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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Crystal Balls Tell Me That The Morons Back Home May Be Displeased With The Honest Truth-Awwww. Poor Babies!

I'm getting this impression that all the guilty jerks back in Boston are sniffing fresh blood and trying to consider a lawsuit for my last post, where names were mentioned. What else can people do when corruption is exposed ?

That last post, i wasnt sure if I'd be OK after a medical procedure.

Either my impressions are accurate or its one hell of a way to attempt to make me take the post down by psyching me out.

OK well then, i will have to go back and add some things I missed and make a few corrections.

Recently a contestant in one of Trump's pageants was sentenced to pay the already loaded Donald Trump a large sum of money becuz she was a careless whistle blower a and publicly accused the pageant of being fixed and claimed to have seen a written list of who was supposed to win in a certain order.

If yer gonna do that, secretly film that sh*t first or record people talking about it. She should have gone to a lawyer first and for good measured been out of the USA.

She shud have put it out as an anonymous source.

It seems like that case-of someone attempting whistle blowing against one of America's..sort of elite i guess, someone in power, was supposed to intimidate and discourage whistle blowers generally.

A large part of my impression is that that abusive bastard Ashmanski's family, specifically his nephew is upset about my naming names.

Wait til the book comes out, kid. You wnd everyone else will really be crying in your diapers then.

So many self righteous assholes back home who can only think about themselves and protecting their creepy family secrets from being exposed.

By that time it will be being published with me in another country. One that symoathizes and knows how greedy, corrupt, self righteous and SPOILT ROTTEN Massachusetts really is-not to mention the US generally.

This could also be all bullshit to get me to give the legal system the tine of day-which of course it doesn't deserve. Why would anyone trust the authorities in this country after the Bush era?

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  1. And you'd have to think of how The Donald got so wealthy in the first place. His dad was extremely wealthy, so right off, he was born wealthy. And to maintain his wealth, well, I guess I can see how he'd have to manipulate things to his satisfaction or to make his image look better. It would not look good to have a Trans Sexual win his pageant; that would be wayyy to politically incorrect. And people like Trump are so ass-kissing of PC society it's not funny. So he does like the whores do who want to maintain dominance: beat everyone else down who is a threat to his empire, and by hoarding even more money. Like he needs any more money.

    People like Trump don't like to be Trumped. That's why you, I, and other targets are in the predicaments we are in. That, and experimenters and controllers don't want their secrets revealed to the world.