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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Many People Who Never Had Issues Complaining Of Being Harassed With Committment/Certain Cases Of Filming Being Used As Evidence

So Ive been told that at least one homeless person was committed due to people going by and filming the person to prove the person's  public behavior showed they were incompetent.

People couldnt leave work to testify so it was done this way.

This particular individual actually WAS incompetent and could not take care of themselves and had physical illnesses and injuries that should have been dealt with months if not years ago.

What is so disturbing is if this method were used on a case like mine.

Theres been too many homeless telling me theyve been picked up or committed in the past year in this area when their only problem was drugs or drinking etc. In an area where this was always tolerated its unfair to change the social norm then determine people are potentially disordered.

Its obviously political and needs to be fought.

What if multiple people decide to bare false witness against me as seems to have been the case already?

I did nothing wrong and I am not incompetent nor disordered and should not have to live in fear. Neither should anyone else as this seems basically special interests or politics.

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Anonymous said...

This is one more gang stalking tactic: you are, if not exactly frightened, feeling consternation, and that means their feat is accomplished. I feel for you.
I am going through a completely different situation – I am a retired woman living in a village in a small East European country. The gang stalking: slander, street theater, etc is unbelievable – just going to a shop breaks me down. And I am also afraid of something similiar happening to me.