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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Had A Problem At City Office Today With Another Patron-Was Resolved, No Threats Made, No Authorities Took Further Action-DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO USE THIS FOR ANOTHER FRAME UP OR CHARACTER ASSASINATION

Went into a crappy part of town to deal with business affairs. Also tried to help friend get phone for housing lists because he wants to get housed.

He stayed outside waiting. I tried to call him out the window but hes slow and cant see well.

Peiple in corner made fun of us and were African American locals. Comments were made about our lifestyle etc. I made a comment back.

The two girls didnt take it seriously and dropped it and so did I.

A Latino male who was not involved became a drama queen and attention seeking and focused only on what I said, making a scene and of course this got him seen before everyone else in the que.

He threatened the security guard with losing his job by tomorow, bragged that he paid taxes as if no one else in the waiting area had ever put money into the system, demanded to see higher ups ranting and then made comments about the President elect of the United States, somehow being delusional or assuming that this altercation had some direct influence of Donald Trump.

The two girls who harassed me had dropped it and so did I, because we wanted to get our business finished at the office.

Only this man who was making a scene when he had no involvement continued to make trouble.

When asked I told security what happened and he stated that in such a situation seek help from security instead.

I informed him that in our subculture we often fend for ourselves under duress and so I was not used to seeking this as a solution but would be mindful to do so in future.

My friend came in to doorway and I instructed him to either leave or go and wait for me outside. The security guards and told him that he could get a phone from a person who provides that service that is no longer allowed on the property but is over in a local supermarket so he was sent over there to do his business.

During this time the same females as well as an African American male continued to harass us and make comments now consisting of profiling us for being homeless individuals (comments about living outside), all houseless people being on drugs and using racist language like 'white trash'.

I ignored this and sat down to wait to be called.

-Security did not have to take any further actions
-no threats were made by anyone involved other than the youngish Latino male, not involved in the original altercation who made a scene
-police were not called
-everyone calmed down and became orderly again
-when my number was called my worker told me to go to security next time because they wont tolerate harassment of me there like that . When i asked if I was in trouble he answered no and also added that all the employees in there pay taxes but that was not an excuse for the Latino male to make a scene.

I finished my business and left an alternate route which goes by a commuter rail and police station as well as a food trucking area as Im familiar and comfortable with this working class culture and know I would be assisted if any further trouble ensued.

I also felt like going through Southie, not the homeless hood area where theres a wet shelter, was less depressing and distressing considering what I just had to go through.
This is the way my friend and I walked to this office and it was not a good idea.

Instead of focusing on a few words uttered in self defense when Boston's culture has always been notoriously reverse racist and no one does anything about it while its happening why doesnt anyone clean up the open drug use and blocking of sidewalks in the skid row areas?

Its become a huge problem that this city seems very hateful of the homeless and Bohemian type alt lifestyles but will embrace any culture bases on race or ethnicity.

This is blatant classism and just goes to show there is no such thing as equality as every time it is attempted, some group suffers because they are given the status of unimportant or unprotected to benefit another.

So I do not expect to see any bogus frame ups for threats or emails or any other bullshi*t as well as any fraudulent accounts of what transpired used in any court cases for character assasination as is being attempted so cheaply and childishly in this most recent court case Im involved in.

Most of all becuz the comment about Trump seems paranoid yet is very telling of a community that feels they arent righteous on their own and need to depend on a commander in chief to defend them if not define them.

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