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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jerk At Voting Polling Station Terrorizes Cop Then Bumps Into Me...WTF


Done voting. Guy is beside me close as Im putting ballots into machine. He says to policeman working at table beside volunteer "You mean no one came in here today with a gun...(and threatened anyone)?"

The poor cop you could tell was stressed out and his attention distracted from trying to finish up as it was almost 8pm. Felt bad for him.
Then I move to my left to get a sticker 'I VOTED' and the same guy purposely bumps into me so it seemed, and invaded my space.

Who in the hell says such a thing to a policeman whos probably already stressed out by all the shootings to begin with, and especially in a location and during an event that Im sure he's been briefed is a higher than normal risk for such violence?

Who interferes with the workings of the US govt and rights of its citizens with such disregard and disrespect?

And IM THE ONE being so easily framed for domestic terrorism? Wtf is this crap?

Btw, if this post is misquoted and used against me in any legal proceedings like has been attempted in the last court case I will sue you until you are as destitute as I am now to the fullest extent of the law.

If anyone should be questioned or have their sanity questioned, its scum like that jerk in the voting station scaring cops and messing with people trying to exsercise their rights as Americans.

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