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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Fried At Place I Am Staying

Up til 3am getting hit with something tonight. When the guy who's place it is finally went to sleep, i heard a weird noise, a fee weird noises like a machine or electronics being turned off. I had gone into a large closet to get away from the chaos in the house which lately seems on purpose. He and his kid are staying up very late and the kid whines starting late about how he can't sleep. This is not what their schedule was when i started staying here. It could be his friends/employers upstairs. They seem to be louder than usual since i moved in and specifically after i came home from a medical procedure a few days ago.

His kid wants me gone i think so he can have the house back to himself during the day without anyone trying to get him to be responsible. I guess he likes it better when its just him and his dad being miserable in filth. The kid has more control over the house thats for sure.

All the behaviors of everyone in rhe building points to trying to make me leave . At the same time my old road dog or former companion i used to post about is trying to desperately get me back. That's suspect also.

After those weird strange noises i didn't feel like i was being fried or hit anymore.

But at that rine i also turned off this PlayStation and tv that was left on. I seem very ekectromagnetically sensitive to the PlayStations 2 and 3 they have here. I always feel better once they are off.

It could be my phome too becuz i gave my anonymous number to the hospital recently and giving my number out to any business or institution usually ends up with more gs or getting hit with tech.

Right now i am getting the sensations of being burned or stabbed in the wrist and arm.

That could be just neurological but the getting fried to ight...tonight was surely technological becuz like all my other experiences it was being hit with something in a cycle. The energy of whatever it was was cyclical in its attacks. Felt like microwave weapons. I was hit intermittently. This usually causes body jerks also which i was getting, along with uncomfortable mental stimulation or zctivity. All stopped at once after those noises and my then i started writing this post.

This is a major reason its so dangerous for a TI to go inside anywhere or stay inside in one location for too long.

Once the system gets a fix on you and some compliant people, i am not sure both are needed to make it happen-but the system just continues doing what its done to you say during Bush when the tortures were very nasty.
Whats interesting about that is that they seemed to have to stop at latest 1 am. This is going on very late which mames ..makes me wonder if it isn't coming from a localized source instead of from a more national or federal source would use.

It certainly feels like the situations being created are going for breaking me down emotionally, mentally and the ..then causing sleel ...sleep deprivation.

I am going to stay away from this guys manipulative, angry kid and recuperate outside if i can then go to bed at an early hour in the small room to avoid any drama that may be being created on purpose.

Unfortunately this small room is where i feel fried and hit hard the most by whatever it is.

I also had a few strange experie ces...experiences when i..after i arrived.

I could swear someone was outside the house on the property late at night, watching. Even looking into a window above his bed.

I always feel watched through the windows in this house and there's nothing but woods around it. Anyone could come up thru the property undetected.

It also seemed like whoever this was, were multiple persons on certain nights setting up equipment around the house or property yet i dont see anything obvious out there during day.

The most bizarre experience was sensing the presence of a person being outside and their identity being familiar to me-a dwarf i met who's a Traveller. Met him in Austin, TX had him on my social network for a while. He had the audacity to come into ...onto be many times and he claimed to be involved in a heavy local bondage scene, where he's from which I realized was Oregon.
I didnt remember that until i sensed his identiy outside one night. That kind of spooking of a TI using familiar identities could be tech or psychic warfare instead of actually happening.

Then again, its likely he's in some local cult qnd they could be the arm of the GS system here locally.

All i know is i am not leaving so easily. I can just start doing alot of internet work and stay out of everyone's hair, see how that works.

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