same goal of whatever  beast has taken the name and disguise of globalism.

I think it's the ultimate horror that man has been trying to avoid throughout history-the enslavement of mankind and somehow-theyve sold it so that it's acceptable. Desirable. No one is really arguing or revolting or resisting. Everyone who does is seen as a terrorist, a racist, mentally ill, cynical or at the very least a malcontent. Whatever they can come up with, in many instances, judgement is passed by one of their useless idiot dupes worst of all who believes they are part of some revolution of Change for a better world. Yes a better corporate world but outside the of the insular reality created for the mainstream (who now believes they are the revolutionaries) there's no change that benefits humanity. Just the people you work with, go to school with, shop alongside or live in a 'community' with. Anyone outside those designated safe spaces for globalists is being screwed worse than ever because people aren't paying attention to the real world problems any more.

It occurred to me this year as I've seen these kinds of stories that if places like Cambridge or NYC or any place with money and power can put so much effort and energy and resources into focusing on who gets to use what rest room and can become so ignorant and intolerant due to Identity Politics now ruling their lives (while avoiding the fact that it only feeds and covers for genuine class struggle and economic inequality if not serves as a diversion from it) THEN WHY DIDNT ANYONE FROM THE USA START A FUND OR SPONSORSHIP TO HELP THESE PEOPLE PAY the damn relocation fees? Seriously?

This thinking started when I saw a documentary about a man who runs a mobile library on the island of Java, bringing books to remote villages by horseback.

I thought of all the universities I've been in and some very well funded ones specifically who hold themselves in high regard as the moral keepers of defining what everyone should think or live (depending on the elites changing agenda. Having a professor dropping LSD and advocating such as 'counter culture' at your university post MK Ultra and WW2 LSD experimentation on soldiers seems as useful then as having any number of chaos makers who will help break down society now by means of Marxist insanity of the current Liberal Left).
A vision of all the books within their walls and in use came to mind. All that they had and all they were capable of in potentially helping such a situation as the one in Java. Anyone around the world any person, company or nation could do better than nothing. So...why is this man suffering such depravation, alone? Why is there such lacking?

I think I recall how little his monthly income was. A homeless person here who panhandles could afford to sponsor a better book program. It was disgusting as a realization.

With all the resources available why is no one helping these causes that would benefit from small monetary support or simple donations of books or supplies-not to support an ongoing endless (manufactured, perpetuated) problem but as a solution that pretty much solves the problem?

It was sad to see small group of individuals taking on the burden instead of a much swifter solution of a educational institution or book company even libraries. Anything.

It's unbelievable to me that no one in developed countries has taken this on or even raises awareness about it.

I now realize why all the choas, Diversion, corrupt smears and frame ups must occur-because a true dissident  will discover what requires action for genuine solving of problems.

When you come up with solutions and solve problems in the world, logo/catchphrase from brainwashing loaded language begins to appear.more clearly what ii is: just a word. How much solutions to peoples problems 'Change' provides is then considered by a mind that is once again functioning

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